Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jumble Words Game....

Sometimes, I am ashamed to say how much we doubt our kids.....
how much we constantly "test" them to gauge how well they learn.

Maybe, we should really have a little more faith in them....
We've always thought that Sophia was able to read her pre-primer cards
because she has simply memorized the sequence of the cards.....

We've decided to play a Jumble Word Game with her to find out
if she really was able to pick out the right words.....
And much to our surprise,
She was able to do it....
Not 1, not 2,
BUT all 15 words in the deck!
I am super amazed!
she's brilliant!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hiroshi's Weekly Chinese Mini Test

when people tell me,
as parents we never stop worrying for our kids....
Honestly, I never thought that I was a worry wart 
when it came to the matters of parenting.

But, when it came to this weekly chinese mini test,
I could literately feel butterflies in my stomach.

I am very proud of Hiroshi.
He has done well in something 
that mummy has done really badly over the years!

Week 1

Week 2

I LOVE 2011!

Monday, January 17, 2011

This year has strarted off real good!

A brand new year has started,
how has it been for you?!?!?

All I can say is that I am freaking delighted!
And I feel like screaming at the top of my voice,
"I LOVE 2011!!!"

 Isaac reading his readers effortlessly.....
(and boy are those BIG words!
I didn't even know what the heck recycling was until primary school!)
 And he got 100 marks for his first chinese spelling mini test!
I am so proud of him!!!

Sophia starting off with her pre-primer sight words.
I love how enthusiastic she is with learning,
always asking for more cards to be added to her collection....

Thank you God!
I am looking forward to more of your grace for the rest of the year!

Monday, January 03, 2011

I HATE Rapunzel, because she does not have hair loss issues!

Nuffnang Blogging Contest 

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Honestly, I secretly detest Rapunzel!
How could someone with such long flowing hair has no hair loss problem 
while I battle mine throughout teens and even up to date!

My hair loss problem started during my teens.
Where hair started falling out in large clumps..... 
(absolutely the last thing you want as a growing self conscious teenager)
We consulted the doctors at the nearby polyclinic
and they conveniently blamed it on STRESS.
The only thing they did was prescribed a mild shampoo...
And trust me! 
It didn't worked at all!

When I started flying with a local airline,
the problem elevated...
Not only was I battling with hair loss,
receding hair line came into the picture!
(I'm the one on the left.)
 Our seniors has a perfect theory for their hair lost problem.
They blamed it on the "flying so high at 35,000ft, 
then hair pores open big big, 
shower immediately after reaching station... 
so hair loss problem....."
Seriously, don't know how much of these is true.
My personal theory,
long hours of stressed up hair tied into a TIGHT BUN, 
(so tight that my eyes can go -_-)
could be the main reason of hair loss and receding hair line!

People tell me that motherhood changes everything.
You'll be expected to look radiant, have lovely skin, hair and nails.
Don't get me mistaken,
I LOVE motherhood...
But, I just HATE the hair loss!
(and the fine limpy uncontrollable hair!!!)
It has gotten so bad to a point that my husband's recommendation to hair loss 
was to wear a plastic bag/ shower cap over my head, 
so that I will  not mess up the freshly vacuumed floors!

Having our hair shaved for the Children Cancer Foundation has to be the best deal ever!
We not only get to create awareness for this group of fighting warriors,
I've curb my hair loss problem...
since there are no more to loose!
*big fat grin*

Oh well,
now jokes aside,
 I seriously hope that Svenson’s Hair Care will be able to solve all my hair loss problem.
And winning that Ipad would be a HUGE BONUS!!!