Monday, October 29, 2012

September 2012 Mothers-to-Be Graduates.....

We used to be chatting about our pregnancy 
on a local motherhood forum not too long ago. 
Now we are all proud to say that we are graduates.
all cradling new babies in our arms.

September 2012 Mothers 
(Sengkang & Punggol)

Franklin is already looking forward to the next gathering.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Carnival 2012 by Punggol North RC

Well, I did it again! 
Made an impromptu decision 
to join Punggol North Halloween Carnival 2012 

Franklin went as the BOSS, Donald Trump, 
Sophia as Princess Kopia from Hawaii 
and Hiroshi as Agent H from Man In Black.

Hiroshi & Sophia 
taking part in the fancy dress contest.

Hiroshi getting pretty serious about his role 
as secret agent 'H' from Man In Black.

Sophia clearly was just enjoying herself.

Sophia came in third in the fancy dress contest.
Hip Hip Huray!

Sophia & Miss Penny Low 
(MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC) 
She honestly didn't look like she was in good shape! 
Decked on a wheelchair with one arm & one feet all bundled up. 
Not too sure what happened... 
But, I was pretty sure that wasn't her intended Halloween costume!  

Get well soon Miss Penny!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Giveaway: Ufamily Mega Dance Tickets

 we are giving away not one, 
but 2 tickets 
which is happening on the 
24th November 2012,
7pm to 10pm
at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.
(1 ticket admits 5 pax)
p/s: Tickets excludes entrance fee into Sentosa

Join us as we shake our booty 
and party the night away...

Easy Steps
 to winning the tickets:
Step 1: Join Ufamily
Step 2: "Like" BabyHiroshi on facebook
Step 3: Leave me a comment about your favorite dance song. 
p/s: please also remember to leave me your email 
so that you can be contacted when you win the tickets....
(Only entries fulfilling all 3 criteria would be deem eligible)

Giveaway will cease on 
27th October 2012 
at 2359hrs.

2 lucky winners will be drawn through
Winners will be announced on 
28th October 2012 at 2359.

Good Luck!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ecokidd Graduation & Musical Concert 2012 | Dance Fiesta

Dance Fiesta 2012 presents a vibrant melange of cultural dance
from vast ethnicity all across the globe.

This is one concert that I look forward to year after year.

Aloha from Hawaii
 Kamali'i wahine (princess) Sophia

Sophia's Classmate
{Kindergarten 1}

Sadly, Kitson was not able to join us due to work commitment.

It's simply Murphy's law!
The baby on the lap
will ONLY scream cry
when it is time to record a video clip.
Sorry for the sub standard video
Had to multi task between shooting the video,
hushing the baby,
avoiding the permanent camera on tripod,
and the man with BIG BIG head on the left!

 Finally a decent family photograph 
with Ipo (sweetheart) Sophia, Cheeky Hiroshi 
and Baby Franklin sleeping soundly in the sling (finally).

Best Friends Forever

This is what happens when a bunch of ex classmates get together.
They have a hell lot of fun catching up!

My little girl is growing way too fast!
I wonder if she would like me 
to do her prom make up when she grows up?!?!?

Till then,
I am enjoying her childhood with her.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Time really pass us by in a jiffy when we have kids of our own!
Sometimes I still find it hard to believe,
that I am now 32,
wife to a very supportive husband,
and mother to 3 kids.

The goofy kids and myself with our mini cupcake.

I've jumped over to the "darker" side.
Ditching the kick ass huge DSLRs,
for my very 1st Olympus micro 4/3 camera;
The EP3.
Thank you Hubby for the wonderful birthday present!!

I know this sounds insane.
But, I do look forward to aging gracefully.

Thou a little far fetch.....
But, I am looking forward to the day 
when we both turn old and grey,
Get grand kids,
Spoil them rotten,
and then return them back to their parents.
(big fat grin)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday {Linky Party} : Doing Girly Stuffs | week 42

Sophia threading up beads for a necklace.
Great activity to train eye hand coordination 
and pattern sequencing.

Monday, October 15, 2012

An Obsession of a 7 year Old Boy | The Bookshop

You know how when we were young.....
Our parents tell us, 
you'll only understand it when you have kids of your own?!?!?!?
I am finally UNDERSTANDING it!!!

Well, you see,
in Hiroshi's school,
the bookshop is conveniently tucked at the corner of the canteen.

It must be hard resisting the temptation of straying off to the bookshop 
even though mummy did specifically said 
NO buying things from the bookshop!

 My 7 year old boy has an obsession of buying colorful whiteboard markers 
from the school's bookshop!

And I am out of ends wits explaining 
why he shouldn't buy anything from the bookshop.

Setting that aside,
I do see so much of myself looking at Hiroshi.

This was my obsession from the school's bookshop when I was 7.
Flag Erasers.
Flag erasers were a big thing back in the 1980s.
It was an era where the word game 
doesn't involve gadgets that were electronically charged. 
Flipping erasers was one of those games we played.
Simple game.
We all flip erasers with our thumb.
The eraser that lands on top of the opponent's eraser wins the game.
Winners gets to keep the loser's eraser.
And since I suck big time in flipping erasers.
I soon grew tired of loosing my erasers 
and totally stop buying erasers from the bookshop.
( I am pretty sure the bookshop owner missed me!!)

Now I am hoping that Hiroshi will grow out of his obsession as well.
(and I am praying for it to be soon!)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am Certain.... The Aliens took my Brains!

I love children parties!
Simply enjoy the vibrant environment
with happy kids running and screaming at the top of their voices.
In fact,
when Hiroshi's classmate; Regene invited him for her birthday party
I had agree immediately!

Dressed the kids in their best party clothes,
Decorated Princess Sophia's hair as per instructed;
Neatly Pleated and then Bun Up with Flower hairclip by the side,
Went to the mall,
Painstakingly picking out the perfect gift for the 7 year old birthday girl.
Finally cabbing down to the party venue....

The kids were excited,
they just can't wait to get to the party.

But, when we arrived at the party venue,
I realized that there was NO ONE in sight.

Thinking that I must be at the wrong place,
I whipped out my mobile phone in attempts to call the party host.

But, even before I could do that....
My eye POPPED at the date registered on my phone's main screen.
It reads 13th October 2012.
But however,
I clearly remembered the invitation stating 16th October 2012.

I must have left my head somewhere in outer space to make such a blunder!

We ended up at
White Sands Shopping Mall
(Pasir Ris Public Library)
I swear we won the over best dress award at the libary!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday {linky Party} : A Colicky Baby | Week 41

Our first experience with a colicky baby... 
Rid Wind to Break Wind. 
And the Smart Rascal already know how to reject his medication! 
*slap forehead*

Saturday, October 06, 2012

NTUC UPicnic

With truth too be told, 
I was quite skeptical about enjoying a picnic 
under Singapore's harsh weather conditions.

With COE and fuel prices rocketing, 
it also meant that we do not own a car.
And often travel in the most environmentally friendly way;
The MRT.

Lugging Food and Kids 
on the MRT does sound dreadful
and no fun at all.

(Kids counting down to the number to stations left to Marina Bay)
And constantly asking 
"are we there yet?!?!?!" 
like a broken record!

That just goes to explain why we've never had a family picnic
and this happens to be our first!

M&M's SuperHero Picnic Setup

NTUC Ufamily Goodie Bags 
Simply Adore the Picnic Basket!!

My kids proved me otherwise!
Truly enjoying themselves under the disguise of Superheros.

Plenty of activities planned by NTUC Ufamily to keep the kids really busy.
 Sophia enjoying Jack and Rai strumming songs such as 
"We are young", "Pricetag" and many more.
She even attempts to do a sing along!
I wonder where she heard all these songs from...

We even won 2nd prize for Best Dressed Family.
It's a pity that daddy had to work that day!!
But, we'll be back for more picnic fun!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Horizon Primary School Official Opening Ceremony

 It felt as though I was experiencing a milestone of my own child.
Official Opening Ceremony.

It was Graced by
Education Minister; Mr Heng Swee Keat

Having gone through 
10 years of compulsory education in Singapore,
I've not seen a school like this one!

I strongly believe that this school has what it takes to succeed.
And even soar to greater heights,
because of the values they are instilling in our future leaders.

The school has adopted Stephen R. Covey's 
7 Habits of Happy Kids in their Curriculum.
I am glad to say that it has worked very well for Hiroshi.
When I say
"Put first thing first", 
Hiroshi would then automatically 
prioritize, focus, 
and do what is important first....  

Even the Musical;
The Wizard of Horizon
which was put up for the opening night
has so much great values within the storyline.

Instilling Good Values is clearly an Important part for this school.

The principal Mrs Ang is simply extraordinary,
she is probably THE ONLY Principal
who receives her students at the gate every morning.

The Vice Principal Madam Anita is equally as commemorable,
She takes the effort to read the school a storybook
at the courtyard every Thursday.

The teachers are dedicated,
proactively helping student with weaker grades
by coming in earlier before the school hours starts.

Left to Right: Mrs Ang & Mdm Anita

And if you think that's not quite enough to be the winning team,
We've even got a group of committed parent volunteers
working closely with the school.

You just won't believe the amount of synergy we have in this wonderful team!
The fact was,
we were given a very tall task.
20 parents,
3 tasks,
(change the kids into costumes, apply make-up, and complete hair-do)
for 250 kids,
in 3 hours.

Though I still find it hard to believe,
but we did it!
All in UNDER 3 hours!

Hiroshi was part of the
250 Mass Tambourine Dancers
at the courtyard
receiving the Education Minister;
 Mr Heng Swee Keat

The countless hours of training definitely has paid off. 

 I am Obviously Self Obsessed with my Son.

I am looking forward to 6 years of fabulous primary school education
with Hiroshi and Horizon Primary School!

Photo Credits:
Poon Cheng Song
Chan Mei Yin