Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fine Motor Skill Exercise: Spray Bottle

A simple exercise
for developing fine motor skills

Sophia having a Spray Bottle War with Hiroshi.
The kids were lightly drenched,
but the had tons of fun spraying at one another!!!

Hiroshi's world of Reality

Reality struck us
when Hiroshi brought back
his 1st homework last weekend......

Our son is finally in Kindergarden 1,
and he's GOING to be 5 this year!
Time flies!

However, the bad news is.....
we felt that we didn't prepare him well enough for school!

He couldn't even write his alphabets.
Honestly speaking, we were disappointed.....
But, it wasn't his fault at all!

We haven't been great parents....
We haven't put in the extra effort of educating them
or putting them though 101 enrichment classes
like the rest of the parents in Singapore!

Their childhood by far
is all about having Fun,
watching the gogle box,
and shopping!

What the hell have I been doing with my kids?!?!?

Well, no point dwelling on what we should have done....
Instead, let's focus on what we can do NOW.....

I am determine to make wrong right!
I am determine to start educating my kids NOW!

Patience and perseverance
have a magical effect before which
difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.
~ John Quincy Adams

2nd Week Homework
VAST improvement from last week!
Good job darling!
(Hiroshi did this on his own!
I did helped him on the drawing thou....
I know it sucks! NO laughing!)

Let's do this together!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The difference between Malaysian & Singaporean Chinese New Year.....

This blog posting is written for a friend
who kept asking me
what to pack for her prosperity hampers....
*nuge friend*
Please save this blog posting!!!


Before, I met Kitson,
I am very much accustom to
bringing 2 mandrian oranges
(nothing more, nothing less!)
for all my Chinese New Year Visition....

However, after marrying him,
I realized that people across the causeway
do celebrated this occasion differently.....

One significant difference I saw was
they didn't go around carrying
only 2 miserable mandrian oranges.....
They went around with boxes of oranges!!!
Oranges sounded so much more meaningful
when it is given in boxes!
coz, in cantonese they say
(super duper generous hor!!!)

One thing for sure,
is that.....
These Malaysians go around CNY visitation
bringing more than JUST oranges!

So they say when you are in Rome,
do what the Romans do....
So for all these years,
I did what the malaysians do.....
Visit with more than JUST oranges!

I pack my own prosperity hampers!!!

Content of my Prosperity Hampers:

1: Abalone
The year will be filled with abundance
that Confirm Guarantee
sure got plenty of Leftover (包余).

2. Birdnest
Which means staying Young and Beautiful!
(if you are packing a hamper for me...
Please include this!!
If not
SK II I also don't mind!)

3. Essence of chicken
Keep Vigorous spirit especially in business!

4. Pineapple Juice

5. Kickapoo Joy Juice
The name says it all JOY JUICE!!!

6. Sweets
May the whole year be coated with candy!

7. Nian Gao
(Essential to those working or schooling)
Which means to get promoted every year!

8. Dried Oyster
In cantonese this one sounds very much like 好事,
Which means "fortunate situation".

9. Sea Moss
In cantonese this one sounded like 发财,
which means to prosper!!!

10. Dried Mushrooms
This meant to have
your wishes fulfilled from the east to the west!

11. Peanuts / Groundnuts
花生 / 长生瓜
It meant the flower of life/
the nut of longevity!

12. Longan
Essential to those trading in stocks and commodity,
Which means bright & far sighted for all investments made!

Have fun packing your own hampers!
(Do remember to send me one thou!!!)


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reunion Steamboat Dinner with Friends.....

I am terrible at keeping in touch with friends and relatives.....
But, believe me people...
I am TRYING my very BEST!!!!!
*weak smile*

The last time I met up with these bunch of friends

This time round is Reunion Steamboat dinner at Christine's place!

The host; Christine, Myself & Margie

See how much the kids has grown since the last meet up!


The HUNKS!!!!!

We should do this more often!!!
The kids had so much fun!

Christine, Thank you for inviting Us!
Margie, Thank you for the Ben10 & Dora watches!!!
(The kids still can't take their eyes off those watches!!!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Give A Dog A Bone!

They affectionately calls him Cadbury
(But, I think we should call him Kraft instead.....
Since, Kraft bought over Cadbury!!!

Mummy Crystina
(Oh YES!!! It's a BOY!!!!)

Cadbury & Myself
(Look at that innocent puppy face!!!!)

You know how it feels when you become a new parent,
and every restaurant you go has to be a baby friendly one?!?!?

So now Crystina is feeling the new parent syndrome....
We got to go to a Doggy Friendly restaurant
because of baby Cadbury!!!

*big fat grin*

Hiroshi & Sophia
helping themselves with toys
@ the Give a Dog a Bone Cafe!!!

That's my cheeky baby!

I suppose Cadbury's food is tastier than ours,
because, he did finish it in record time!!!

I wouldn't say I love the food,
But I think it is still a great place
for your doggy to roam free
while you catch up with some old friends.....

Give a Dog a Bone!
740 Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 470740

Jacqueline 96194270
Nicole 81890721

Operating Hours
Weekdays: 3.00pm - 8.30pm
Weekends: 9.30am - 8.30pm
Closed on Mondays

Monday, January 18, 2010

Irodori Japanese Restaurant (RiverView Hotel)

Fabulous Japanese Buffet
with Affordable Price Tag
and Excellant Service!

Adult: $33++ Children: $20++

You can be rest assure that your table will never be EMPTY!!!

Once seated,
We were promptly served a Huge cup of green tea,
And Appitizer of the day,
along with edamame & broad beans served!

There were also special of the day being served on the house,
which was the steam fish head
& grilled tiger prawns!!!

California Roll is a MUST TRY!!!
Black Sesame Ice Cream with Red Beans
is also a MUST TRY!!!
Unfortunately, ice cream is not served
with the buffet menu!!!
It's a la carte item!

On top of that,
UOB and OCBC Credit card holders gets a reward of 25% off
in their food bill for lunch and 10% off on a la carte menu for dinner.
The 10% off for dinner is only applicable for a la carte menu
and is not applicable for buffet dinner.
Citibank credit card holders gets 10% discount.

Irodori Japanese Restaurant
382 Havelock Road
Riverview Hotel #03-01
Singapore 169629

Tel: 6737 2002
Fax: 6735 0301

Business Hours:
Lunch: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Dinner: 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Punggol21 Community Center Ground Breaking Ceremony

This balloonist is
*thumbs Up*

Sophia DID NOT win this balloon sculpture!
Another lil boy won it and GAVE IT to her!!!!
Isn't that amazing!!!!
To that lil boy's parents....
You are doing such a GREAT JOB educating your kids!!!!!
When children his age are still learning to SHARE,
He's already GIVING!!!!
Thank you very very much
for making Sophia so happy!!!!

That Isaac's favourite dance of all time;

Isaac & Sophia having a ball of good time
in the bouncy castle!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Fabulous Luncheon @ the YOON Residence.....

Lunch Menu
@ The Yoon Residence

A choice of
Roast Leg of Pork
Roast Leg of Lamb
(Both air flowed and imported direct
from New Zealand
in Kitson's cabin bag!!!!!)

Pasta Vongole
served with
Abalone & Broccoli

Chocolate Walnut Brownie
Topped with premium Coffee/Chocolate Ice Cream
drizzled with Kahlua/ baliey's liquor

Free Flow of Longan Cocktail Drinks

When your guest asked for endless topped ups
and scrap to the bottom of your brownie pans,
You'll get that extreme pleasure
that they've totally enjoyed themselves!!!!

Thank you
Peggy & Famliy,
Alice & family,
for making this luncheon a FABULOUS one!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kids' Bento Lunch


Soupy Pasta
with Fishball,
Lettuce & Carrot

Hiroshi who LOVES home cooked food!

"can you teach daddy how to make lunch box?!?!?"

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Kids' Bento Dinner

White Rice
accompanied by
Cod fish in Soya Sauce
Long Bean Egg &
Spinach with Fresh Button Mushrooms.



Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Kids' Bento Dinner

Shell Pasta
accompanied by tomato base sauce,
mince pork, spinach, carrot & fresh button mushrooms.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Surprise Christmas & a Bountiful New Year!!!!!

25.12.2009 - 01.01.1010

Kitson surprised me with a last minute holiday trip!
(without the kids!!!!)
Singapore-Frankfrut-New York-Frankfurt-Singapore
This has to be the BEST christmas EVER!

I was in such a festive mood
that I brought candy canes and christmas log cake!

My 1st Christmas Log Cake!!!
Super Duper Delicious!

View from 35,000ft!!!
Isn't it amazing!
That's Afghanistan!
Where's Bin Laden?!?!?!?!

This YouTube video never stray far from my mind
when I think about Osama Bin Laden!

Italian food in Frankfurt!
I miss my Spinach with Mushrooms,
Clay Oven Pizzas,
& Authentic Freshly Garnished Pastas!

Kitson & Myself
@ Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

When I dated Kitson,
I was crazy enoff to take this "ICE" (intercity-express) train
from Zurich to Frankfurt to surprise him!
Crazy things you do for LOVE!

Taking the local train back to our hotel

New York
It's a nightmare walking along the streets or the malls!
But, the sales are GREAT!!!!

Typical American Diners
Great service,
Fabulous Breakfast!
My Loot!
*Big Fat Grin*

New Year eve Lunch with the Crew
Me ready to go home
with my brand new Coach handbag!!!

That's US!
After a week long honeymoon!

Thank you Hubby!
It was a nice surprise and a great trip!

I hear you asking,
so where were the kids?!?!?!?

They were having a goofy good time with their cousins;
Joey, Rachel & Christine!!!

Hiroshi during mealtime,
asking for cold water to put out the flames
after eating spicy ikan bilis!

Sophia who insisted that
she was BIRD watching,
and NOT BABE watching!

Cousins United!

Smiley Faces for Playground FUN!!!

Shop, Shop, Shop.....

A trip to Desaru!!!!

Finally Vivo City!

Thank you for taking care of our lil gems!
You gals did a GREAT JOB!!!!!