Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Time Kimono Style Booties

Closing date for Giveaway: 
31st May 2012

Beautiful Handmade Spring Time Kimono Style Booties 
ready to add some cheer even on the most boring dull days.

Made from 100% Pure Wool
0-6 months

All you have to do it add a comment with your email address.
Winner will be notified by email on 1st June 2012.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Kitson Honeybear!!

After the kids came along,
our birthdays has somehow dwindle into a less elaborate affair.

this year was slightly different.
We HAVE company!

A Big Monster Thank You 
to everyone that came,
and for that 
wonderful yummy mango cake 

Since it was Kitson's 45th birthday.
We had to do something significant!
Something that the birthday boy had never done in his 45 years of life!

(Punggol waterway near Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen)
6 Tebing Lane
Singapore 828835
Tel: 644 78693

-The Excited Prawning Virgin-
I swear this prawning thingy is addictive!
Kitson is already looking forward to his next prawning trip!

I'm the veteran here.
Prawning does bring me many wonderful memories of my late father
and my only sister who is 6 years my junior!

That's a very contented Birthday Boy.

Happy Birthday Honeybear!
Wishing you Great Health, Abundance Wealth & Everlasting Happiness!!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

PoPArtLicious @ Punggol Waterway

We're sorry that this space has been neglected.
I'm oiling and cranking up the engines 
to keep this space as updated as we are.

PoPArtLicious @Punggol Waterway 
it's where you'll find the largest community music festival. 
A 5-hour music festival 
featuring over 35 performances by local and community artists

You just can't deny how much (and fast) kids grow!
Sophia still paddling on her baby tricycle

Hiroshi looking forward for some outdoor fun!

Sophia and the wonderful Beaver family from PoPArtlicious

Another art installation at PoPArtLicious

Life is a constant adventure when you have 2 wonderful active kids!!!

both kids were not interested in the heavy music blasting away,
nor the rojak varieties of flea market happening.

The overcrowded water play seems to be the ONLY saving grace to this event!
Since it was an impromptu outing,
 we return home with 2 happy but badly exhausted dripping wet kids.

 On the overall,
it was a great day out.
Will definitely return for more water play fun!!