Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hiroshi Video Conferencing.....

This is what I call 21st century technology!! I am "video conferencing" with Malcom gor gor and Princess Phoe Phoe.... *ahem*...

Wanna know what's going on?!? Look at Auntie Judy's Blog.....

I was fully entertained by Malcom gor gor and Princess Phoe Phoe.....

Malcom gor gor, shall we try MSN the next time we chat?!?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hiroshi; the Food Connoisseur

Mummy and Daddy are training me to be a Food
So, Mummy say, every connoisseur has their own style of rating food...
So for a start here it goes....
1 thumb rating = Beat you to death also dun go and eat arr!! Xi Beh Jia Lat food!!
2 thumb rating = Well, this one so so only lah.....
By the time I am able to show you a 5 thumb rating,
I might have taken a lot of food
or end up with an extremely big mouth.... (",)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wisdom @ 8 Months....

It has been a fruitful 8 months!!
I am so impressed with myself!!
My new Milestones:
(1) Crawling- In the beginning, I used to be crawling like loli worm....(ala butt crawl...)
Even Auntie Judy make fun of me when I crawl....
BUT, after a few days of practising, I am a PRO at it!!
I am now crawling on my fourS....
At thunder speed
(Watch Out for ME!!)
(2) Stand with Support- Finally, the FUN part of being a baby!!
You hold onto furnitures, pull yourselves up into a standing position,
then see your parents reactions....
(I love it when I try to do free falls!! Mummy and Daddy sure
kalang kabot try to catch hold of me!!)
(3) I dunno why, BUT, I just love to say Ah-BoooOOoOoOooOOo....
With bubbles and drool coming outta my mouth!!
It's kinda FUN... Why dun you click on the movie link and do it with me?!?
(Just make sure your BOSSES ain't watching if you are in the office!!)
(4) Mummy is FINALLY feeding me porridge!!
(yum, yum, yum!!)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Logical Choice.....

Sony DSC-W100
Another brilliant camera from Sony.....
Perfect for all mothers like mummy....
Designed small enoff to fit into your diaper bag....
(small enough to lug it everywhere we go......
So, no more excuses about not having the camera with you!!
The sudden need to draw out the camera
to shoot our little darling's precious moments.....
All these spontaneous moments happen so fast!!
And our darling seldom repeat the same actions twice!!
That makes it so much more precious to freeze these moments in pictures...
So that we can savor on all those lovely memories in years to come....)

This camera is what I call a chill padi!! Small in size BUT, powerful in fuctions!!

Reason to BUY:
(1) Effective 8.0 Mega Pixel
*Mummy say better than Sony DSC H5/B.....
Well same loh, can blow picture up BIG BIG
like poster sized for self admiration*

(2) Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens
*This lense beri Tok Gong!! Mummy say, super CLEAR!!*

(3) 3x optical zoom, 15x digital zoom
*This one zoom not as far as Sony DSC H5/B leh.....
But, mummy say since shooting me only, no need to zoom so far lah!!*

(4) Super SteadyShot
*Finally, can take my pictures properly when I am moving!! NO more blur images!!*

(5) High Sensitivity Mode (ISO up to 1250)
*This means can take picture in LOW light condition
This one better than Sony DSC H5/B*

(6) 2.5 inch Clear Photo LCD Plus
*This one smaller than Sony DSC H5/B.....
Mai Hiam still okie lah!! *

(7) 64MB Internal Memory Space
*Finally, we don't have to panic when memories on memory card run out!!*

(8) Brilliant Fuctions
*First few compact camera around that allows user to play around with apeture and shutter!! And you can even choose to shoot in maual if you fancy.... Isn't that Great News!! We no longer have to lug our profressonal SLR cameras around in order to get that perfect shot!!*

Friday, July 14, 2006

TuTu Car

Mummy got this interesting walker by Fisher-Price
from Kiddy Palace, Compass Point.....
It's a musical walker, a ride-on and a great vehicle for learning!
Good things don't come cheap....
The damage was $99.90,
Then mummy join as member still got 10% discount leh!!
**Heng arr got discount, Mummy, since got discount
tomorrow we go Kiddy Palace buy more toys okie?!?
{big grin}**

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Papa Loves Me!!

I Love Papa
and Papa Loves me!!
Where else can you find such a loving daddy
who would tarnish his own Leng Zhai image
by carrying a CUTE baby like me
who sleeps with my mouth OPEN wide wide.....

Papa, I hope I didn't drool too much
when I was dreaming about that piping HOT chicken drumstick......
*Big Wide Smile*

Mummy says,
"It warms her heart to see us share a loving moment like this!!"

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hail the KING

Hail the KING
Hail to the King of FRUITS....
Durian King.....

We were in Sims Avenue (near geylang), Sultan Durian
daddy and mummy's regular durian eating place
when they were still dating.....
That guy holding onto the Durian is Ah Lek gor gor....
He very super one...
Choose durian like got x-ray eye like that lor....
Next time you all go find him okie....

The HYPE of World Cup Finals 2006

Zinedine Zidane HEAD-BUTTED Marco Materazzi

I'm Puzzled! What kinda person Zidane is in real life?!?
Quoted from Beckenbauer,
"He is actually a reserved and inoffensive person."

SO if Zidane is a "reserved and inoffensive" person.....
It MUST have been something Marco Materazzi DID or SAID
that piss the shit outta Zidane to do a head-butt on him!!
Right?!? (thumbs up Zidane!! That was a hell of a head-butt!!)

For those that did not stay up to watch the World Cup,
Like crazy mummy and daddy did.....
This was how the story went.....
With France and Italy tied (1-1) in extra time of Sunday's World Cup final,
Zinedine Zidane head-butted Marco Materazzi in the chest and was sent out.
France went on to lose on penalty kicks.
*sad* Coz mummy and daddy supported France!!

According to daddy's internet sam ku bat gong souces,
Materazzi said racist comments regarding zidane, his mother & sister!
and twisted his nipples
because materazzi is a homoerotic individual.....
(hahahahaha.... I made the last part up!!)

What the hell would you do to a
GUY that twist another GUY'S nipple
on a world class scoccer event?!?

Well, if it was for mummy,
(1) Butt-head him!! (That's how you get him on the floor!!)
(2) Chop off all his FINGERS!! (That's for nipple twisting!!)
(3) Take hammer knock out all his teeth!! (That's just plain evil!!)
(4) Take acid burn his tongue!! (That's for making STUPID worthless comments!!)

So Materazzi, aren't you glad that you only got a head-butt?!?

French sports daily L'Equipe wrote:
Zinedine, what do we tell our children,
and all those for whom you were the living role model for all times?"
Mummy's Simple and Logical Answer:
It's alright to stand up for yourselves
and give them a hell of a head-butt
if they had twisted your nipple and insulted you!

Zinedine Zidane won the adidas Golden Ball voted for by journalists at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany. You will always be our football HERO!! (even if you did a head-butt at the spur of the moment!!)

So Italy, take your DIRTY football tactics aside....
so what if you have won the World Cup 2006!!
It's just dirt cheap tactics!!

Mummy is drooling over....

Sony Digital Camera (DSC-H5/B)
*what were you thinking?!?* (naughty naughty!!)

Reason to Drool:
(1) Effective 7.2 Mega Pixel
*Mummy say can blow my pictures into poster size so that I am admire myself*

(2) Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens
*This lense beri Tok Gong!! Mummy say, super CLEAR!!*

(3) 12x zoom
*Wah, 12 times leh!! Can you imagine what we can zoom far far away?!?*

(4) Super SteadyShot
*Finally, can take my pictures properly when I am moving!! NO more blur images!!*

(5) High Sensitivity Mode (ISO up to 1000)
*This means can take picture in LOW light condition*

(6) 3.0 inch Clear Photo LCD Plus
*Can review picture on BIG LCD screen!! Not nice, can take again!!*

It's SUPER.... If you look at Sony's website for this camera... You are going to drool like mummy.... So, make sure you have your baby bib before reviewing that website!! Enjoy!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Brown Rice Paradise

Mummy went organic food shopping at Brown Rice Paradise, Taglin Mall..... It's truely a paradise for orgainc food!!

She got me this..... Organic Mixed Grain Cereal, from HealthyTimes It consist of Brown rice, Oatmeal, Pearl barley.
Mummy got me this as I have not tried Pearl barley.....

Pearl barley:
**Unrefined starchy foods aid disease prevention. High-fibre wholegrains are also thought to lower oestrogen levels. Barley have five times more fibre than other wholegrains. This soluble fibre steadies blood sugar levels. It may help to avoid heart disease.**

She also got me,
Organic Raw Wheatgerm:
**Wheatgerm relieves constipation and also supports heart health. Wheatgerm is rich in folate and it also provides antioxidant protection. Wheatgerm is nutrient-rich and also contains vitamins B1 and B6 and E.**

Mummy also got me,
Organic Gloden Linseed:
**Linseeds are a good source of fibre and omega 3 fatty acids. They have anti-cancer effects and may help manage menopausal symptoms. They can prevent and relieve constipation as well as soothe digestion.**

hmm.... Looks like I've got more good food to try out....
Yummy.... Let's go Organic!!
*mimick baby signing time*
"Put your fingertips together for more, more, more (2x),
Put your fingertips together (2x)
Put your fingertips together for more, more, more....."

Saturday, July 08, 2006

First Oral B Toothbrush

Mummy got me my first Oral B Toothbrush today.....
Got to keep my pearlie healthy and STRONG...
So that I can have many more good food!!
(Especially mummy and daddy's food!!)

Golden Kiwi

Mummy ran out of ideas on what to feed me for fruits.....
As, she was walking aimlessly around NTUC at Poungol Plaza,
she came across this delicious looking Golden Kiwi fruit....
Then she thought to herself, "why not?!?"
Then she look at the price, 5 for $3.85....
Wah piang oui.... Golden Kiwi fruits in season,
BUT, still so expensive!!
Then mummy say, "Bo Bian Loh!! Let you try....."
Dun you think I am so lucky?!?

Kiwi Puree
Vitamins: A, C, K, Folate
Minerals: Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium
**Kiwifruit is one of the world's most nutritious fruit and it contains very high levels of vitamin C, potassium and chlorphyll. It contains a wealth of nutrients and antioxidants. It has anti-cancer effects.**

(1) Wash kiwi fruit
(2) Cut Kiwi into half
(3) Scoop out all the yummy kiwi
(4) Smash Kiwi
(5) Then Yum, Yum, Yum loh!!


Mummy fed me this delicious fruit call Banana....
She said it's the BEST baby fruit as it is so fuss free,
even dummies can do it!!

Vitamins: A, C, Folate
Minerals: Potassium, Phosphorus, Selenium, Magnesium, Calcium

**Bananas are a good source of both potassium and vitamin B6. They not only help to maintain bowel health, but are also good energy-boosting snacks. As bananas ripen, their starch is converted into sugar. Bananas help to maintain blood sugar levels and it is also a fruit which is easily digested.**

Making Banana Puree for Dummies:
(1) Peel Banana
(2) Put in a bowl
(3)Smash banana
(4)Feed it to Hungry Hiroshi
tip: if banana is too hard to smash, microwave for a few seconds.


Bugs Bunny loves carrots...
Mummy loves CARATs....
Daddy loves carrots.....
I love carrots!!
Dun ya?!?

Carrot Puree
Vitamins: A (19,152 IU), C, Folate
Minerals: Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorous, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium

**Carrots have an extremely high beta-carotene content and have many health benefits, including giving protection against coronary heart disease and several cancers, notably lung cancer. Carrots can also lower blood cholesterol and help guard against food poisoning. **

1 Bag Juicy Carrots

(1) Skin and chop carrots into smaller pieces
(2) Steam for 15 mins
(3) Blend carrot in blender
(4) Pour Puree into ice cube trays and freeze
**expiry date: 3 months**

Monday, July 03, 2006

Thank You Ti Gong.....

As you can see, I am a proud owner of
2 lower front teeth.....
Oh.... Thank You Ti Gong
for answering my prayers!!
Ti Gong, I want more, more, more teeth.....
So that can eat Yummy Chicken Cutlet on Hot Plate
like mummy and daddy.....

Saturday, July 01, 2006


My first tasting of potatoes was in Hatyai....
We were all in Sizzlers....
and I was making too much noise....
Daddy fed me his bake potatoes from his plate....
It is Yummy, yummy, yummy.....
Then hor, I stop making noise....
So Greedy hor?!?

Mash Potatoes
The Goodness of Potatoes:
**The starch in potatoes is readily digested and converted into glucose. Potatoes are high in antioxidants and also are a good source of vitamins B and C, potassium and iron**

Couple of potaoes

(1) Wash and scrub potatoes
(2) Skin potatoes and cut 'em into smaller pieces
(3) Steam potatoes for 15 mins
(4) Use a fork to mash up potatoes
(5) Scoop smash potatoe into ice cube trays and freeze
**expiry date: 10 months**

Popeye's Power Food

What can I say.....
If popeye can eat this stuff
and get all the power he needs to fight bluto,
I want some too man!!

Spinach Puree
The goodness of Spinach: **Spinach contains high levels of potassium and folate. Spinach may reduce the risk of cancer, helps to avoid and relieve anaemia and may protect against eye degeneration and heart disease**

1 Bunch of Nice Green Spinach

(1) Cut away the roots of Spinach
(2) Wash Spinach, by soaking them in water
(3) Steam Spinach for 8 mins
(4) Blend Spinach
(5) Pour puree into ice cube trays and freeze
**expiry date: 2 months**

Peachy Peach (mummy's private joke to daddy)

Auntie Judy, you are so darn right!!
Peaches don't come cheap at all!!
Mummy paid $1.40 for each precious Peach!!
Cut throat prices!!!

Hmm.... Mummy remembered that peaches were so much cheaper
in Shanghai when they were in season.....
Mummy used to buy peahces from
farmers by the road side in Shanghai.....
And they sure didn't cost mummy $1.40 each!!
But, I know that my mummy and daddy loves me....
Coz they didn't juz buy 1 or 2 peaches....
They bought 3....
Delicious and Expensive peaches.....

Peach Puree
Vitamin: A, C, Folate
Minerals: Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium

The goodness of peach:
**Peaches are low in calories and one 100 g peach provides almost three quarters of the daily vitamin C requirement. The fruit has a gentle laxative effect. Peaches are also rich in iron and potassium**

3 Delicious Peaches

(1) Wash peaches, by soaking them in water
(2) Skin peaches and De-seed....
(3) Blend peaches
(4) Pour puree into ice cube trays and freeze
**expiry date: 2 months**