Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween (San Francisco)

We celebrated Halloween at Fairyland.
 A ten-acre park on the shores of Oakland’s Lake Merritt 
where children’s literature comes to life and kids can be kids.....
699 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610

Outside Fairyland where squirrels & ducks room free
(watch out for SHIT mine while walking on the grass!)

Hiroshi the good knight having fun!

Sophia the rock star ballerina enjoying the carousel ride.

Off to fisherman's wharf Pier 45 for USS Pampanito Submarine (ss-383) Tour

Daddy & kids in front of submarine

Hiroshi all excited about the submarine tour!

Sophia climbing ladders on submarine....

Hiroshi at the engine room with massive torpedoes!

Hiroshi outside Ripley's believe it or not museum.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Hiroshi checking out the map while eating dim sum

Let the fun begin: Ocean Park

Hiroshi on the cable car.
Totally lovin' it!

Sophia with her new travel buddy; Spunky

Hiroshi the Adrenaline Junkie with daddy.
He wants to do it again and again and again....

Take MTR to Admiralty,
transfer to bus 629.

I hate this park!
Nothing much for do with lil children.
Too much stairs,
We had to carry the stroller
up and down, 
down and up,
up and down,
down and up.
(oh well, you get the idea.....)
Not stroller friendly at all!

The Sea Dream show is plain L.A.M.E!

Not worth your time and money!

I honestly feel that Singapore's Underwater World
is way better in every aspect!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Family Vacation (Singapore-HongKong)

When we plan this trip about a month, 
we as FULL GROWN ADULTS parents 
were actually more excited than the kids....
We had many ideas brewing in our mind 
thinking of the best possible way to surprise our kids.

The kids had absolutely no idea about the trip 
until reaching Singapore immigration!

Kids went to school as per normal 
and we kidnapped them 1/2 way thru classes
citing the reason of sending daddy to the airport 
since he is going on a long flight.....

The kids never did suspect anything amiss,
despite the fact that daddy was travelling 
with so much more baggage than the norm!

when we came to the immigration gates,
saying our last good byes and big bear hugs.....

Kitson: would you like to take the airplane with daddy?
Both kids jumping with joy: YESSSSssssSSSSssssSSSS!!!!
Kitson: Do you have passport and tickets?
Both kids shaking their heads in disappointment: *mumbled* no...
Me: *producing both passports and boarding passes*

I swear I cannot forget the big wide smiles on their faces!

One moment you're in Singapore 
and the next in HongKong.....

Super Duper Thrilled Kids......

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Family Vacation (28.10.2010-04.11.2010)

We'll be off to our most deserved family vacation
from 28.10.2010 to 04.11.2010.

Friday, October 22, 2010

And the party goes on.....

This is the reason why
I love to celebrate my birthday 2 days in advance....
the party seems to go on and on and on!

Even through a series of communication errors,
I was still able to meet up with Adeline & Wein eventually....
(Hallelujah for the makers of mobile phones!)

We had great supper @ Fremantle Seafood Market!

Kitson & Myself

Wein & Adeline

Food presented differs from Menu
We kinda felt cheated on this one.
But, the garlic bread is superb!

Mixed Plater
Fish is good,
the rest are so-la-la....

Fish & Chips
I swear this is a MUST TRY!
The fish is Fresh, Moist & Juicy!!!

Fremantle Seafood Market
3E River Valley Road
Clarke Quay Singapore
(Next to the reverse bungee thrill rides)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 is lagi best!

Being 29 is fabulous,
But I am sure 30 is lagi best!

Lunch was at The Disgruntled Chef @ Dempsey Hill

Kitson seriously considering the wine choices....

We love the cosy setting!

The poison

Egg, potato salad with anchovies dressing!
I've never had anchovies dressing in my life.
It tasted like caviar but at the fraction of it's cost!

Chips drizzled with truffle oil
Kitson and myself had to fight over this one!
Tasted damn good!

My Tiger Prawn Pasta Alio Oglio
accompanied with fine white wine...

Kitson's Breaded pork medallion with field mushrooms

The Hors d'Ĺ“uvre & French Fries were so good
that the main course pales in comparison.

The happy birthday girl with dessert!

My dessert, Fig crisps with Roquefort Cheese

Kitson's Dessert, Chocolate Fondant
This is dessert made in haven!
Warm chocolate fudge oozing with velvet soft cake texture,
Who could ever resist that??!?!?!!?

Dinner with kids

Off to Icing Room for a cake!
What's a birthday without cake??!?!?

Hiroshi & Sophia putting their 110% of concentration
decorating the prettiest cake for mummy!

Kids with daddy

Kids with mummy...

My yummy vanilla peach birthday cake decorated with love!

I am looking forward to what 30 may bring,
but as long as I am happy and healthy,
I couldn't ask for more!
(But, striking a couple of millions in toto
would add icing to the cake!!)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Q-dees Concert 2010 (Movie-Cuts Musical)

Concert tickets: $20
Concert dvd: $35
Photos taken by Professional Photographers: $8/piece

Watching concert performed by my talented son:

Ticket cum Program List


The Incredible Hunks!

School of Rock?!?!?

We sincerely apologize for the quality of the video.
We couldn't stop ours hands from shaking
& laughing at the same time!
*note to self: Bring TRIPOD the next time round!!!*
We found the performance extremely entertaining.
Maybe we should really consider
signing Hiroshi up for guitar classes.
That boy really could ROCK the house!
(2.37 seconds into video...)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Product Review: Kitoho Kalani Super Aqua Gel

When I first gotten this product,
I wanted to do the same old boring style
of product reviewing....
But when I started rubbing the gel into my skin,
something interesting happened!
Watch on....

It has claim to be:
Incrediby fresh moisturizing gel-cream
instantly hydrates the skin and
acts on the metabolism of the skin
to optimize its cellular renewal.
This miracle water-based gel moisturizer
can be used on both face and body
without any oily or sticky feel.

Contains Pueraria Lobata Root extract
that possesses antioxidant properties
as well as nutritive isoflavones
to help visible firm the skin
and fight the appearance of wrinkles.
Added with Chlorella Vulgaris Extract,
amino acid-rich marine algae
help fortify the extracellular matrix
to help maintain elasticity and suppleness of the skin.
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
help soothe and calm sensitive skin.

My honest opinion:
Extremely light moisturizer,
(works like a breeze even on oily skin)
great choice for our humid weather...
only retails for $24.90!!
Worth trying!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Giveaway: Kitoko Kalani Face Mask

Join Kitoko Kalani Facebook page
and receive a COMPLIMENTARY face mask.....
Collection point at Raffles City Shopping Center
Kitoko Kalni Counter @ #B1-42C (in front of Watsons)
Limit to 1st 50 sign up.....
(Valid till 30 November 2010)

Kiwi Lemon :
Extra brightening Face mask
Kiwi extract combines vitamins
& high essential fatty acid
with impressive antioxidant properties.
Help to restore skin’s moisture
& fight against skin ageing.
Natural Lemon extract helps lighten the skin
and even out skin tone.
The skin is restores its clarity & brightness.

Regenerate & Radiant Face mask
Ganoderma Lucidum (Mushroom) Stem extract,
also known as Lingzhi.
It has the most active polysaccharides
among medicinal plant sources,
which is crucial in the body’s ability to heal wounds
and produce the ground substances of normal tissues.
Lingzhi contains ergosterols, complete proteins,
unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals,
helps to regenerate skin,
leaving the skin nourished & radiant.

Hyaluronic acid alpha arbutin:
Moisture & Radiant Face Mask
Hyaluronic Acid is a natural moisture ‘seal’ for the skin.
It keeps the skin well hydrated
and retained moisture up to 80%,
leaving the skin velvety soft, supple and more youthful.
Alpha-Arbutin is a active skin brightening agent
that effectively lightens the skin
and evens out the skin tone.
The skin is more luminous and suppler.

Sake Yeast:
Renewal & Replenish Face mask
Sake Yeast,
a naturally occurring enzyme from rice fermentation
that catalyzes skin cells into action,
increasing cellular renewal, softness and brightness.

Red Wine:
Restructuring & nourishing Face mask
Red wine is rich in antioxidants, vitamins,
minerals, protein, GLA and vitamin E.
Its high linoleic acid content gives it good moisturizing
and nourishing properties.

Firming Face mask
Collagen makes up the core structure of the skin
and it possess a regenerative effect on the skin.
It helps boost the skin moisture level,
leaving it smoother and suppler.

Smoothing & Radiant Face mask
Pearl powder is a finely ground powder from real pearls
and has been regarded
as a traditional Chinese medicine of high reputation.
In traditional Chinese Medicine,
Pearl Powder is used to help keep the skin
more radiant, smooth and youthful.

Coenzyme 10:
Rejuvenating Face mask
Coenzyme 10 is a powerful anti-oxidant
to fight skin ageing and it energizes the skin cells
and activates the skin
to appear brighter and more radiant.

Green Tea Peppermint:
Purifying & Revitalizing
Cool and refreshing peppermint,
acts as a natural astringent to control the oil on the skin
and the pure Green Tea extract is a anti-oxidant
to help repair the skin and restore its youthfulness.

Eye Mask Circulation:
Resilience & radiance
Excellent for treating dark eye circles,
wrinkles and fine lines.
Help restore skin’s resilience and radiance.
Specially formulated for the eye area,
this eye mask sits on the eye contour without slipping.

Friday, October 08, 2010

We all should learn to put a lil more faith in our partners....

When Kitson came back from flight
and told me he's going for the company's 4.3km run,
I thought he was NUTz!
Without any training in advance,
and having just touched down from a 6 hours flight,
I personally thought,
that was the perfect recipe for disaster!
But, being the ever encouraging wife,
I told him to go ahead and have fun!
*slap forehead*

We went along to support daddy!
Pardon the funky hairdo,
It's suppose to make daddy more "visible"
just in case anyone missed him!

Don't you just love kids?!?!?!?
They are your greatest supporter,
no matter if you win or loose in a game!

Kitson at the starting line
relaxing and SMILING!
(can't wait to see the look on his face
once he completes the race!)

Kitson getting all serious and ready to go...

I had no hope of Kitson winning the race.
I even suspected that he might come in last.

he miraculously did not came in last.
*wipes perspiration off forehead*

I was surprised!
And honestly,
I am super duper proud of my husband!
*beaming from ear to ear*

This has just taught me to put a little more faith in my partner!

Kitson at the finishing line...

Received medal for 3th place (team)

I have the most amazing hubby in the whole wide world
that surprises me all the time!


Monday, October 04, 2010

Who would have thought?!?!?!?!!?

I've always been a city girl.
One that has lived in the "government heavily subsidised"
high rise apartments all my life!
And the odds of this situation happening is close to NEVER...
But, nevertheless, it has happened!

Who would have thought?!?!?!?!?

A couple of days ago while I was about to do my laundry,
a mouse pop right out of my washing machine!

I swear that was the closest encounter to a mouse
in my whole 30 years of life....
So naturally,
I screamed for dear life,
ran into the room
and hid for the entire night!

I combed Singapore in search of a rat trap.
I would have to say it wasn't easy finding one.
Maybe Singapore is so bloody clean
that no one else has a rat problem except me!
But, then again...
WHY ME?!?!?!?!?

Finally found it at the hardware shop
at Compassvale Shopping Center.

I had my first hand experience of setting up a mouse trap!

I waited patiently...
Peeping at the trap more than occasionally...
But, after 2 days,

When Kitson came home from flight,
I was more delighted than ever!
I could finally pass on the baton of my rat problem
to someone more "experience"!!
Or well, at least I have another full grown adult
to forge my battle against that nasty pest!

This is coming from the rat expert.
One that has kept rats for the sole purpose of biology lab test!
As he enters the storeroom his nose twitches....
I SMELL A RAT he said....
Kitson repositioned the rat trap and sealed off all exits!
And within an hour,
we've got our rat!

Now that the rat is in it's rightful place and not sharing my kitchen,
He's kinda CUTE hor!

Hopefully that will put an end to my rat woes....
Now that "nothing" else is sharing my kitchen,
it's back to cooking and baking a storm!