Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bare Necessities

I've always believe that kids should live with only the bare necessities, 
so that they can learn to appreciate the little things in life 
and to be full of gratitude when something nice happens.

Hiroshi & Sophia 
going totally gaga over the water squinter thingy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dreamy Little Pancakes.....

The dreamy idea of having fluffy pancakes for breakfast
seems to entice me all the time. 
But, I've never had the courage to make any for myself or my family. 
I have this impression that pancake are delicate little things. 
And too much attention has to be put into one for a perfect tasting breakfast! 
So, therefore, the next best thing would be Mcdonald's Hotcakes.
Which ain't that fantastic to begin with!

I've finally found the PERFECT pancake.
And the beauty of it all is,
you can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper if you so desire!
Top left: Mr & Mrs Pancakes
Bottom Left: Hubby being over ambitious with thoughts of stuffing little pancakes
Assorted Pancakes from top to bottom:
(1) Gimme S'more Oreos
(2) Simple & Sweet
(3) Something Blue

I swear seeing fresh pancakes flipping in front of my own eyes
has already psychologically whet my appetite
even before actually tasting them! 

The actual tasting didn't disappoint at all!

Pancakes were nice and fluffy.
Maple syrup actually tasted like maple syrup
and not anything synthetically altered!
Ice cream is a match made in heaven for pancakes.
And awesome food presentation just stretched my dollar's worth!

My one and only grouse
would be the portioning.

A tiny bit too small in my personal opinion,
but well, 
that could be just because that I am pregnant 
and my stomach seems to be like a bottomless pit!

Catch your
Little Pancakes
200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-04, 
Thomson Imperial Court
Singapore, Singapore 574424

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Monday, June 18, 2012

A rolling picture paints a gazillion more words; www.rolleyes.com.sg

If a picture paints a thousand word,
just close your eyes and imagine..... 
how much more could a series of rolling pictures paint you!

Rolleyes.com.sg is Singapore's first ever online food and beverage showcase 
that presents a fresh perspective for both restaurateurs and restaurant-goers 
with video clips of gourmet cuisine 
and the hard work that goes behind creating food masterpieces.

Huge thank you to Rachel from SMB (Singapore Mom Bloggers) 
for coordinating this event,
which was organized by Rolleyes 
in collaboration of 
Chef Judy from Creative Culinaire.

Definitely a fruitful father's day
learning to bake
Chef Judy's
Signature Zuchinni Chocolate Cake.

Top left: me & my wacky team of young people!
Top right: My pretty Zucchini Chocolate Cupcakes nicely decorated!
Bottom left: Me & Chef Judy
Bottom right: *grin* My guilty last minute father's day cake to hubby!!

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to pick up a skill or two on baking
to check out Creative Culinaire.
Chef Judy's demonstration has been both entertaining and educational.

Subscribe to
and be visually wow-ed
by all the high quality videos on gourmet food and behind-the-scenes.
-The Ultimate Bonus-
Rolleyes even offers a section on cooking tips and recipes
from chefs and the everyday home cook!!

Worthy site to be bookmarked as a restaurant directory for food lovers!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Simple Pleasures of Life: Seeing your Love Ones Enjoying Themselves....

Sometimes, you cannot deny how fast time has slipped by.....
I am already 7 months pregnant!
Even though many have commented that the belly size doesn't look 7 month old,
but I swear I am already feeling the discomforts of third trimester pregnancy!

And as for today's fun day out,
I absolutely felt like a fat bellied pregnant penguin waddling 
into Snow City @ Science Center.

okie dokie,
I see you screaming in horror, 
with your jaw hitting the keyboard; 
"What the HECK is a pregnant women doing in Snow City!!"

I sat this one out.

It was exhilarating seeing the trio having so much fun!
Definitely great bonding time for daddy-o and the kids,
without the up-tight "sergeant major" mummy screaming in the background!
(this clearly explains why they are all crashed out in bed 
while I am still wide awake writing this blog posting!!)

Thou in my personal opinion,
the place look smallish with the tube as the ONLY star attraction!

The kids seems to think otherwise.
They simply adore Snow City!

And for that,
I am putting this place as a MUST GO for kids who has never seen the real thing.
And for the parent,
the bonding 
the big toothy grin you get 
from just going up and down the slide with the tube endlessly 

-Check Snow City Out Today-

Tips: Bring a couple more pairs of dry socks, towel, and a change of clothes!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Sophia!!!

In attempts to teach Sophia the value of money,
we gave her a choice.....
We told her that the cost of celebrating her birthday in school is $300.
And if she was to forgo that privilege,
she would be able to get that $300 dollars in cash,
and do whatever she pleases with it.
To our astonishment,
she made a decision 
that has far superseded the maturity of any 5 year old kid.
She opted for cold hard cash instead!

First Stop
 Price: $8/child for weekdays, $15/child for weekends. 
(Accompanying Adult enters for Free)
Opening hours: 10am to 6.30pm daily 
(last admission at 4.30pm)
How to get there:
From Beach Station,
take a short 5-minute walk towards Palawan Beach.
Alternatively, take the Palawan-Tanjong Beach Tram
and alight at the first tram-stop outside POLW.

There was definitely no doubt that both kids had a ball of a time.
 Apart from the crazy water play, 
there were also other activities happening at different time slots.
Teach me Wild: where kiddies get to interact with birds, 
and learn about important nature and animal topic.
Tree of Wonders: Art & Crafts with Nature
Story Telling: Well Ahoy, the title says it all....

At the end of the 6 hours non stop play,
tan lines were a couple notches darker
(despite my generosity of slapping on sun block lotion)
  accompanied by wrinkly fingers and toes.

We ended up with 2 STILL very active kids,
while the parents energy level were slowly diminishing
close to shut down levels.

Quick dinner at Vivo City
before we get to the highlight of the day.

Birthday present for the Birthday Girl!
And of course,
a present for the brother who has been loving all year round.

Since we had such a fulfilling dinner,
we decided to go easy on the cakes.
Yummy fruit tarts from Fruit Paradise 

Happy 5th Birthday my Darling Sophia!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Winner of Spring Time Kimono Style Booties

Huge thank you for those who had participated in this giveaway.
Winner has been drawn by random.org 
and will be notify by email.