Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday Five: Top 5 first Weaning Foods!

Check out what are the Top 5 first weaning food for your baby at

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Food Review: Arty Farty Dining Experience at Museo

We had the opportunity to experience casual food dining at Museo.
Check out our full review at

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Getting our very own domain name |

After procrastinating for the longest time.....
We finally gotten our very own domain name.
We are very excited.
It marks a significant milestone in our blogging journey of 8 years in blogspot.
The new address is
Check out our first posting.
Adios.... See you there!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Review Philip Avent Natural Feeding Bottle

I am a supporter of Philip Avent Milk bottles ever since the birth of Hiroshi.
It has everything a good bottle should have.
Wide neck, easy to read gauge & anti colic teats.
I have honestly no complains over the old bottles!

But the new ones blows bells and whistles.
With the new ergonomic shape,
it provided a easy grip for Jame's tiny hands.
The breast-shaped teat
has also facilitate the bottle feeding virgin to instantly latch on.

Check Out Philips Avent Natural feeding Bottle

I'm lovin' it 

This product is sponsored by Philip Avent 
specifically for review purposes 
without any monetary or other compensation.
Views and opinions are my own.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review of Philip Avent Comfort Breast Pump (Manual)

I am honestly disappointed when Avent sent me
the Comfort manual breast pump
instead of the Comfort electrical breast pump for reviewing purposes.

I've heard plenty of good reviews for Avent's electrical breast pumps
But unfortunately, I won't be able to experiece the "goodness" for myself. 

My first breast pump in 2005 which was a gift to us
was a Manual Avent Breast Pump.
A dreadful sleep deprived mother,
laboring with a manual breast pump,
equipped with wrong information about breast feeding
wasn't the correct formula for successful breast feeding.

Needless to say,
my breast feeding journey which has kicked off successfully in the hospital
dwindled to a sad ending within 3 weeks.

I was excited when Avent announced the changed in design.
The first in 29 years.
I didn't see any significant differences when I unboxed the product.
However upon close inspection,
I notice that the handle's shape is more ergonomic.
The tiny white star valve has been replaced by a bigger one.
And the massage cushion seems to have significantly improved.

Introducing Philip Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump

Assembling the Comfort Manual Breat Pump  

User Experience:
Comfortable and sits nicely on the breast.
The ergonomic handle makes pumping slightly easier.
Quiet, Compact, easy to bring around.
Although the product has promised a more comfortable expressing position,
I still find the need to lean forward for a more effective pump.
This product is sponsored by Philip Avent 
specifically for review purposes 
without any monetary or other compensation.
Views and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hiroshi gets a job!

We don't usually have to agree on everything in our parenting beliefs.
But, one thing Kitson and myself were affirm on
was that we shouldn't spoon feed our kids
and serve life to them on a silver platter.
I believe kids needs hunger.
With hunger, comes drive.

Over indulging the kids with toys,
is a huge no-no in this household!
In fact, the only times they were allowed to get one
were only on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.
And even so, they have to fall in between certain guidelines.

And the Ipad happens to not fall in that stringent guideline!

Hiroshi wanted one really badly.
So I told him,
the only way he could get it is to work for it.
Coz it ain't coming under the Christmas tree!

And he did.
He went for countless number of auditions.
But has failed miserably.
Thou in my own personal opinion,
I think he is the most adorable kid in town.
But, whenever he stands next to the ang-mo-ish looking kid,
there seems to be a bias vote for "exotic meats".

So when he gets this job he was literately over the moon.
We'll like to thank Gwen, Cubiz,Windows and Sony for the wonderful opportunity!

So, What's in a job?

Over the period of 3 weekends in a row;
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.....
From 5pm to 9pm at Tampines Mall Courts
Hiroshi was required to demonstrate Microsoft Windows8
on one of Sony's latest touch screen laptop.

It was a walk in the park for him.
He has always been a gadget-y tech-y kid.
Plus, he loves showing-off presenting in front of huge crowds.

The only down side to the job was he has to repeat his presentation every 30mins.
That works out to about 7 shows per night.
Hiroshi could even read his script backwards
and demonstrate with both eyes closed after the first night!!

But, nevertheless, he was thrill over the idea of playing games
which he has downloaded from the windows store during the presentation!

We were thankful for friends and family who came to support.

One of the parents I spoke to told me how lucky I was
to have Hiroshi motivated to earn his own pocket money at such a young age.
Thou in my own personal opinion,
this could be a double edge sword.

In the most ideal situation,
Hiroshi learns the value of money through hard work.
Thus learning to appreciate daddy the sole breadwinner.

Or if the job happens to be easy,
He might tell me there is no use for school and he wants a job instead!

But in God's grace,
everything played out nicely.
It was tough work for an eight year old boy.....
But yet, not tough enough to be classified as child labor.

As for now,
He is patiently waiting for pay day.
But the only difference is......
He doesn't want that Ipad anymore!
Now he wants that cool looking Sony Touch Screen Laptop with Windows8!

I hate to break it to him.
I think he needs more dough.
Unless the good people at Sony might like to sponsor him with one.
*big fat toothy grin*

Monday, March 18, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Funky Feet Fashion Footwear

Other than good food,
Shoes are the next things in line that we would spurge on.
Especially Children Shoes!
I believe that good shoes are a necessity for proper feet development.
Good shoes should
be breathable, 
equip with non slip soles, 
good design, good support, 
and being esthetically pleasing would be a huge bonus!

We were delighted to to find ourselves reviewing 

Upon receiving them,
I couldn't help but went oohs and ahhs over it.
They've passed the bonus round test.
These shoes are cute as buttons!

They were handmade in United Kingdom.
100% cotton lining & Soft fleece insole.
Has anti slip suede soles.
Soft flat and flexible sole,
which was perfect for pre walker shoes.
I've also notice that the shoes are wider in the front,
allowing ample room for toe development.

Despite James tugging violently, 
the shoes stay on!

And the best of all,
it is machine washable!!

Wanna lay your hands on a pair for your little munchkin?
 It might just be your lucky day!
BabyHiroshi is giving away 
1 pair of Funky Feet Fashion Footwear worth $56.90.

All you have to do is tell us 
where is Funky Feet Fashion Footwear made from 

Giveaway closes on 
22 March2013; 2359hrs (GMT: +8)

This product is sponsored by Funky Feet Fashion Singapore. 
Views and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Horizon Primary School's Field Trip To Bukit Timah Hill

By default,
I do not get excited over at the thoughts of climbing hills.
But, since it was Hiroshi's field trip to Bukit Timah Hill....
And parents were invited to join in the day of fun outdoor learning.
I gladly oblige. 
With a good reason like this,
It was way easier to lift those droopy eye lids and drag those heavy feet.

Doe-Eyed Hiroshi 
all ready to explore Bukit Timah Hill

We took the green route which was route number 3.

First, we took the South View Path

The kids were all pumped up for an adventure!!

 Happy Kids at our first Station.
South View Hut

Our family still looking Great!!

After a little rest,
we moved on.
This time round, we went on the Cave Path.

If you paid careful attention to small details,
you could even catch these hard working ants working their butts off.

We saw tunnels that were used in world war 2.

And even a little spring water catchment area.
Water was clear and refreshingly cooling.

2nd checkpoint; Catchment Hut

Hiroshi still very energetic!

Sophia having a good time too!

And James woke up from his nap,
coz daddy stopped walking!!

Onwards we trail!
This time round we went on the Catchment Path.

I was seriously falling behind!

Thank God!
It was only a short walk till we reach our 3th checkpoint.
Simpang Hut

After a short rest,
we forge on to our last and final checkpoint!

Enjoying the greenery as we walk.
Really majestic looking trees!!!

Fungus growing on wood.

Before I know it,
we've reached the top.
The Summit Hut!

Kids had a little snack at the Summit Hut.
It was amazing to see them barter trading their snacks with their friends.

For me, I am just glad that we are FINALLY there!
If I had to climb another inch,
I would have flopped myself onto Kitson
and asked to be carried like James too!

The way down was more enjoyable.
No more trail.
But, however,
we were greeted with very very steep downward slopes!

Engaged Learning

Kids were excited to see a gigantic ant!

Sophia says,
"He ain't heavy, He's my brother!"

Once everyone reached base,
It was lunch time followed by quiz.

Hiroshi was deeply engrossed with facts in the exhibition hall.

Kudos to these external trainers
who made this trip extremely educational

We had to applaud the school too.
For their initiative of allowing families to join in the trip.

For once, Sophia really felt like a big girl.
Tagging along with all the older Primary 2 kids.
And blending in really well!
She is well accustomed
and ready to embark on her primary one next year!

And as for me,
my muscles are still aching from the most strenuous exercise I had in years!!

Friday, March 08, 2013

Philips Avent Introduces Redesigned Comfort Breast Pumps & Natural Feeding Bottles

Philips Avent has recently announced the launch of it's redesigned bottles and breast pumps. It's the 1st in 29 years, and we were privileged to be invited to it's media event to understand more.

The event was held in a little beautiful colonial house at Monk's Hill Terrance. Other than minor hiccups that the products were not sent before the event; so that we could use, evaluate and ask questions..... All I could say was it was really well planned, organized and  well executed event.

They were extremely thoughtful.
Childminding services were provided. 
And James gave me a breather of..... say 10mins. 
Which actually feels like eternity.
Since now that he is older, 
he learns to emotionally blackmail me the moment I leave him on his rocker!!
*big fat grin*

The set up was really informal,
The information packed presentation was over in 20 minutes.
We were introduced to the redesigned 
Comfort range Breast Pumps and Natural range Milk Bottles.

The redesigned range of comfort breast pumps were pleasing to the eyes!
I mean honestly, 
how could you have said no to such a pretty breast pump!

Comfort Breast Pump comes in 3 available options.
Manual, Single Electric & Double Electric.
(Image Courtesy of Philips Avent)

Unlike other pumps, 
Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pumps allows mothers to express milk 
in a comfortable reclined position, 
instead of leaning forward.

It's soft massage cushion feels warm and natural on the breast, 
as it's soft silicon petals gently massage the breast to stimulate let-down reflex, 
encouraging milk flow and supply.

And most importantly,
It's compact design makes it easy to position on your breast, 
and it's ergonomically shaped handle offers a comfortable hold and full control 
when expressing milk. 
Being small and light weight means it is easy to store and transport.
This is a huge plus for working mothers.

Comfort Manual Breast Pump: 
This is self explanatory I guess. 
Simply means you manually pump.

Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump:
Features a gentle stimulation mode and three expression settings
Easy to use on-the-go with batteries

Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump:
Double pumping for milk in less time
Features a gentle stimulation mode and three expression settings
Includes a handy travel bag

 Other than the Comfort range Breast Pumps,
the Natural range Milk Bottles are amazing too!

The Wide Breast-Shaped Treat promises high acceptance 
and an almost instant latch-on, 
as well as preventing nipple confusion 
when mother switch between bottles and breast feeding.

Unique Comfort Petals inside the teat 
increases flexibility and stretch of the teat, 
preventing teat-collapse for a smooth, natural and uninterrupted feed

  The new Advance anti-colic system not only prevents leak, 
but also reduces the discomfort by venting air back into the bottle, 
rather than into the baby's tummy through two high performing valves.

The new ergonomic shaped bottles provides 
extra comfort,easy hold and better grip for baby's tiny hands.
And if you ask me,
I think they looked kinda Sexy too with all the curves in the right places!

Since the event was held on a Thursday.
I only brought James along.
Keeping in mind that Hiroshi and Sophia 
would still need to wake up early for school the day after.

The wonderful spread that was served up.

I am in love with the baby cutleries too!
And just for the records, 
I am looking for product sponsorship for baby weaning products.
Please drop us a email if you are keen to work together.

I don't take much desserts.
But I simply love how they look!
Instantly perks the soul up!

Aren't they Adorable?!?!?

It was getting late and I obviously missed my 2 gems at home.
So after, filling the tummy, I made a mad dash home.

Transportation were arranged for home bound.
Truly appreciated.
I feel like a Singapore Mom Blogger treated in Diva Style!

I came home to see both kids still wide awake 
waiting in anticipation for me to get home.

Philips Avent parting gift to us was this adorable bear by the name of Avery.

Sophia loves it to bits.
The only problem was, 
she renamed him.
Now his name is Philips.
and he joins the array of stuffed toys 
which occupied half of Sophia's queen size bed!

Thank you for the invitation.
We certainly enjoyed ourselves!

We are looking forward to review
the Comfort Manual Breast Pump & Natural Feeding bottles too!
(keep a look out for it)

Disclaimer: This is a series of advertorial posting 
between Philips Avent Singapore & Baby Hiroshi.
Views and opinions are 100% my own.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Wordful Wednesday {linky party}: Toothless Grin | Week 10

Hiroshi is 8.
And still has all his milk teeth intact.
I initially thought,
wow, we must have done a good job in protecting his milk teeth.
While most kids his age would have already gone through
the trauma of tooth loss at a much younger age!!

So when he came back from school telling me that he has a loose tooth,
I didn't think much of it.
I merely brushed him off and told him to see the school's dentist if he is in pain.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of dentist in Singapore.
School dentists are shared among several neighboring schools
So hence he was not able to see the dentist for the next couple of days
since the dentist is not available.

Till one fine day, 
I was sitting really close range to him during lunch.
He opens his mouth to complain
how it would hurt when he was chewing on his food. 
Seeing that the adult tooth was already fully grown behind the baby tooth
which are yet to be extracted!
I could have just died in shock.
It's overcrowding!!
It's like putting 6.9 million people in 1 dot. (pun intended!)

And half the time I was blaming myself how could I have not check on him!!!

I told him that he has to get that dentist to see him immediately.

He did as he was told.
He went back to school and told the dentist about the shaky tooth problem.
The dentist extracted 2 in go!

Now the little boy is a warrior
Declaring to everyone,
that he has lost his 2 lower front teeth to the dentist.

So since the lost of his tooth,
I asked if he was going to put his tooth under his pillow 
for the tooth fairy to come collect.
He told me straight in my face, 
"there is no such thing as the tooth fairy!!"
I asked him, "you sure?!?!?"
He replied, "are you going to give me money if I put the tooth under the pillow?"

I couldn't help it,
I just burst out laughing!
This little boy is so rational!!!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Smarkids Asia 2013 | Goodie Bag Giveaway!!

The long anticipated SmartKids Asia 2013 is finally here! 

SmartKids Asia, the World's LARGEST Educational Kids' Fair 
is a fun-filled family event where parents and children, 
0 -12 years of age can discover 
and experience educational stimulation and mind-expanding fun
through exciting interactive activities 
put together by 200 leading multinational 
and local organizations. 

This signature family event draws nearly 100,000+ parents and kids, 
with more than 100+ educational activities and learning programs 
that fulfills the cultural educational 
and social needs of all children in our community. 
Combined with Education, Healthcare and Family services, 
SmartKids Asia provides an ideal platform 
for parents to explore and focus on raising 
a well-rounded child who is well-balanced, healthy and happy.

Check out how much fun we had from
SmartKids Asia 2012.

SmartKids Asia 2013
is happening on 
15 - 17 March 2013 
at Singapore Expo Hall 5
Free Admission!

I believe they are the only few organizers that truly understand 
the definition of goodie bags! 
There will be 
It's 100% of PURE Goodness!!

Want to get your hands on one of these fabulous goodie bags?
Simply answer a simple question on 
to qualify!

We've got 4 Pure Goodness Goodie Bags to Giveaway.

Giveaway will end on 11 March 2013
2359hrs (GMT:+8)

See you at SmartKids Asia 2013!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Sponsored Food Review: Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

An American style casual dining
located conveniently at the heart of Orchard Road.

Beanstro Takashimaya
391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
Tel: 62351610
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday; 8am - 11pm

 I love the play of word, 
Instead of bistro, it became Beanstro.
Cozy Interior, 
Extremely Kiddy Friendly!

Plenty of hand-crafted beverages that left us spoilt for choices.
Garlic Butter Bread ($6.00)
 There was definately MORE than what you see here.
We could resist, 
everyone ended up "pinching" 
even before I could get a decent shot of it!!
Yummy, you could hear the crisp crackling sound in your ears 
when you sink your teeth into them!

Soup of the Day
Mushroom Soup ($8.00)
That is 1 really Big Bowl of Mushroom Soup
For the Records, Hiroshi finished it all by himself!!
That's just how much he loves mushroom soup.
In fact, he has that in school every single day!
Talk about being faithful!
However, I was expecting thick creamy mushroom soup.
But, this one seems is a little "runny"in my personal opinion.

Tuna Nicoise Salad ($19.00)
Again American Size
Not your usual salad. 
Tuna coated with sesame seed gave the tuna a whole new dimension

Caesar Salad ($13.00)
Since beanstro is a halal-certified restaurant,
the bacon you see here is turkey bacon.
We love it!
Less fattening and a healthier choice!

Sirlion Steak ($24.00)
I believe that sauce should be used to compliment a dish and not overwhelm it.
And in this case, the sauce was perfect. 
Either that, or perhaps, 
being Australlian grass fed cows made the difference!
I still could taste the real beefy taste.

I asked for it to be done medium rare.
It was done perfectly to my liking.
Brown on the outside and pinkish inside.

Vongole ($26.50)
Squid Ink Spaghetti with New Zealand littleneck clams.
Our votes were unanimous for this one.
We love it!
Chili padi added to this dish makes an interesting twist to boring old vongole.

 Seafood wrapped in Cartoccio ($26.00)
Fettuccine with spiny lobster, scallops & blue mussel in spicy tomato sauce 
wrapped in parchment paper.
Really fresh seafood cooked to perfection.
Plus the presentation of opening the parchment paper infront of my eyes,
I was already won over even before digging in!

I dunno what got into us.
We over did dessert!

Hiroshi had Chicago Cheesecake ($8.00)
Yes! The whole piece to himself again! 

Sophia opted for Warm Molton Chocolate Cake ($10.00)

Peach Mango Blended Swirl Yoghurt ($6.50)
The manager ordered this on behalf of the kids, 
because he thinks that the kids would like it.
He was right!
The kids absolutely loved it!
I swear they polished the cup real clean!!!

Tiramisu ($10.00)
The tiramisu I had in Italy when I was flying spoil market.
the rest seems to pale in comparison.

Creme Brulee ($10.00)
I had my 1st creme brulee in Paris.
I can still clearly remember the rich soft custard base 
topped against the contrasting layer of hard caramel,
It was definitely a match made in heaven!

That's my niece Joey who is staying with me 
while she waits out her "A" level results.
I thought that was a pretty good creme brulee, 
however Kitson thought otherwise.

It was definitely value for money.
Since everything came 

You can have breakfast at any time of the day at Beanstro!
And for the egg lovers,
be spoiled for choices.
Have your eggs the anyway you want them!

Breakfast Steak and Eggs ($19.00)

Classic Egg Benedict ($17.00)

Worthy of another visit.
Love the service rendered by the restaurant manager; Steven and his staffs.
Extremely pleasant dining experience!

BabyHiroshi was invited for a Food Tasting Session at Beanstro. 
Views and opinions are my own.