Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday Celebration: Happy Birthday MIL!

We had a good time in Desaru celebrating Mother-in-law's birthday....
The Lobsters from Jade Garden Seafood Corner
is worth the 2 hour ride up from Johor Baru!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Terrible Photographer!

I have not shot with my Nikon D70 for a long period of time!
And this has resulted to a perfect shot with
terrible OVER EXPOSURE......
The model is Great,
But the photographer obviously needed more work!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sophia lacing beads......

She got the works of it after showing it to her a couple of time....
I love the way she had to concentrate hard to get the beads in,
and she would also laugh herself silly when she drops the beads!
Sophia, you have never failed to amaze me all the time!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Slow Sunday.....

It puts hiroshi in a happy mood whenever he hangs put with his auntie!
Especially when we are having JUNK FOOD like Mos Burger!!

We also found the long lost courtesy campaign lion,
hanging out at Dhoby Ghuat mrt station!

Friday, May 22, 2009

2 more weeks!

2 more weeks to Sophia's 2nd birthday!
She is growing so fast!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A new experience: the GYM

Since Kitson has kindly volunteered to take care of the kids for a couple of hours,
I've decided to embark on an area of new discovery; the gym.....

I've never been to the gym!

And since Ivy is currently with Amore,
I suppose it is better to be embarrassed in front of your own sister
than any other random strangers, right?!?!?!?!?

That's my sister Ivy,
A vast difference from me...
Super Fit hor!

Personal Trainer that tortured me for the day!

Sakae Sushi for Lunch
Darn, wasted my work-out by pigging out again!

I've learnt that it is not difficult to operate the exercise equipments,
it's nice to be able to run on a treadmill,
in an fully air conditioned environment
while watching television at the same time!

And I sucks at Pilates...
It's just not my cup of tea!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A trip to the dentist.....

I love visiting the dentist in school when I was a little girl....
That gives me time off from attending boring classes...
and I've always secretly hope that it's Chinese lessons they interrupt!!

My mum makes me brush me teeth gazillion times a day!
And the vainpot in me enjoys staring at my own reflection
while getting my teeth brushed......
And furthermore,
I am naturally blessed with a very good set of teeth!
So you see,
I've really got nothing to fear about going to the dentist at all!

But, when I became a young working adult,
hectic work lifestyles & laziness sets in
and I started neglecting my teeth.....

I've only started to see the dentist again
when I started working for SIA.
And I swear in my life,
It was a truly bad experience!
It was painful for all I can remember...
And the dentist refuse to even stop
when he see tears streaming out of my eyes!

Needless to say, I stayed away from dental clinics
and anyone who told me that they were dentist by profession!

Recently, it was by chance
that Kitson found a good dentist at Hougang Mall
and strongly urge me to have my teeth looked at someday....

He booked the appointment on my behalf and made sure I went for it....

I would say that sitting on the dentist chair made me worried,
the noisy dental equipments elevated my fear of the dentist all over again!
BUT, I had to stay brave for my lil Hiroshi
who was watching the whole procedure on a chair at the corner of the room....

Hiroshi must have felt the same about dentist....
Scary people behind masks!!

Some funky shades that changed his views....

That's me with my sparkling teeth.....

I had no regrets visiting this dentist.
She is really professional!
Will be going back again and again!

Our New Bathtub!

Kitson is very good with innovative ideas like this!

Since the baby bath tub is getting too small for BOTH kids to have fun in it,
Kitson got them an Inflatable Boat for a Bathtub!


Oh well,
Bath time will never be the same again when you got such a creative daddy!

Who's that Frankenstine?!?!?

Back Posting: 14 May 2009

It's Hiroshi!!!

The culprit: Oreo Cookies!!!

I have never allowed the kids to munch on Oreo for snacks....
(or any crackers with sweet fillings....)
So when Hiroshi saw it in the birthday party pack one day,
He was overjoyed!
And insisted on having it!

The Happy OREO Cookie Monster Face!

Nyonya Food: Spare Rib in Preserved Soy Bean Soup

Back Posting: 13 May 2009

The preserved soy bean definately added a new diamension to this soup!
I love it!
Will cook it again and again and again!

Steam Pork with Penang Salted Fish

Road Trip to Malaysia (Part 3)......

Battle of the Penang Tau Sa Piah

Although Mother-in-law kept insisting on the brand Ghee Hiang,
we still drove by Kim Hiang to give it a fair trial!

Unfortunately, my final verdicts stands along side with my mother-in-law....
Ghee Hiang does taste a tinge better!
Might be the individual "4 tau sa piah in a pack" packaging
that allow it to retain its freshness better.

My MIL swears by the sesame oil from Ghee Hiang too!

~Travelling Up to Ipoh~

Instead of using the penang bridge,
Kitson took us on a ferry!
Yep... The CAR on the FERRY!!!
I've never travelled this way......
But, I thought it was a great experience!
The kids loved it too!

We took the opportunity to visit Kitson's Auntie & Uncle....


Hiroshi & Sophia learning to appreciate chinese tea in a vegetarian Restaurant
before travelling up to KL....

We met up with Donny and was treated to buffet at shogun @ Sunway Pyramid!
Great Oyster but Terrible Sashimi!

First and foremost,

"Being a mother is one of the highest salaried jobs...
since the payment is pure love."

~Travelled down to Malacca~
We were there for nyonya food again!
But, unfortunately, NO PICTURES!
We were too hungry and globbled down our food!

Nevertheless, I am still excited!
I've got a brand new set of Sarong Kebaya.....
But, I am waiting for a speical occasion to reveal it...
*wink wink*

~Travelling up to JB~
Rushing back to JB in time to enjoy Mother's Day Dinner
with Sister-in-law, Peggy and her family.....

Great Food + Great Company = Great Night Out!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Road Trip to Malaysia (Part 2)......

Travelling upwards to Ipoh,
Kitson's hometown...

I love eating in Malaysia!
Good Food, Good Price!!
If I had not remember this wrongly,
This dinnier only costed us 70rm!

Dinner at Laut Wong Kok With Sister-in-law Linda

I love Nyonya Food so much that I can even take it for breakfast!!
Bee Giak Dinning Place & Buffet Catering
is conviniently located next to our hair stylist!
Yummy Good Food!
Worth every penny!

Time for a Hair Cut!!
Sophia took it better this time round.
She volunteer to have her hair cut and stayed poised throughout it!

We had nice desert @ All Inn Cafe after the Hair Cut.
6 different desert, in 6 slow cookers,
I learnt from the boss that the flavours 0f the desert changes everyday!

20, 26 Medan Bendahara 2,
Off Jln Leong Tian, 31650
Ipoh, Perak

~Travelling Upwards to Penang~

We asked a local where to find the find the Best Chendol in town,
He replied that the one in Penang Road is suppose to be FAMOUS!!
And when we asked him where we could find the Best Penang laksa in town,
He said the one in Air Hitam, next to the market....
But he also commented that the one in Penang Road,
coffee shop next to the famous chendol is also NOT BAD!

We did not manage to try out the Penang Laksa at Air Hitam.
All Food featured in this slideshow is from Penang Road.

In my personal opinion,
the chendol is TERRIBLE!
Too watery, not lemak enough,
and I can't even taste the fragrant gula melacca!!!

However on the other hand,
the food in the nearby coffeeshop has far exceeded my expectation!!
for Penang Laksa & Prawn Noodles!
The rest are only so-so nia!!

Maybe someday we'll go try out
that famous Penang Laksa from Air Hitam!!
But, till then I'll be contented with this one I've found!

Dinner was Japanese food from Queensbay Mall
Nippon Yataimura
Fabulous food, Good price!

To Be Continued.....

Road Trip to Malaysia......

Back Posting: 02 May 2009 to 10 May 2009

I believe that our family are fantastic travellers.
We do not plan extensively for a trip,
we just do what we want to do and go with the flow......
which is so much more relaxing & less stressful!

Afterall, that is what a holiday should be!

We covered JB, KL, Ipoh, Penang & Malacca in 9 days!!!
What an accomplishment!

I personally like Ba Kut Teh with heavier herbal taste,
rather than the pepperish ones they serve in Singapore!
I've stayed away from this dish for a couple of years
due to pregnancy and breastfeeding,
but, my mind has never stray far from it!
Whenever I stop by KL,
I would crave for a yummy pot of Ba Kut Teh,
especially this one from 金牛!

However, I am slightly disappointed this time round.
The herbal taste wasn't as pungent as I remember it to be.
And, I was drowning myself with tons of water after that!
I wonder if it was laden with MSG!

295 Jln Merdeka,
Kg. Baru Ampang,
68000 Sel
Tel: 0163112296

Since I got so gila about Nyonya Food,
my sister-in-law Irene brought me for a good meal at Tangung Bunga.

Food was fantastic!
We had to carry our big fat bellies
out of the restaurant at the end of the night!

When I first tried thunder rice in Singapore,
I simply cannot understand why people would Q up for horrible food,
and allow such businesses to survive in Singapore!

However Restaurant Ho Boh in Puchong changed my mind!

The generous finely sliced vegetables
and thick soup makes this thunder rice a winner!
A must try!
I am just hoping they would open up in Singapore
so that we do not have to drive 5 hours up for thunder rice!!

Restaurant Ho Boh21A,
Jalan TK 1/11A, Taman Kinrara,
Seksyen 1, Jalan Puchong, Batu 7 1/2,
47100 Puchong Selangor

We thought it would be a good idea for the old folks,
which is my MIL & Gu Ma to meet up.
And we were right, they had a great time chatting and catching up.
Lunch was at Yips Kitchen at Sunway Pyramid.
Other than good food,
there was another attraction in this restaurant!

They had a staff singing at the front door to attract customers!
And it's not even William Hung!
His guy has a great voice!!
He even writes and composes his own songs!
My hope is for him to be discovered and hopefully be famous someday!
He deserves it!

The Singer's favourite Song...

The song that was written and composed by the singer

Dinner was at Puchong Ocean Ship Seafood Restaurant.
We had to combat the scary KL traffic Jam to get to this place,
and thank God, it was all worth it!
Great food!
Especially the fried pork intestine!
I know it sounded absolutely disgusting,
BUT, seriously, it's a MUST TRY!!

To Be Continued....

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

家有囍事- Daphne & Armand (KL)

Back Posting: 3 may 2009

Dinner was held at Sunway Resort hotel.
Everything was beautiful,
from food to ambience to the company,
everything was just PERFECTO!

The reception area....

"when will it be my turn?!?!?"

Family picture at the reception area....

Hiroshi with the radiant bride!

with the bridesmaids, Ruth & Peggy

The bride & her mum
Happy people with happy smiles!

The world is so small!!
I believe that Ray & Crystina might know this "Uncle Roy"
who is the brother of the father in law....

The newly weds with the melting ice sculpture

Thank you card from the couple.
The couple's speech from Singapore to KL are wonderful....
It has never fail to bring a tear to my eyes!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

家有囍事- Daphne & Armand (Singapore)

Back Posting: 1 May 2009

It's been a crazy week for me...
But, It's all worth it!

My 'lil' niece is getting hitched!!

This is the most powerful cupcakes I have made so far!!
Carrot cake with chilli padi & wasabi frosting!
And that's just one of the 4 "breakfast" items
for the groom & his entourage!!
They also had
lemon sour plum popsical,
ling yang with bitter gourd jelly,
& concentrated rose syrup!!

The happy groom whom got through the girls at the door!
Good job guys!!

Look at the love in their eyes!

A kiss for grandma before leaving for Traders Hotel
for tea ceremony with the in laws....

After tea ceremony in Traders Hotel....
Waiting to get back to the bride's place....

Back in the bride's place for tea ceremony...
Cousins United!!

Off to the church wedding....
Sophia is the flower girl & Hiroshi is the page boy
They performed beautifully!
A vast difference from the rehearsals we had!
Praise the Lord!!
I'll upload the video as soon as I get it....
Just keep a look out for it!
(and btw, I made Sophia's dress!
So cute isn't it!!)

These cupcakes kept me up 3 days, 3 night!
Thank God Kitson was ever so understanding and patient
to take care of the kids for me....

I made 100 cupcakes!
Flavor ranges from
dark chocolate cupcake with chocolate rum ganache,
to espresso chocolate fudge cupcake with mocha frosting,
to carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!
And thank God it was a HIT!!
(Oh well, at least no one complained that it was too sweet
or start scraping off the delicious frosting!!!!)

Everything you see here is DIY,
that includes the gumpaste roses,
& cupcake stand!!

It took me 30 mins to craft 1 gumpaste rose!

I love the cupcake stand!
Very elegant, classic and out of the norm!

The kids goofing around after the church wedding!

My lil charmer with is his hush puppy look!
"oh please mummy, can I have some of that?!?"

Dinner was held at Traders Hotel

A perfect match!

Cousin Danry who came back from HongKong....

The look so alike!
I swear!
Everyone says that!

Red seems to be the theme colour of the night!

The overjoyed parent of the bride!

With an old friend, Kelvin the photographer....

The Photographer Kelvin,
and the Videographer Christopher....
Both very talented people!!!

I stumble straight into bed,
and had a fantastic good night sleep!
It's finally a wrap!
Part 2 in Kl is coming up soon!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Missing In Action....

It's been a crazy week!
And I am currently in KL!!!!

We'll taking a holiday in Malaysia
from 2nd May till 10th May 2009.

I'll try to update this lil spot whenever possible.
Till then, Take Care!