Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nyonya Food: Gulai Lemak Nanas

Pineapple Curry with Prawns

I am not contented with the end result!
It's not spicy, 
not tangy,
and my prawns are overcooked!

That's for following BLINDLY to the darn recipe!!
Hopefully, it will turn out better the next time I attempt this dish.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nyonya Food: 3 Course Dinner (",)

Hu Peow Th'ng
(Dried Fish Maw Soup)
This is the first time I am dealing with fish maw.
I love the sound of it crackling when it is soaked in water....
But, it is freaking expensive!!
S$20 for a mere 50g of fish maw!!

Fresh Anchovy Fry Omelette
A simple fare, quick and easy, no big fuss!

Ikan Cencaru Sumbat
The sambal stuffed inside the slits 
add an interesting twist to boring fried fish!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Ruben's Baby Shower

It's been a long time since I carried a new born in my own arms
22 months to be exact,
Since the birth of Sophia....

When I carried Baby Ruben 
a couple of beautiful thoughts came to my mind....
Firstly, the smell of new born,
why do they always smell so nice?!?!?!?
Secondly, the delicate & smooth skin,
I swear it is as soft as cotton candy!
And finally, the size,
They are so small!!
Maybe that's God's intention,
so that we as loving adults 
will protect and love it with what we have....

Charles & Erica!

I personally felt that handmade gifts are the best gift,
because they were made with someone in mind.

I made a couple of items for Baby Ruben,
1: Sun Hat
2: Taggie Hankie
3: Baby Bootie
4: Lavender Scented Sleepy Bunny Stuff Toy,
with rice pillow insert, 
that can be heated up in the microwave 
and use as a heat pack.
5: Baby Bib

Hopefully my gifts will come in useful....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I was fetching Kitson from the airport 
and happen to chance upon a beautiful landscape at terminal 2.
The flowers were glowing in a beautiful golden yellow colour.
I casually ask, I wonder what flowers are these....
Kitson replied, "跳舞女花!" (in Cantonese)
I went "YAH RIGHT!"
(what do guys know about flowers right!!)
But upon closer examination,
It does resembles the dress of a dancer!!

And when I did an internet search,
I found out that Kitson was RIGHT!
These are commonly known as dancing ladies,
Scientific name is Oncidium Gower Ramsey.
They are apparently among the most popular and easiest 
to maintain orchid in the world!

Amazing that my hubby knows so much about flowers!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

With a pinch of salt.....

often meant to listen to a story or explanation 
with considerable doubt...

Even their restaurant tag line says,
"it's only a cafe, don't take it so seriously!"

So you might expect the place 
to be really shoddy and service to be totally crappy!

But, I was taken aback!
In fact, the place was very kiddy friendly,
The colourful paintings on the walls & tables
will brighten any dark gloomy day you had at work....

They even have FREE WIFI in the restaurant!
Isn't that so cool!

And the food was GREAT!!

A contented Sophia with Uncle Ray & Auntie Crystina    

We'll definitely be back for more!

297 Tanjong Katong Road,
Singapore 437080
Tel: 6348 2297

I've been busy.....

First & Foremost,
I'll like to express my apologies to friends & relatives 
who have been "ignored" on Msn or Skype....

I've been busy with this.....

kasut Manet


I've started this project on 17.03.09,
and that was my effort till 23.03.09!

It is going to take me some time to complete this project,
but, I am already looking forward to wearing kasut manek 
crafted by my very own pair of hands....

Auntie Judy,
thank you for sharing so selflessly!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nyonya Food: Pork Steamed with Salted Egg

I have a misconception about this dish....
I have always thought of it as a Cantonese dish!!
Something that my auntie will whip up 
at the back of her hand if she was running late to cook a meal....

When I saw this recipe in the Nyonya Cook Book I was delighted!
Finally something simple, 
that does not require me to FINELY slice or shred anything, 
neither did I had to carry that heavy pounding stone 
out from the storeroom,
nor stain my hands and fingers 
with that crazy funky shade of yellow turmeric......

A simple meal done under 30 mins!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

家有喜事: 干妈出嫁

Working in Shu Uemura was one of the best experiences I had.
I forged new friendship
which lasted till this very day!
Teresa was an ex colleague that watched Hiroshi grew.
She watched as my amazing tummy expand 
day after day to accommodate the ever so charming Hiroshi....
She had to give in to my terrible food cravings,
and never ending lunch/ supper request
and grow FAT with me......
She makes the right candidate to be Hiroshi's 干妈!!

And after 11 years of dating,
She is finally going to marry the man of her life, John!!

Hiroshi was invited to JUMP and ROLL 
on the newly wed's bed.....
But, the shy lil boy just stood rooted on the ground 
deep in thoughts,
"I thought mummy said it is rude to jump on other people's bed?!?"
Group Shot at Teresa's Place

Sophia & Hiroshi showing off 
the ang bao they got from Teresa

Registry of Marriage was done 
at the Villa of Beaufort Hotel, Sentosa
And I am wearing the kebaya 
that I've inherited from my mother-in-law.....
I think this kebaya must have been about 40 years old!!
But, it still look good!

Wedding Dinner was held 
at the ballroom of Beaufort Hotel, Sentosa

2 more ex colleague
Nora & Sophia

Sophia had FUN!

Hiroshi had FUN too!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Educational Tour to Central Fire Station

Frankly speaking, I've never been to a fire station. 
Neither did I thought that I could visit one on my own. 
So, when Margie suggested on bringing the kids 
to the fire station for an educational tour, 
I was a little apprehensive about it. 
How could you visit a place where it is full of buzzing activities!?!?! 
Where life & death is just split seconds away!?!? 

I remain skeptical, 
until I reached the fire station 
and confirmed with an official 
that there is indeed such a tour going on!

I am such a mountain turtle loh!

Central Fire Station

Still Central Fire Station
I was just trying to be arty farty!
BTW, there is where the fire engines come out from!

Heritage Gallery
Pretty educational, brings you back to the past.....

Hiroshi in a Fire Engine

Hiroshi playing with a Water Spray Gun
Dear son, that not a M16!! (-_-)"'

Hiroshi trying on the Fire Fight Hose

Hiroshi on the Civil Defence Bike

Fire Engine with Electronic Ladder
The highest it would go is 11 storey high....
Which leaves me a little worried...
I stay 16th floor leh!
I trap there who save me arr?!?!

Best of all,
it is FREE to visit the fire station!
Mai Tu Liao!!
Go week after week 
until the kids are sick of seeing that shiny red truck!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sophia's Playground Challenge

Every time Sophia sees Hiroshi doing something,
she wants to do the same as well.....
~Sam Seng in the making~

With Love, from Abu Dhabi

Back Posting: 5th March 2009

Kitson's niece; Winnie 
who is working for Etihad flew in from Abu Dhabi....
It's been quite sometime since I last saw her in Singapore....

Since she wanted to go to Diaso
we met up at IMM....
And I think IMM has the BIGGEST Diaso!!

Hiroshi goofing around with hats in Diaso

Having tea break at a hong kong cafe outside Diaso
*extremely rare* Smiley Sophia, Sister-in-law Irene, & Winnie

Next up, 
we went to Perla's Pastry Boutique.....
if you think that sounded very fancy and up market,
you are completely right about that!

As we opened the doors,
catchy italian music fills the air to greet us....

The owner, Valtunlina Valevtino 
promptly helped us with our cake selections....

We had to try this one out 
since Alice raved about the cakes over and over again.
If it wasn't for all the fats and calories count,
I bet you, she will be there all day and night for cakes!

We got the best selling cakes:

Torta Valentino

Chantilly Al Cioccolato Bianco

And if you are really observant,
you'll see "Happy Belated Birthday" on both cakes!
We were just finding good excuses 
to shove yummy cakes into our tummy!

We celebrated Sister-in-law Irene birthday
which is like a week ago,
and we also celebrated Chris Lee's birthday,
which is like a month ago!!
Now I don't feel so guilty,
nor do I feel that I've committed 
one of the 7 deadly sins; Gluttony!!
We had 2 cakes for a PERFECTLY good REASON!!

Both cakes tasted great.
But, I like the chocolate one better!

Pasticceria Da Valentino
7 Jalan Bingka
Tel: 6462 2247

And since Chris Lee clinched a good deal at work,
We were treated dinner at Crystal Jade; Vivo City.

Belated Birthday Girl & Boy
with baby Thomas

Winnie brought a bottle of Rose Wine

It's my first time trying rose wine,
tasted nice and smooth!
The colour pink makes it so pretty!

Back Posting: 10th March 2009

Dinner at Lao Beijing; Plaza Singapura

Sisters & Brother

Sister in law Peggy, Winnie, Hiroshi & Alice

We had a great time hanging out!
Winnie, Please come back soon!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spreche Sie Deutsch?!?

Do you speak german?!?
Ya, I spreche nur ein bisschen deutsch...
*Yes, I only speak a little german*

 I learnt to speak german 
through Goethe-Instittut many donkey years ago,
when I was still flying for Singapore Airlines.....

Time flies!
It has been 5 years since I quit the airline.

Frankly speaking,
And I clearly cannot understand 
why some people who are in the job are bitching about it!

Kitson recently attended his german refresher course,
I brought the kids to visit their daddy in school....

Happy Kids

Happy Hour after School!!

Leaving you with this German Songs Kitson learnt in class
I like it, very catchy!!!

Das Alles ist Deutschland

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Educational Weekend @ JB

 humble eatery along the streets of "ah gua lane",
right before the nearly run down Shell Petrol Station....
TUA THOW which literately mean big head 
was where we had our hearty breakfast.

My soupy bee hoon with
Fish slices, Pork Kidney, Pork liver, Oysters
only cost me 7RM!!!

Next up was a day of learning adventure,
First stop, Mushroom Farm

The Kampung House 
The owner build this using his spare time after work,
which often meant from 9pm to 1am!!
There were even intricate wood carving done by the owner himself!
A hammock swinging with playful children 
was seen under the house held up on stilts.
It's a beautiful sight!

Oyster Mushrooms
Thou the room was dark,
the only light source we got was from the opened doorway....
You could smell the fresh mushroom scent!
I swear it seems like someone 
was trying to cook up a big pot of mushroom soup!

Processed & Sterilized Sawdust 
used to grow mushrooms

In The Process of Cultivation

The harvest of fresh mushrooms 
ready to be sold or imported

It's the Kampung Spirit!
The owners took out their Kuali,
deep fry some delicious plump oyster mushrooms 
with special sauce for our tasting!
*Thumbs up*

I know this is going to sound absurd!
I've never seen a rubber tree up close!!
This is the first time ever.....
Isn't it amazing what we can get from nature?!?

Kampung Chicken 
allowed to roam freely.....

Looks like cherry blossom?!?!
Unfortunately not,
It's water apple!

There were also passion fruit on the farm,
but I did not manage to get a good picture of it.....

Second stop,
Chicken Farm

You can smell it from a mile!
The smell of chicken POO!

Chickens in a row living in 
Cheapskate overpriced HDB style property!!!!
*I could feel that they are staging Chicken Run soon!!!*

I know this makes me sound very Mountain Turtle....
But, this is also my first time seeing a cocoa tree!!!!
YES, you get your Yummy Godiva Chocolate from these trees!!!

Someone has been cleaning eggs in this lil make shift station

The size sorting machine....
Way Cool!
The noisy machine was so gentle that
no eggs were harmed in the process of sorting!

The nicely sorted out eggs ready to be sold in the market

We manage to make
Passion Fruit Cheese Cake
from all the fresh product we got from the farms!

Before baking

Cheese Cake for Tea Break

Dinner @ 有記XO Duck
Apart from the usual food we normally order,
we tried 3 new dishes.....
Claypot fish slices,
Claypot fatty Pork,
and Assam Fish.....

Everything tasted GREAT!

If I had to choose a favourite dish for the night,
It has to be the Assam Fish...
It was tangy and sour....
Perfect for my taste buds....
But, Kitson felt that the sourish taste was too overwhelming....

Signs of a Satisfied Meal!!

You could hardly miss out on this restaurant,
as there are 2 extremely GIANT URN right in front of it!
These pots are used for making the trademark double boil soup.....
In my opinion, nice, but overpriced!

Main Branch
93, Jln. Pendekar 2,T.U.T.A, 81300 Skudai 
Tel: 07-554 3879

Other Branches:
83-83A, Dedap 7, Tmn. Johor Jaya, 81100 JB
Tel: 07-355 5037