Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blessed with Wonderful Kids!

My heart melts upon reading this wonderful note from Hiroshi.

Sophia's thoughtful message which says, 
"I m glad that u are out baby."

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Arrival of Baby Bear......

You know how you would take long car rides
with the kids going 
"are we there yet?!?!?!?"
every other minute situation?
Ours lasted for 9 months.....
9 months is an awfully long time for kids to countdown to!

But needless to say,
when the BIG DAY came,
The kids are MAD EXCITED to meet their little brother!!!

(1) Both kids deeply engross in doing something important.....
(2) Hiroshi's note to the gyne; Dr Christoper Chong.
It reads, "Thank you for taking my baby out! From Isaac
(3) Hiroshi's love note to his little brother.
It reads, " Dear Baby, You know how (much) I love (you). From Isaac
(4) Sophia's love note to Baby Bear
Not too sure what it said, 
but it has the words "Dear Baby", "Love" and "Sophia" on it.... :)

First Glimpse of Baby Bear
I had the best team in the operating theater. 
Brilliant gyne Dr. Christopher Chong, 
Awesome anesthetician Dr. Thomas. 
But, nothing beats the thrill of seeing honeybear 
beaming with joy when he witness the birth of Baby Bear......

 The Proud Grandma, Overjoyed Father and Excited Siblings!
(while I was still getting stitched up.....)

Happy Parents Once Again

(1) Baby Bear's 1st ang bao from Grandma Carol
(2) Honeybear, Baby Bear & Sophia; the Newly Promoted BIG Sister!!
(3) Baby Bear & Auntie Ivy
(4) Baby Bear & Jing Ting Jie Jie
(5) Baby Bear & Grandma Carol
(6) Honeybear, Baby Bear and Hiroshi; the Newly Promoted Bigger brother!!

Thank you God
for the uneventful pregnancy
and safe delivery!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hospital Bag for C-section Birthing @ Gleneagles Hospital (Singapore)

*sings*"All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go......"

Hospital bag all packed and on "standby" mode......

What's in my bag:
(Important Documents)
1. Identification Card
2. Admission Letter
3. Marriage Certification, if you intend to register your new baby's birth certification on the spot......

(For a comfortable stay at the hospital)
1. Toiletries, thou the hospital does provide a tiny complimentary pouch of toiletries, I prefer to use a brand that I am comfortable with....
2. Nursing wear
3. Breast feeding friendly bras
4. Breast pads
5. Loop maternity sanitary pads, thou the hospital does provide 1 pack. From my prior experiences, it is not enough.
6. High waist cotton panties. I know this will look like crap! But, at least they are freaking comfortable......
7. Some disposal panties, just in case you soiled those crappy lookin cotton ones.
8. Super duper long night adhesive sanitary pads..... I could never figure out how to use those loop sanitary pads! And I prefer adhesive with wings for added security, when I am good enough to walk out of bed to clean myself or home going....
9. Nursing Tea
10. Themos Flask for Nursing Tea
11. Simple makeup so that you can still look your best when visited by friends! With the current "everything also post on facebook" era, I'll rather not skim on this part and get horrible picture of myself posted on social media!!!
12. Flip flops for ease of moving ard the hospital or your room.....

(Technology we can't live without)
1. Laptop & Charger
2. Card Reader
3. Mobile Phone & Charger
4. Camera & Charger

(Bribery gifts for the Older Siblings)
1. Don't forget the new baby's gift to the older siblings.......

(Home Coming for Mums)
1. One set of comfortable home coming clothes.

(Home Coming for New Baby)
1. Romper
2. Hat
3. Mittens
4. Booties
5. Receiving Blanket

*mad excited*
8 more days till we greet our latest family member!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maternity Photographs by Episode Photography

"If you have it, Flaunt it!"

I am definitely not talking about 
big bust lines, sexy butts or "airbrushed" abs...

I am talking about the wonderful miracle that took me 9 months to grow;
My Baby BUMP!

While some older folks shun 
at the idea of a pregnant women showing off her baby bumps, 
I totally applaud it!

In the first place, 
why hide something that is so 

And since photography was the best way to preserve memories,
I was on the hunt to look for THE perfect photographer to do the job.

I knew in the very first instant how I wanted my photographs to be.
I needed a photographer who is able to:
1. Celebrate my Pregnancy
2. Capture the LOVE between Kitson & Myself
3. And last but not least, 
Portray the JOY that we have in our family with our 2 other kids; 
Hiroshi & Sophia.

My search brought me to 
And I am pleased to say that I am satisfied 
because not only were all my criteria met, 
the pictures turned out way beyond what I could have asked for!

Let the Pictures do the Talking:

The Drama-mama In Me
I swear this pictures got the most likes on facebook!

I love this one to the MAX!
Thou my evil cousins says that it looked too COY to be me.
 I was taken by surprise how the photographer; John 
was able to "work" Kitson & the Kids 
for this amazing shot!
Dun cha wish your daddy was Fun like that?!?! 

Kitson & Myself Celebrating Our 9 months of miracle;
Baby Bear

*Love makes a Family*

This is Kitson's Favorite Picture.
I reckon because this looks like 
one of the top 50s richest on Times Magazine cover
and the demure pregnant wife by his side.

And as for me,
I am just glad that I found the right person to do the right job!

These Beautiful Pictures would serve us 
as Loving Memories 
for many many years,
even till the time dementia hits me.

And my sincere advice to moms-to-be or dads-to-be
who are still on the fence about maternity photography,
If you missed this golden opportunity, 
there is really no turning back of time.
It's really well worth it!

All Pictures are Taken by:
John from Episode Photography

Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Ins and Outs of Parent Volunteering.....

I often get strange remarks whenever I do a "check in" on facebook 
at Hiroshi's school under the status update of Parent Volunteering....

Well, I don't blame people for such remarks.... 
Afterall, I could safely bet a dime that Singapore is the only country 
that as such absurd scheme in which a parent could volunteer their time 
(reads: at least 40 hrs) 
in order for a prioritized chance 
to get their kids into the school of choice. 
(And we are often talking about popular prestige school here!)

I am honestly not against the scheme at all. 
But, soon after parents get their kids into the school of their choice..... 
Sadly, the volunteering ends as well....

I personally feel that parent volunteering is far more important  
after the child enters the school 
rather than before.

The fact is, I've been "actively" volunteering at Hiroshi's school on an adhoc basis. 
And I truly enjoyed the experience.

Hiroshi has always been eager to show me off to his school mates 
whenever I volunteer 
and that often leaves his friends green with envy. 
As a parent, we are always constantly proud of our kid's achievements.
But, how often is this role reversal being played out 
of your child being so proud of you?!?!?