Monday, August 27, 2012

The Arrival of Baby Bear......

You know how you would take long car rides
with the kids going 
"are we there yet?!?!?!?"
every other minute situation?
Ours lasted for 9 months.....
9 months is an awfully long time for kids to countdown to!

But needless to say,
when the BIG DAY came,
The kids are MAD EXCITED to meet their little brother!!!

(1) Both kids deeply engross in doing something important.....
(2) Hiroshi's note to the gyne; Dr Christoper Chong.
It reads, "Thank you for taking my baby out! From Isaac
(3) Hiroshi's love note to his little brother.
It reads, " Dear Baby, You know how (much) I love (you). From Isaac
(4) Sophia's love note to Baby Bear
Not too sure what it said, 
but it has the words "Dear Baby", "Love" and "Sophia" on it.... :)

First Glimpse of Baby Bear
I had the best team in the operating theater. 
Brilliant gyne Dr. Christopher Chong, 
Awesome anesthetician Dr. Thomas. 
But, nothing beats the thrill of seeing honeybear 
beaming with joy when he witness the birth of Baby Bear......

 The Proud Grandma, Overjoyed Father and Excited Siblings!
(while I was still getting stitched up.....)

Happy Parents Once Again

(1) Baby Bear's 1st ang bao from Grandma Carol
(2) Honeybear, Baby Bear & Sophia; the Newly Promoted BIG Sister!!
(3) Baby Bear & Auntie Ivy
(4) Baby Bear & Jing Ting Jie Jie
(5) Baby Bear & Grandma Carol
(6) Honeybear, Baby Bear and Hiroshi; the Newly Promoted Bigger brother!!

Thank you God
for the uneventful pregnancy
and safe delivery!!!


Madeline Heng said...

Congrats Irene! Baby bear so cute!!!! :)

Adora said...

congratulations!!!! you steady la. immediately after birth already can lie down to nurse!

looking great for a new mum :)

Ronda said...

So precious! Congratulations to you and your family on this beautiful baby.
Many blessings to you all.

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Madeline: Thanks babe... Now I am zombie-fied. every 2 hours feeding...

Adora: Still on after effects of epidural.... Don't feel a thing leh....

Ronda: Thank you very much.....