Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Winners of "what to you expect when expecting" Movie Tickets Giveaway

First and Foremost,
Big Hearty Thank You 
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No. 08 : Jo Wang
No. 13: Cher
No. 17: FoodieFC
No. 19: Lexelle
No. 21: Kc
No. 26: Illumine7
No.28: Porky
No. 43: Eugenia

Winners have been notified via email.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Letting Kids Grow at their Own Pace.....

When Hiroshi was attending Kindergarten,
I am always under great pressure 
from his teachers calling me every other day 
telling me that Hiroshi is not able to read, write & count. 
(and to add salt to wound......) 
The rest of his classmates COULD!

I did my part, 
the best I could.
Although people said that parents are the best teachers to their child,
I could only agree  partly to this statement.
I think I am a horrible teacher when it comes to 
teaching reading, writing and counting!
And I live with guilt till this very day!

Every session of drilling would evolve me into 
the "scarier than the monster under the bed" monster.
That was just how helpless I was feeling at that point of time!

I am thankful that parenting is not just a one man show.
Kitson stepped in and told me that I was too harsh on a mere 5 year old kid.
And that WE, ourselves only really started reading, writing and counting 
at a much much older age during our time,
and we both turned out fine.

I eventually grown immune from the complains I got from school.
And allowed him to grow at his own pace.

I am pleasantly SURPRISED that at the age of 7 
he is finally reading like the rest of his peers!
And the beauty of it all is that he actually enjoys reading!

And for parents who are constantly tearing their hair apart 
because of your child's academic achievement. 
Let this post be a constant reminder that all kids grow at different pace.
And as parents, we can only do so much..... 
So let's stop beating ourselves over it!!

Happy Parenting!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

*SURPRISE SURPRISE* The Makings of Baby Bear.....

Guess What?!?!?!
We've got Good News to Share!!!

Baby no. 3 is on the way!!!

Akan Datang

It's a BOY!!

I am really glad we took the plunge to plan for baby bear.
Comparing to the other 2 pregnancies,
this one is really one of a kind.
I've never been this sick in the other 2 pregnancies
till I was so dehydrated that drips were required.
(well, that also explains my long absence from updating this spot)
But, Still, I am grateful it happened.

With Hiroshi & Sophia being at this age
of totally understanding the whole concept of 
having another sibling on the way.

I've got Hiroshi constantly asking about the baby's welfare. 
It was amazing how much interest he has about how Baby Bear's growth. 
Constantly checking my "babycenter" mobile apps 
for developmental milestones and watching videos. 
I swear he is even more updated than Kitson!!!

And as for Sophia, 
She is more than ready to be the Older Sister.
Constantly reading, talking and singing to baby bear.

And I am definitely enjoying the bonding time 
between Hiroshi, Sophia, & Baby Bear. 
The familiar feeling of Baby Bear kicking 
brings back many beautiful memories of the other 2 pregnancies. 
I am looking forward to motherhood all over again.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Disney Channel Platypus Day

Disney Channel is celebrating TV’s most popular semi-aquatic mammal on the planet- Perry the Platypus- by creating a special day just for him!

As part of the Platypus Day celebrations on May 12,
the Disney Channel will broadcast a 7-hour marathon
of the favourite Phineas and Ferb series,
including the premiere of a Perry-rific episode
“Perry The Actor-pus/Remains of a Platypus”.

In the lead-up to Platypus Day in Singapore,
Disney Channel mobilised more than 200 children aged between 7-15
to take part in a flash mob with a difference
at Ngee Ann City on 28 April.

The children danced to the moves of the “Platypus Walk”
- quirky steps they learnt
via Disney Channel Asia’s website:
The “Platypus Walk”, featuring the young Singaporeans,
will be shown on the channel as part of the day’s celebrations.

The flash mob was a special attraction along the bustling Orchard Road,
catching the attention of curious bystanders.

So, remember to tune in to the festivities of Platypus Day
this Saturday, 12 May,
from 9am-4pm,
only on the Disney Channel (StarHub Channel 312).

You can also catch 
Phineas and Ferb 
everyday at 9.30am and 6pm-7pm.

Kids dancing to the tune of "Platypus Walk" in KL.
I totally love Flash Mobs!!!
Hopefully, Someday I can be part of it,
thou I have to admit,
I really can't dance for nuts!!