Sunday, March 27, 2011

Serangoon NEX; KidzPlay, Water Play Park

This is certainly not the first time we've been to NEX,
but it is the first time I am blogging about it.....

I've got a love, hate relationship with this place!
I simply love the rooftop.
"Located on the rooftop of nex is SkyGarden, 
a fun-filled family hub incorporating a dog park and KidzPlay, 
a children's playground with dry and wet interactive play equipment. 
(Mainly WET really...)
K9 Park is Singapore's first ever dog park to be integrated within a mall."
-content extracted from nex official website

Great place for doggy and kids to have good fun...
However, the down side is there is not enough shaded benches....
It really beats me how designers would make something 
so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes 
but sucks donkey balls on practicality.
It offers little shade to the harsh sun.
And if the wind decides to blows in the wrong direction, 
be prepared to get a lil wet.
(Bring Your Own Umbrella! And make that a BIG one too! 
Otherwise change into Bikini apply tanning lotion. Great place to tan!
I guess that is the best advice I can offer as of now.....)
The washrooms are also miles away from KidzPlay.
I have a strong feeling that the designers who worked on this project 
does not have kids.

However, when I see the kids playing, laughing and screaming in joy,
I quickly forget about the surrounding harsh conditions....
It was really worth tanning for 2 hours when I see them having so much fun!
(Mental note to self: 
Next time round remember to bring 
Bikini, tanning lotion, beach chair, and a glass of yummy martini!)

As usual, Hiroshi is the more active one.
Running around, exploring and fast making new friends!

How could you not have sat around like an idiot
when you see that smile on his face?!?!?

And there was of course Sophia who prefers to stay dry.
Enjoying the finer things in life,
and tanning with mummy dear....

I swear we were 2 notch darker!
Great place to hang out,
just make sure you bring those

Monday, March 07, 2011

Sophia reads her 1st Chinese Story Book!

I am fortunate to have a very dedicated chinese teacher at the kids' school!

Sunday, March 06, 2011