Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

Since there was an open invitation
to join LightedPixels for Halloween.....
I took the opportunity to expose the kids to this rare festival
which is hardly celebrated in Singapore!

In the beginning,
I thought it would be somehow awkward
to turn up in front of a random stranger's place
shouting "tricks or treats?!?!?!"

after a couple of doors,
we were doing it like Pros!!!

Even Hiroshi gets the hang of it.....
running to each door enthusiastically,
shouting Tricks or Treats?!?!?!?!?!?

A great night out!

The whole jing gang!
*it's so much fun dressing up!!!!!*
(picture by lightedpixels)

~The kids~
(picture by lightedpixels)

Since I do not have a good costume
to go trick or treating,
I ended having a good time decorating my face!
Irene, the evil dim sum dolly
& Adeline the pretty witch

Oh well,
I guess this will be the ONLY time of the year
that you can hang out with such outrageous makeup,
so better make the best out of it!

We had fun celebrating Halloween.

Thank you for the Invitation!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Singapore Science Center

Accompanied Ivy for Body Worlds
Amazing stuffs on display!

Having a great time with the kids!

Sweetheart Sophia giving me a great big snake hug!
Look how her arms coils around my neck like a baby python!!!

Hiroshi & Sophia in the Omni theatre
waiting for the show; space station to start...

After the show ended,
Hiroshi says: "Mummy, I want to be an Astronaut when I grow up!
Mummy says: "Okay, You can be anything you want to be...."
Sophia says: "I want to be BARNEY when I grow up!"
Mummy: -o-"'

Maybe we should go back again for water play....
Any Kakies?!?!?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sentosa; Then and Now.....

THEN.... 2007

NOW..... 2009

It's hard to ignore the fact that my lil boy is all grown up now!

Sometimes the best laid plans
are often UNPLANNED....

A last minute decision to spend a day warm on the sand
proves to be a day of fun filled bonding for the whole family!

Dare Devil Sophia venturing into the Sea.....

Hiroshi couldn't stop grinning ear to ear.....

Sophia trying hard to Build a Sand Castle.....

Hiroshi amused by the texture of sand!

Bubble Fun from the youngest to the oldest....

Hiroshi STILL couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear
even when it was time to wash up and go home!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hiroshi's take on how to FULLY ENJOY your Baguette!

Hiroshi enjoying his Food,
Dipping Baguette in to the Creamy White Mussel Sauce.....
~oh heavenly!~

Plaza Singapura
*Two Thumbs Up*
Surprisingly Good Food!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

I am finally 29!!!!

Dinner at Waraku

Quickpic Before Dinner Starts

Teppanyaki Oysters

Huge Bowl of Wakame Soba

Cold Soba
(Honestly speaking, I DO NOT like this one AT ALL!)

Halfway through Dinner,
Sophia took this picture of Kitson and Myself!
(Pretty good I'll say for a first timer!!!!)

Yummy Green Tea Ice Cream

Ending the night with our Family Picture!

I've been extremely lucky this year!
I've got everything off my birthday wish list
from Sephora and M.A.C!!!
*big huge sloppy kisses to hubby*
Thank you Hubby!!

Sister Irene and Alice
Thank you
for the very thoughtful gift.....

Friends and Relatives
whom wished me on facebook
Thank you!!!

Friends and Relatives
whom SMSed or CALLed me,
Thank you very very much!

I do appreciate all the gifts and well wishes!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Deepavali 2009

To get into the festive mood of Deepavali,
we took a trip down to Little India....

Honestly speaking,
I've never once celebrated Deepavali,
even though I've stayed all 28 years of my life
in a multi racial lil island named Singapore!

It was an educational trip for the kids and myself!

Festival of Lights

STILL Festival of Lights

STILL MORE Festival of Lights
Everyone was in such joyous mood
that they shared their sparklers with the kids!
Needless to say,
the kids TOTALLY love Deepavali
and *ahem* the endless supply of sparklers!!!

We even visited the Indian Temple!
Unfortunately, this pictures does not do the temple any justice!
The temple is beautiful!
Filled with many Vivid Colours!!

Sophia fascinated with the bells on the door of the temple

How can we leave without tasting any Indian Cuisine?!?
Tandoori Restaurant
(located next to Mustafa)

The 2 images below are for Ivy Soh!

Garlic Naan
Fluffy with fragrant aroma of garlic!!

Chicken Tikar
Absolutely moist & delicious!
Worth every CENT!!!!

Verdict: Very pricey food, BUT delicious!
Worth every last penny in the pocket!!!

My 2 stinky sweaty heads in the train on the way home!

It was a hell lot of fun for everyone!

Wishing all indians,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hiroshi performing in Q-Dees Concert 2009

Absolutely Charming!!!!

Can you Spot Hiroshi?!?!
He's the smallest one on the right!!
So Adorable!!!!

All the kids were amazing!
The months of hard work DID paid off at the end of the day!
We TOTALLY enjoyed ourselves!
(oh well, other than the constant "technical" problem,
and the never ending talking from the emcee,
the whole performance was a THUMBS UP!!)

Finally a moment to ourselves....
Picture Time!

Then, we rushed over to Grassroot club
at Yio Chu Kang for Noelle's 1st Birthday.....
Perfect venue for children's birthday party!

Hiroshi in the Ballpit

Sophia in the Ballpit

I just realised that I did not have a picture taken
with either the host or the birthday girl.....
ARRGH!!!!! I'm getting OLD!
(April, if you're reading this....
Please send me the pictures we took together *smile*)

Quick family photo before we end the night.....

Smiles on everyone's faces....
Tired, but truly a fruitful and enjoyable day!

Oh, and once again,
Happy Birthday

Sunday, October 04, 2009

My lil Vainpot.....

Sophia wants to trim eyebrows and stick double eyelid stickers!!!

*what have I got myself into!*

Thank GOD she did not ask for eye shadows and lipsticks YET!

The apple has not fallen far off from the tree!
Equally as VAIN!!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) 2009

I was on the verge of giving up my stand
on ONLY BUYING traditional lanterns
when the kids came back with the school's memo
stating for them to each bring a battery operated lantern
to celebrate mid autumn festival....

I brought the kids to the nearby mall,
telling them to take a pick on their favourite lantern design.

To my surprise,
they didn't go for the battery operated ones!!!!
(despite the fact that I was trying very hard
to sell them the "battery operated lantern" idea!)

Hiroshi ended up with a dragon,
and Sophia ended up with the ever loving purple dino; Barney!

We spent the night lantern trotting, mooncake savouring,
and really going nuts with light sticks and sparklers!!!
(Kitson & myself seems to be catching up on
what we've missed out during our childhood! -.-"')

We should do this every year!
I had fun, and I'm sure the kids did too!