Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Sophia

I know it is a cliche to say this.....
But, I honestly feel that Sophia is growing up way too fast.

She's FOUR!
I just cannot believe that she is FOUR so soon!

Sophia, you are an amazing little girl,
At this tender age, 
you could clearly verbalize.
You know what you want in exact details
And when you have your heart set on something, 
It's clearly IMPOSSIBLE to sway your decisions or whatsoever....

You've wanted to be a mermaid at 2,
princess at 3
and finally Piyo Piyo Duckie at 4.
We have never once discounted your dreams 
because we know that you can be anything you wanted to be.

I still thank God every single day for his grace of placing you in our family.
You have brought us so much joy.
And because of you,
I know I won't grow old, grey and lonely.
Your cheerful chatter will brighten my day.
We love you honey.

Many, many months ago when you were running a temperature 
we cooled you with the cold pack. 
You curiously asked about the character on the cooling pack. 
We told you it was Piyo Piyo duckie.
You fall in love with that character and insisted you want everything Piyo Piyo!
From then, your mind was fixed upon having a Piyo Piyo themed birthday party.

Piyo Piyo is the most popular Duckie Character in Japan since '80s.
(I bet you these duckies are close to being extinct!)

A couple of weeks before your birthday,
I asked if you'll like to have a birthday party in school.
You were excited.
Your eyes twinkle.
Your head nodded enthusiastically.
I then told you that it will be costly to celebrate your birthday in school.
You smiled and said,

"Never mind, we celebrate at home...."
My heart melted at your reply.
My child is so sensible.
When I finally told you that you are having a birthday party in school afterall,
you were thrilled.
You asked me day after day,
"Is it my birthday today?!?!?"

You've not change your mind abit since many months ago.
You still insisted on a Piyo Piyo themed birthday party.
I've really got no idea how to go about creating a Piyo Piyo themed birthday party.
I attempt to sway your decisions.
Showed you a pretty strawberry shortcake cake
(which I know you won't resist)
from prima deli.
But, your decisions were affirmative.
Shook your head and said "No"
and insisted Piyo Piyo!

This was the best I came out with.

Piyo Piyo Cupcake Toppers
(which doubles up as a bookmark)

Vanilla Cupcake with Apricot fillings topped with Cream Cheese Frosting

Party Packs
(Still standing by our NO JUNK policy)
Sophia with her 1st birthday gift
handmade Piyo Piyo hairclip by Jing Ting jie jie.

In moments like this,
I gladly bake year after year.
I love her contented smile!
(made all the crazy precise cutting
of 120 pieces of Piyp Piyo bookmarks all worthwhile!)

Hiroshi is the proud brother who loves his sister unconditionally.

Happy Birthday Sophia Honey!