Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's been a long time.....

since I've gone back to my parent's place....

It's amazing to see Chiam See Tong still tonging
no matter whatever carrots PAP offered during the elections!!

The kids had fun @ the playground!

I love my SONY W-200!!
I went trigger happy and kept shooting
while the kid's infectious laughter fills the playground!

I love my lil darlings' expression for this series of pictures!
It makes me happy when I see them happy!



We hung out with Ivy for the rest of the day....

Aww.... Isn't my lil boy a charmer next to his dear Auntie Ivy?!?

I swear she is his ALL TIME FAVOURITE Auntie!!

Dun you just love that cheeky face?!?!?

I DO!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A new dicovery for splashing good time!

Back Posting: 23 April 2009 -24 April 2009

We have been intending to visit
Sengkang Swimming Complex for the longest time.
Procrastination is BAD!
We should have done this so much earlier,
because we had so much fun!!!!

We enjoyed it so much that we did it 2 days in a row!!!
Now I am seriously considering
of bringing the kids for a swim on a more regular basis,
since it is really convenient!

Waddling Pool aka Baby Pool
Sophia went for the slide on her own over and over again!!!!
But on the other hand,
Hiroshi just wanted to stay rooted
where his feet can touch solid ground!!!

Big Boys' Slides

Hiroshi waddling around comfortably
His BIG MILK BELLY is really showing, huh!!

Sophia feeling safe in her life vest

Contented Sophia after the swim!

Dinner @ brewbaker's
It was a bad dinner choice.
The ambience is fantastic!!
But, I wouldn't say the same for food quality and service!!!

Sophia & Kitson turning goofy
while waiting for dinner to arrive

Salmon with Scallop

Braised Lamb Shank

Verdict: Will never visit again unless the food and service quality improves!
However, we'll surely be back for another dip at the pool!

Installing a NEW KITCHEN....

Nah, We've not hacked down anything in the kitchen
or send in the renovation contractors....
We've just installed a MINI KITCHEN set for the kids
in a lil corner of our kitchen!

It gives me satisfaction to see the kids enjoying the new play area....
and also mimicking the way the adults cook!

My lil chef in the making.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pasta Mania Maniac.....

I have this terrible weakness
for Pasta Mania's Spicy Clayfish Pasta.....
I love it to bits!
And, I have to order it each time
I make a pass at any Pasta Mania outlet!

The nearest outlet used to be Plaza Singapura!
Now, I am pleased to discover that
a new outlet has just opened at Hougang Mall!!!
Right beside MacDonald's....
That makes it EVEN NEARER!!

They even do Home Delivery!!!!
Bye Bye Crappy Fast Food!!!
HELLO!! Pasta Mania!!!
Tel: 6275 7555

Hiroshi with the Yummilicious Pasta!

Sophia is just HAPPY to see FOOD!
Btw, she's teething again!
4 at one go, Big Headache!!!

Sophia the Cheeky Monster !

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's finally my turn now.....

to get REAL SICK!
Kitson and the kids are already on the road to recovery!!
And I am here just starting to cough my lungs out!!!
Oh God, Please help me get though this!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Virgin Trip to Bukit Timah Hill

I've never in my life been to Bukit Timah Hill....
The only time I even came close to getting there
was in a student leadership camp.
Unfortunately, the bus left the camp site 
without me and my best friend
when we had to answer the call of nature!

This is not like any other ordinary family outings we had!
It's a family outing that united 3 different families!
Sister Peggy,
Thank you for organising it!
We had tons of good FUN!

And since Kitson's birthday is 2 weeks away,
Sister Peggy surprised him with a birthday cake!
You should have seen the look on kitson's face!
Truly surprised and touched!
And maybe, even very close to tears!!
Don't we just love surprises!!

The 3 men of the house
Brother-in-law; Chong, Kitson's cousin; Kam Tong & Kitson
@ Hindhede Quary

The whole bunch of happy kids!

Hiroshi having FUN in the Great Outdoors!

A bunch of wild monkeys 
that completes our day out at Bukit Timah Hill.....

To cool the heat off, 
we went to Kam Tong's place for a splashing good time!

mei mei was held hostage by a water gun!

We even made a new friend by the pool side!

We had a lot of fun today....
Now my kids can bravely declare that they are not bukit SuaKu!!
(like I was!!)
At least for now, we've been there done that!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

You gotta be kidding me....

How can today be good friday!
It should be named 

First and Foremost,
It didn't even occur to me that it is Good Friday today!
I started the day like any other day!
I called the school bus assistant 7 early 8 early in the morning,
to inform him that Hiroshi is not going to school, 
since he was still feeling SICK.....
She replies sheepishly,
"小姐今天holiday leh!"
Alamak! I am definitely the BLURest mum on earth!

I didn't make any special plans for today,
but I've received 2 most unexpected phone calls....

The first one is from the Hiroshi's Godma; Teresa.
We met up at Compass Point and chilled out at Starbucks.....

Godma & The Kids

The second one is from my sister; Ivy....
We met up at Plaza Singapura and R&R at Sake Sushi....

Hiroshi & Auntie Ivy

It was nice being able to meet up 
to talk, to chat, to gossip!
Thank you!
You people made my good friday, 

On the train on the way home
I don't care just what you say,
or how you think,
or how you feel!
To me, I've got the best kids on earth!

Dear God,
You've been generous,
and I've been blessed abundantly!
Thank you for these precious gifts!
Their smiles and laughters
makes worries melt like lemondrop!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Why only KIDS think out of the box?!?

Sometimes, it is amazing to learn about things 
from a child point of perspective!

I was staring at the map on a train ride with the kids....
Hiroshi started to ask me tons of questions.....
So I pointed out that with the new circle line 
which will be commencing in mid 2009,
it will be faster and easier to fetch daddy from the airport.
*tracing the route & 
showing him the lil aeroplane icon on the map*

Hiroshi then shouted,
"OH! Mickey Mouse Disneyland!!"
The silly mummy here look puzzled and asked WHERE?!?
He then pointed "THERE!!"

Can you figure out where "disneyland" is?!?!?

My happy Hiroshi who still thinks 
that there is Disneyland in Singapore!!

I am amused that I cannot see what kids see!
To me those were just tiny dots connecting the different stations.
But to a kid, that's Disneyland....

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Falling like dominos....

Every time someone in the family falls ill,
the rest would follow suit like falling domino blocks....
It's such a vicious cycle!

Colourful Medication

Hiroshi & Sophia 
Cooling the Heat with Bath Tub Fun!

Sorry for the lack of updates,
I've been busy!!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Nyonya Food: Kiam Chai Arp Th'ng

I used to pay good money for this dish 
at a chicken rice stall at Far East Plaza,
But when the children came along my frequent visit to the stall, 
became a mere once or twice a year affair!

Duck in Salted Cabbage Soup

And, just to clear the air of any misunderstanding....

I am just craving for food I haven't had for the longest time.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Vinegar Pork Trotter

I've tried many version of this dish,
but nothing beats my sister-in-law Irene's version!

I wasn't even a big fan of this dish beforehand!

The previous version I've tried are either too spicy or too sour!
She makes it just right!

I've been craving for this for the past 2 years,
finally the courage to make it on my own!

And I'm pleased to say that the results is

Sister Irene, 
thank you for sharing your recipe so selflessly!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

粗 茶 淡 饭

I've finally decided to take a break from endless pounding,
fine slicing & shredding,
to go for something really, really simple!

The good old porridge!

My trusty rice cooker cooks fantastic porridge!!
It has never failed me before....
Yummy, Yummy for my Tummy!!

Something that I've been craving for quite some time,
Black Bean Fish

Perfect Melody
Sesame oil radish, Preserved soy bean curd in chili & sesame,
& Century egg with preserved ginger
(Salted eggs are normally taken with porridge,
but, I prefer century eggs better!)
Just my own Personal Opinion!

Were you PRANKED on April Fool's Day?!?!?

I notice the significant of this day diminishes 
with every candle they add on my birthday cake....

I hardly would think anyone will pull a prank on me at this age,
but, I was absolutely WRONG....



By Sophia!

I spent the whole afternoon sorting out beads!!
*slap forehead!*