Thursday, April 09, 2009

Why only KIDS think out of the box?!?

Sometimes, it is amazing to learn about things 
from a child point of perspective!

I was staring at the map on a train ride with the kids....
Hiroshi started to ask me tons of questions.....
So I pointed out that with the new circle line 
which will be commencing in mid 2009,
it will be faster and easier to fetch daddy from the airport.
*tracing the route & 
showing him the lil aeroplane icon on the map*

Hiroshi then shouted,
"OH! Mickey Mouse Disneyland!!"
The silly mummy here look puzzled and asked WHERE?!?
He then pointed "THERE!!"

Can you figure out where "disneyland" is?!?!?

My happy Hiroshi who still thinks 
that there is Disneyland in Singapore!!

I am amused that I cannot see what kids see!
To me those were just tiny dots connecting the different stations.
But to a kid, that's Disneyland....

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