Thursday, April 23, 2009

A new dicovery for splashing good time!

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We have been intending to visit
Sengkang Swimming Complex for the longest time.
Procrastination is BAD!
We should have done this so much earlier,
because we had so much fun!!!!

We enjoyed it so much that we did it 2 days in a row!!!
Now I am seriously considering
of bringing the kids for a swim on a more regular basis,
since it is really convenient!

Waddling Pool aka Baby Pool
Sophia went for the slide on her own over and over again!!!!
But on the other hand,
Hiroshi just wanted to stay rooted
where his feet can touch solid ground!!!

Big Boys' Slides

Hiroshi waddling around comfortably
His BIG MILK BELLY is really showing, huh!!

Sophia feeling safe in her life vest

Contented Sophia after the swim!

Dinner @ brewbaker's
It was a bad dinner choice.
The ambience is fantastic!!
But, I wouldn't say the same for food quality and service!!!

Sophia & Kitson turning goofy
while waiting for dinner to arrive

Salmon with Scallop

Braised Lamb Shank

Verdict: Will never visit again unless the food and service quality improves!
However, we'll surely be back for another dip at the pool!


bb2005 said...

Haha... Sophia look so small beside the daddy.... so cute!!!

Margie said...

Auntie Irene,

I went to that pool TWICE and both times, the water in the pool was FREEZING cold!!

Nick like HIro, refuse to go on the slides.. Grace was the only 1 climbing up and down and having fun!

And, oh.. Daddy tried the slide too not knowing adults aren't supposed to go up and kanna "pi pi" down by the life guard :P

When are u back?? I MISS your 2 kids...

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

bb2005: I thought Sophia looks pretty cheecky in that pic!

Margie: hey Auntie Margie! We're back! Yeah, the baby pool is freezing cold all the time.... we prefer the pool with nearest to the stadium... pretty warm water if it has been a hot day...