Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My tribute to the King of Pop!

Michael Jackson

I will like to admit that I am NOT one that would 
just blindly adore and idolize
Michael Jackson is somehow different.
 His songs spoke of many important massages in life!
Especially my top 2 favourite MJ songs,
Black or White & Heal the world

I worked part-time in Metro during my school holiday when I was 16.
When it came pay day,
I took all my money to Best Denki ,
and invested my hard earned money on a portable CD player.
I paid the best I could afford,
I settled for the brand Technics with anti shock....
That was my most prized procession at that point of time.
Taking whatever remaining money,
I walked into a record shop browsing through all titles by MJ,
but, realised that I could not afford a ORIGINAL cd.
I settled for the chiong version of the album "dangerous".File:Michaeljacksondangerous.jpg

I listened to it over and over again.
I even brought it to school to convince my classmates 
to sing Heal the World for teacher's day!

And over the years,
I see Michael Jackson transform from Black TO White.
From the dignified self proclaim King of Pop,
to Wacko Jackco.

You'll be missed!
Rest in Peace!!

Thank you for the music!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sophia and Paints

Another session of free play with paints for Sophia...
This time round, she is doing stamping with  xiao bai cai!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Bunch of Lovely Flowers from Frankfurt

I have always made it a habit to pick up Kitson 
when he has been away for a long flight....

I look forward to seeing the priceless expressions on my kids' face!
On how they they would try to spot their daddy,
and later bounce up and down screaming PAPA, PAPA!!!!

Kitson surprised me with a bunch of fresh flowers today.
Being a practical and down to earth man,
receiving flowers from him is near impossible....
(though he often buys me 
many other practical, useful gifts from time to time)

I think I've somehow resign to fate 
that a bunch of fresh flowers are hard to come by!

So upon receiving this bunch of flowers,
my first initial thoughts were,
"ai-yoh! Why waste money!!"

It funny how my thoughts have changed over the years!
Perhaps being a mother changes your focus in life!
It not about YOU anymore,
it about the family.
Maybe having a family makes you a less self centered person!

The kids loved the flowers.

This is the very first time they saw daddy buying flowers for mummy.
While I watch the kids getting excited over that bunch of flowers,
I suddenly felt a tinge of happiness,
that Kitson has taken the extra mile 
to make me feel special and courted all over again.

Thank you 老公!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Visiting Aunty Ivy at Amore; One Tampines

I used to work in Pavilion KFC many donkey years ago.
Many beautiful memories were preserved....
As a young restaurant manager,
I have been doted by aunties who treats me like their daughter,
and also rebutted by strong headed teenagers 
who thinks I am too young to manage them.
Restaurant work is tough work!
I can still vividly remember SLEEPING all my off days away!

For those who do not know where Pavilion is,
It is where the new One Tampines Mall is!

They tore down the boring Pavilion to make way 
for the exciting new One Tampines Mall!!

And since Ivy is transferred to Amore at One Tampines,
I took the opportunity to visit her new working environment 
and the new shopping mall....

Just about everything in the mall WOWed me!
Especially the outdoor pool at Amore!
The even had "childcare" facilities 
while the parents work out in the gym!
Perfect solution for parents like me 
who have to lug my kids everywhere I go!!

*Thumbs up for Amore*

Hiroshi enjoying the pool side view

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sophia and Paints

Sophia having a good time doing hand painting....

Sunday, June 07, 2009

National Museum of Singapore; Children Season 2009

This massive arty farty sculpture greeted us at the door steps.
I suppose it meant make love not war!
Oh well.... at least that is how I'll like to interpret it!

1st stop was Story telling by Monsters Under the Bed
I love how they made used of all the little children's drawing 
to create a special story!
*Hiroshi & Sophia concentrating on drawing*

Then was stick puppets
I never knew kitson could be this creative!
He made platypus out of sticks!!
And Sophia love it to bits!

Close up of daddy's art work!

Lastly it was, Adventure with ToyBox....
It was entertaining, educational and hilarious!
Everyone enjoyed it!

ToyBox in action!

Lunch at Novus

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Truly Farewell 二姑妈 & Go Go DORA!!!

We met up and had a good time 
having ice cream at Swensens before sending
二姑妈 off at the departure gates....

It was pretty much like a bitter sweet parting.
Part of me felt like crying, 
because I know that she will be away for awhile,
and I was going to miss her tons....
But, yet part of me felt that she might be happier in Hong Kong....
Finally RETIRED!!
After slogging for so many years!

Whatever it is,
as long as she is happy, 
I am happy!

WE saw DORA!!
At Changi Airport Terminal 3....

Dora giving Hiroshi ^5!!
*so cute*

Hiroshi took this picture of Boots!
My son is talented huh?!?!?

Group Picture with Dora & Boots!
* I need a hair cut badly!!*

Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Sophia!!!

The Birthday Girl in her Birthday suit!

And NOPE, that's not even a JOKE!
I know it is nice to dress your best for your birthday...
BUT, not when this poor girl is running a temperature of 39 degrees,
and throwing up whatever that goes in!

Nothing big and fanciful for this year....
Just a simple fare of daddy bringing in the birthday cake,
and singing the birthday song....
I could see the delightful twinkle in Sophia's eyes!

Happy Birthday my dear Sophia!
We love you tons!

Sophia adores the lil lamb from teacher Adeline

Beautiful Gap dress From Auntie Yvonne

Our wish for you is to be happy & healthy in life!
(As I have always believed that happiness and health 
is the most important component in ones' life!)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Farewell Lunch with 二姑妈

There are a handful of important people in my life,
and 二姑妈 was one of them.....
She saw me through my most difficult teenage years....
Having just lost my dad at the age of 12...
She took me under her wings and guided me.
Along side with 2 wonderful cousin,
she has never treated me indifferently....

She is a great cook!
Whipping up a feast in under 30 mins is an easy task for her.
Always willing to share.
And I can never forget how she prepares our fruits 
in individual tupperware boxes DAILY!!!
Apart from being naggy,
She is a perfect mother figure!
(come to think of it, 
now that I have kids of my own I am becoming naggy too!)

She will be leaving for Hong Kong soon!
And we are going to miss her!

We met up at Vivo City,
had a good meal at Sushi Teh....

and even had Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

As the saying goes,
"Absence makes the heart fonder"!
I wish her well,
and that she will stay happy and healthy in whatever she does.