Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Sophia!!!

The Birthday Girl in her Birthday suit!

And NOPE, that's not even a JOKE!
I know it is nice to dress your best for your birthday...
BUT, not when this poor girl is running a temperature of 39 degrees,
and throwing up whatever that goes in!

Nothing big and fanciful for this year....
Just a simple fare of daddy bringing in the birthday cake,
and singing the birthday song....
I could see the delightful twinkle in Sophia's eyes!

Happy Birthday my dear Sophia!
We love you tons!

Sophia adores the lil lamb from teacher Adeline

Beautiful Gap dress From Auntie Yvonne

Our wish for you is to be happy & healthy in life!
(As I have always believed that happiness and health 
is the most important component in ones' life!)


bb2005 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sophia!!!

Javier & Jeanie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sophia, Auntie Elaine, Javier gorgor and Jeanie meimei hereby wish you stay happy & healthy :)