Saturday, June 06, 2009

Truly Farewell 二姑妈 & Go Go DORA!!!

We met up and had a good time 
having ice cream at Swensens before sending
二姑妈 off at the departure gates....

It was pretty much like a bitter sweet parting.
Part of me felt like crying, 
because I know that she will be away for awhile,
and I was going to miss her tons....
But, yet part of me felt that she might be happier in Hong Kong....
Finally RETIRED!!
After slogging for so many years!

Whatever it is,
as long as she is happy, 
I am happy!

WE saw DORA!!
At Changi Airport Terminal 3....

Dora giving Hiroshi ^5!!
*so cute*

Hiroshi took this picture of Boots!
My son is talented huh?!?!?

Group Picture with Dora & Boots!
* I need a hair cut badly!!*

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