Thursday, June 04, 2009

Farewell Lunch with 二姑妈

There are a handful of important people in my life,
and 二姑妈 was one of them.....
She saw me through my most difficult teenage years....
Having just lost my dad at the age of 12...
She took me under her wings and guided me.
Along side with 2 wonderful cousin,
she has never treated me indifferently....

She is a great cook!
Whipping up a feast in under 30 mins is an easy task for her.
Always willing to share.
And I can never forget how she prepares our fruits 
in individual tupperware boxes DAILY!!!
Apart from being naggy,
She is a perfect mother figure!
(come to think of it, 
now that I have kids of my own I am becoming naggy too!)

She will be leaving for Hong Kong soon!
And we are going to miss her!

We met up at Vivo City,
had a good meal at Sushi Teh....

and even had Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

As the saying goes,
"Absence makes the heart fonder"!
I wish her well,
and that she will stay happy and healthy in whatever she does.

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