Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My tribute to the King of Pop!

Michael Jackson

I will like to admit that I am NOT one that would 
just blindly adore and idolize
Michael Jackson is somehow different.
 His songs spoke of many important massages in life!
Especially my top 2 favourite MJ songs,
Black or White & Heal the world

I worked part-time in Metro during my school holiday when I was 16.
When it came pay day,
I took all my money to Best Denki ,
and invested my hard earned money on a portable CD player.
I paid the best I could afford,
I settled for the brand Technics with anti shock....
That was my most prized procession at that point of time.
Taking whatever remaining money,
I walked into a record shop browsing through all titles by MJ,
but, realised that I could not afford a ORIGINAL cd.
I settled for the chiong version of the album "dangerous".File:Michaeljacksondangerous.jpg

I listened to it over and over again.
I even brought it to school to convince my classmates 
to sing Heal the World for teacher's day!

And over the years,
I see Michael Jackson transform from Black TO White.
From the dignified self proclaim King of Pop,
to Wacko Jackco.

You'll be missed!
Rest in Peace!!

Thank you for the music!

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