Friday, June 19, 2009

A Bunch of Lovely Flowers from Frankfurt

I have always made it a habit to pick up Kitson 
when he has been away for a long flight....

I look forward to seeing the priceless expressions on my kids' face!
On how they they would try to spot their daddy,
and later bounce up and down screaming PAPA, PAPA!!!!

Kitson surprised me with a bunch of fresh flowers today.
Being a practical and down to earth man,
receiving flowers from him is near impossible....
(though he often buys me 
many other practical, useful gifts from time to time)

I think I've somehow resign to fate 
that a bunch of fresh flowers are hard to come by!

So upon receiving this bunch of flowers,
my first initial thoughts were,
"ai-yoh! Why waste money!!"

It funny how my thoughts have changed over the years!
Perhaps being a mother changes your focus in life!
It not about YOU anymore,
it about the family.
Maybe having a family makes you a less self centered person!

The kids loved the flowers.

This is the very first time they saw daddy buying flowers for mummy.
While I watch the kids getting excited over that bunch of flowers,
I suddenly felt a tinge of happiness,
that Kitson has taken the extra mile 
to make me feel special and courted all over again.

Thank you 老公!!

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