Friday, June 12, 2009

Visiting Aunty Ivy at Amore; One Tampines

I used to work in Pavilion KFC many donkey years ago.
Many beautiful memories were preserved....
As a young restaurant manager,
I have been doted by aunties who treats me like their daughter,
and also rebutted by strong headed teenagers 
who thinks I am too young to manage them.
Restaurant work is tough work!
I can still vividly remember SLEEPING all my off days away!

For those who do not know where Pavilion is,
It is where the new One Tampines Mall is!

They tore down the boring Pavilion to make way 
for the exciting new One Tampines Mall!!

And since Ivy is transferred to Amore at One Tampines,
I took the opportunity to visit her new working environment 
and the new shopping mall....

Just about everything in the mall WOWed me!
Especially the outdoor pool at Amore!
The even had "childcare" facilities 
while the parents work out in the gym!
Perfect solution for parents like me 
who have to lug my kids everywhere I go!!

*Thumbs up for Amore*

Hiroshi enjoying the pool side view

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