Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Photography Journey.....

My first encounter with a SLR
should be when I was about 5 years of age....
Vividly remember my daddy bringing me to East Coast Park
snapping pictures of me with this gem;
a Nikon F3!
But, when my dad passed away in 1993,
we didn't know what to do with it.
We simply chuck it in our closet.
By the time I grew up and learn a lil more about SLR,
I rescue it from the closet,
but it was way too late!
Damage was done.
Fungus all over!
And to get it all cleaned up would cost me a bomb.
And I didn't have the money to do it....

In 1998,
when I enrolled myself into a Graphing Designing school
I brought a camera for school;
Nikon FE10
It was a great camera,
but however it wasn't too friendly on my pockets....
Since it was a film based camera,
I had to spend money buying film and development it....
I soon gave up
since money at that point of time was a scarce commodity....

When I met Kitson,
I got him a camera;
Nikon D70
Hoping that he might be able to pick it up
and compliment me as a make up artist....
But, it didn't really gel with him.
The kids quickly came along....
And since it doesn't make sense to carry a huge diaper bag
and a BULKY camera all around town...
the camera was soon left in cold storage!

Now that the kids has grown up slightly,
with diaper bag getting smaller...
My ever doting hubby
is encouraging me to pick up
where I last left off with a Nikon D80.....

I am enjoying every moment in this journey.
A hobby rediscovered!

Hiroshi my lil charmer!

Sophia's spontaneous expressions......

Your smiles makes it all worthwhile.....

I have to admit that it is STILL a very expensive hobby.

A wise man once said;
"there are no bad cameras.... only bad photographers"

So, I am shooting more often
and reading more about photography.

Hopefully someday,
I'll be able to present breath taking shots.

Till then,
Happy Shooting!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jonker's Nyonya Deli - Peranakan Food

When Kitson told me that he read an online article
raving about this Peranakan Restaurant,
I must say that my mind and heart was clouded with DOUBT...

I couldn't recall how many times I was badly disappointed
from the restaurants
with so call superb raving reviews!!!

I was secretly crossing my fingers
that this would not be another one!

And thankfully,
It has performed way above my expectation!

Jonker's Nyonya Deli @ Thomson Plaza

The Dry Mee Siam and Assam Laksa is a MUST HAVE!
Just forget about calories counting today!
I bet you are not going to regret this!

Dry Mee Siam
A far cry form our local ordinary mee siam!
I seriously cannot put out in words how this dish taste like...
But, it's definitely something that I will go back for again and again!

Assam Laksa
I am a great assam laksa fan!
I simply cannot resist it when I come face to face
with this fabulous dish!
And Jonker's Nyonya Deli has nail it!
Touched my sweet spot and sooth my assam laksa cravings.....

Flavors were balanced out perfectly!
Generous mackerel flakes in Gravy!

Kueh Pie Tee
Smaller than the ones found outside....
(perfect sizing for a lady's dainty mouth)
Somehow firmer crust....
But, I DO NOT think this is a must try!
It would be be under the category
"try if you still got space in tummy"....

This is the note that comes with every bowl of chendol ordered...
The chendol strips are homemade!!!

Chedol drizzled with generous amount of Gula Melacca
Kitson blurted, "this is F**KING good!"
the first instant he tasted this yummy desert!
(pretty rare for someone who hardly swear!)
So this is really DAMN GOOD!
It's a MUST ORDER!!!

Amazing Service as well!!!
(Btw, it's self service!)

Jonker's Nyonya Deli
301 Upper Thomson Road
Thomson Plaza

We rode around the estate near Thomson Plaza
and found this really cool house at 30 Gardenia Road.....
I love it, love it, love it!
So Arty Farty!

Main Gate
So kampong-ish loh!

Unit Number made from blots and nuts!

The most unique mail box I've ever seen in my life!

And if the owner of the house happens to be reading this blog...
Can we visit your house?!?!?!?!?
I am dead curious to know how the interior would look like exactly!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Simple pleasures of life as a SAHM.....

I thank God for the fact that
I am able to read, write and understand....
For many who often overlook how important these skills are,
they are the very ones that kept me learning,
through my life as a Stay At Home Mum....

I love the internet as it is so bloody informative!
I can google and get all my answers in a spilt seconds.
If you ever need a clearer picture?!?!?!
Just YouTube!
I bet you can find anything and everything there!

The beauty of being a modern mum in our century
is that we are much more well informed
from what we see and what we read....

we are able to provide more for the kids;
especially nutritious yummy home cooked meals.....

Sophia LOVE yoghurt!
(This is a strange fact,
the kids would rather take yoghurt than ice cream.....)

Hiroshi is the ever homely guy who LOVES home cooked food!
(He has now taken an interest on cooking
and would constantly request to help out in the kitchen!)

I think these are my 2 most motivating factors in my life by far!
Seriously, what more can you ask for?!?!?!?
Thank you God!!!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!!!

With the fact of faithfully balloting over the years
and not getting ANY tickets has dampen our spirits
of celebrating the nation's birthday....

Truth to be spoken,
I can't remember when was the last time I celebrated National Day!

But, when I read about NDP at the Heartlands,
I totally love the idea!
And I knew I had to bring the kids
even if it meant battling with the whole world
on the public transport system!

The backdrop for the heartland celebrations
is a two way live telecast
which will link the Padang to the 5 heartlands.
This link will allow near instantaneous interactions
between the host and audiences at all 6 locations.
The heartlands is a mini mirror of activities at the Padang....

The celebrations kicked off with 3 entertaining emcees;
Jeanette Aw, Lee Teng & Vijaya Pawade....

Guest of Honor;
Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC
Teo Chee Hean & Teo Ser Luck

Special Guest Appearance by Singapore Idol
Hady Mirza

Hiroshi who was mad excited about the
Aerial Fly Past & Mobile Column...

Sophia who couldn't stop swaying to the wonderful songs,
especially "stand up for singapore"....

which went off simultaneously with Main Parade at Padang!!!!

We've even gotten goodie bags!!!!
All thanks to some very kind uncles from Aljunied-Hougang GRC!
They gave us tickets for goodie bags redemption....
which totally made the kids' day!!!



Happy 45th Birthday Singapore!!!

I am still going to faithfully ballot for tickets year after year!
Hopefully, someday we'll get to watch National Day at the Main Event.....

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Cadbury!!!!

We were invited to Cadbury's 1st Birthday Party.
We were truly thrilled
as this is our first doggy birthday party.......

And since we do not have a pet to bring along,
we brought our kids.....
*cheeky smile*

Perfect Family Portrait
Daddy Ray, Mummy Crystina & Baby Cadbury

Adorable Paw Pals

Kitson & Hiroshi's
Birthday Hug for Cadbury!

Amazing Doggy Birthday Cake!
I'm not sure how this one taste like,
but Cadbury's doggy friend; Marshall
seems to give it a 2 paws up
form having countless servings
of this yummilicious cake....

A contented Cadbury with a pram-full of presents!

Party venue was at Furry Pets
located at 100 Guillemard Road
(Former Singapore Badminton Hall)

Highly Recommended!
They serve great human food as well!

Happy Birthday Cadbury!
Thanks for the invitation,
We had tons of good fun!!!