Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Photography Journey.....

My first encounter with a SLR
should be when I was about 5 years of age....
Vividly remember my daddy bringing me to East Coast Park
snapping pictures of me with this gem;
a Nikon F3!
But, when my dad passed away in 1993,
we didn't know what to do with it.
We simply chuck it in our closet.
By the time I grew up and learn a lil more about SLR,
I rescue it from the closet,
but it was way too late!
Damage was done.
Fungus all over!
And to get it all cleaned up would cost me a bomb.
And I didn't have the money to do it....

In 1998,
when I enrolled myself into a Graphing Designing school
I brought a camera for school;
Nikon FE10
It was a great camera,
but however it wasn't too friendly on my pockets....
Since it was a film based camera,
I had to spend money buying film and development it....
I soon gave up
since money at that point of time was a scarce commodity....

When I met Kitson,
I got him a camera;
Nikon D70
Hoping that he might be able to pick it up
and compliment me as a make up artist....
But, it didn't really gel with him.
The kids quickly came along....
And since it doesn't make sense to carry a huge diaper bag
and a BULKY camera all around town...
the camera was soon left in cold storage!

Now that the kids has grown up slightly,
with diaper bag getting smaller...
My ever doting hubby
is encouraging me to pick up
where I last left off with a Nikon D80.....

I am enjoying every moment in this journey.
A hobby rediscovered!

Hiroshi my lil charmer!

Sophia's spontaneous expressions......

Your smiles makes it all worthwhile.....

I have to admit that it is STILL a very expensive hobby.

A wise man once said;
"there are no bad cameras.... only bad photographers"

So, I am shooting more often
and reading more about photography.

Hopefully someday,
I'll be able to present breath taking shots.

Till then,
Happy Shooting!

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