Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Singapore Men Slaves.....

I cannot figure out what is wrong with our society nowadays....
So please help me!

In my personal opinion,
parenthood should be shared by both husband and wife.

The train doors open.
A man enters....
Pushing a Pram,
No baby on the pram,
instead the wife's LV bag was in it's place.....
Man seen carrying baby snugly with the baby carrier.
Wife seen walking like SUPERMODEL next to husband.
*exit mode*
Husband seen rushing out of the train doors
with wife's LV bag STILL on pram,
baby STILL snugly attached to husband,
and wife strolling slowly behind....

And I swear that bag is not even BIG to begin with!

So exactly where is the root of the problem?

And I don't even want to go onto the topic of men
carrying their girlfriend's/ fiancee's/ wife's dainty little handbags!

For GOD sake,
stop humiliating the man of your lives!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A day of discovery at Sentosa Beach

Since Kitson promised the kids a trip to the beach,
he has to fulfill it even thou he was dead dog tired after work!

I swear these kids have memory of an elephant!

I've never seen Sentosa beach against the setting sun....
It's such amazing view!

Just for Fun
Sony Sweep Panoramic

Hiroshi was much braver this time!
He ventured deeper into the sea....
Maybe daddy was around,
hence he felt the extra security to go further.
*good job son!*

Sophia had a great time on the beach as usual!
That's the only place where grouchy monsters don't attack!

The 3 love of my Life
*I'm staying DRY as the official camera women*

Kitson found a starfish that's still ALIVE!
We had a good time observing it
before returning the starfish
deep into the sea at the end of the day.....
(Isn't it nice to know that our sea is so clean
that we can find living organism!
Certified SAFE to swim!!)

The things children say....
Superb Imagination @ 40 seconds!!

Good Bye Starfish!
One last picture before we let you go.....

The night ended with the spectacular Multi-sensory Extravaganza;
Songs of the Sea....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hiroshi's World of Reality

Week 9 Homework
Back to 2 pages of Homework
*throw pom pom in the air*

Some kind parents advice to me
was to close 1 eye to our children's hand writing....

Now I'm telling you I've got to close BOTH eyes!

No wonder people say labour only starts after the birth of a child!
Giving birth was the easier part,
Educating is a life long process!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's another Sony baby!

I think Sony better pay me some loyalty fees....
Out of 5 cameras I own,
4 are branded with Sony!
Latest addition to the family is the Hx5V
Thank you Hubby for the wonderful gift!

FreshKon Mosaic Beauty Workshop @ Sephora ION

Collected my Free Gifts From Optical 88 at Wisma Atrium
4 pairs of FreshKon Mosaic Cosmetic Contact Lens!
Each pair retails at $38sin...
What a GENEROUS gift!!!!


FreshKon Mosaic Cosmetic Lens is available in 4 colours;
Charming Brown, Urban Grey, Luscious Green & Velvet Blue
(I didn't get the velvet blue one
coz I don't want to look like I'm having an identity crisis!
BUT, now I'm kicking myself at the b*lls!!!!
(Technically speaking,
that's really not possible.....
Coz I have none!)
The Velvet Blue one is really DARN NICE!!!

I've always had trouble with glasses...
They hurt the back of my ears
and the heavier ones gives me a bad headache!
I simply cannot understand
how can the rest of the world be bespectacled
and not COMPLAIN as much as I do!!
Since lasik is out of the question,
contact lens seems to be the best solution!
And if I had to wear contact lens,
might as well get cosmetic ones!

I am having reservation showing this picture....
That's my peepers without cosmetic lens!

Featuring FreshKon Urban Grey
I'm lov'in it!

This is my first experience with FreshKon Mosaic Lens.
(never knew they made cosmetic lens!!)

Comparing to Freshlook Sterling Grey Cosmetic lens,
(picture taken at buddy Joyce wedding)

I like the FreshKon Urban Grey BETTER!
It colour was more subtle
and hence more wearable on a day to day basis....
Rather than walking around town
looking like it was Halloween the whole month!

I've also notice that the lens are slightly thicker,
that makes wearing those flimsy stuff easier!

Totally comfortable!

Kitson and myself at Best Denki
Cosmetically enhanced by FreshKon Urban Grey
Kawaii neh!

Talented Make-up Artist from Sephora
that helped me with this look!

Everybody loves goodie bags!!!!
Look at mine all filled with goodies from Sephora and FreshKon!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Feast like a King.....

Ming Kee Live Seafood Ptd Ltd
556 Macpherson Road,
Singapore 368231
Tel: 6 7474 075

Deep Fried Fish Skin
Gone in Seconds!!!
I thought I was dining with piranhas!!
Definitely house special!

Fried Mee Sua


Guinness Stout Ribs
Kitson can't stop raving about this one!

Spinach Soup

Smoked Duck
I swear it taste like HAM!!!

Crab Mee Sua
It pays to call in advance for reservation!
Our female 1.5Kg crabby came with plenty of roe!
My taste buds went to heaven!
Another House Special!

Orh Nee aka Yam Paste
Couz Angelina once told me,
in order to make good orh nee make sure you use LARD!
Not too sure if they used lard,
but it was super duper smooth & creamy!!!

Slightly Costly,
Dinner costed us $185 sin in total.
But, I guess worth trying!

Happy Customers!

*thumbs UP!*
Great Service too!!
Our hot tea were constantly being topped up
without even having to ask!

Photo Of The Day: When it Rains, Put on a Jacket!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Hiroshi's World of Reality

I swear God has heard my prayers!!!
NO homework again for this week!
Hip Hip Huray!!!
*throw pom pom in the air*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Back Posting 12.03.2010 - 15.03.2010

In my personal opinion,
making friends are easy,
but maintaining friendship is hell of a tough job!

Maybe that's also the main reason
why I do not have any close friends
that I'll call BFF or Buddies....

When I met Kitson,
I am AMAZED at the friendship he shared with 2 other guys...
One is Brian, his cousin
and the other is Eddy his childhood friend.....
(which through the years became a family friend)

They have been buddies for at least 30 years and counting!
How could a friendship have lasted this long?!?!?

Their friendship lasted through an era
where there wasn't sms, email, msn or facebook.
It's a friendship
that has withstood distance and time....

Whatever that has kept your guys going,
I'll say keep it up!
Your friendship is a remarkable one!

We were delighted to play host during their recent visit to Singapore.

Outside Ding Tai Fung
after filling out tummies with delicious 小笼包
With Brian's Kids;
Sophia, Mikki, Hiroshi, Yuki, Fei Fei

Yuki, Sophia, Mikki, Hiroshi, Fei Fei

Mikki, Yuki, Sophia, Fei Fei

Have you ever climbed trees?!?!?!
I've NEVER climb a tree in my life,
so this looks really FUN to me!!!
Fei Fei, Mikki, Hiroshi, Yukki & Sophia

Sophia & Kitson
having a great time climbing trees!

Hiroshi having FUN cycling at East Coast Park

Cheers Great Friendship!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fox Kids Model Search 2010

Hiroshi got selected for auditions.....
I do not think he'll make it to the finals,
(coz some of the rest were so professional!!)
but nevertheless,
we are already very proud of him!!
At least he did not back out on stage
and did a great somersault that WOWed the crowd!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Nasi Padang oh so SEDAP!!!

Was craving for something HIGH in flavor
to shock my boring taste buds....

Nasi Padang at 313 Somerset

Very delicious food,
great sambal chilli,

My lunch costed me 9 BUCKS in a typical food court setting!

Would return again when I'm feeling RICH.

Hiroshi's World of reality

*throws pom pom in the air*

Monday, March 08, 2010

We're all in Wonderland!

Honestly speaking,
we are not people that would splurge on a daily basis.....
We would rather buy DVDs,
cuddle up in the comfort of our own bed rooms
and watch movies with our kids....
With no worries of breaks
missing out any important dialogue
The pause or the rewind button is only a fingertip away.

However, we did something out of the norm today.....
We brought the kids out for a movie treat;
Alice in Wonderland
The bonus here was we watched it in 3d!!!
A great experience for everyone!

Hiroshi feeling swanky in his 3d shades!

I realized that Sophia & myself ain't very different afterall!
We both LOVE sleeping in the cinemas!

We were also lucky enough
to catch the changing of guard ceremony
happening every 1st sunday of the month.....
Pretty Entertaining I would say Myself!

Starting Point: Yen San Building

Ending Point: Istana

The Highlight: Silent Precision Drill

Had to showoff my bargains for the weekend!
$10 bucks/ pair
from U.R.S & Inc.
(The Heeren)

What a Great Sunday!!!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Vivo City Water Play - Show me the WATER!!!!!

We turned up looking forward for a good time,
a chance to cool from the unforgiving heat!
Only to be greeted with
"Under Maintenance,
Sorry for the Inconvenience"

Try explaining that to kids
who have been looking forward for water play
after a long train ride!!!
I bet you,
it tougher than it seems!

The thing that 5 years of parenting has taught me is that
I've got to be pretty quick witted,
in order to avoid any unnecessary meltdowns....
So now, What's the Big Next Move?!?!?!?!?

The Rooftop Sky Park!!!!
But, we've never been there before!
Level of excitement looks pretty mild to me!





after a whole afternoon,
I gathered that the kids still had a hell lot of FUN!!!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Hiroshi's World of Reality

Week 6 Homework
I guess I didn't pray hard enough!
Hiroshi's homework MULTIPLIED!
Not only did he come home with the usual 2 pages of homework,
He came back with a stack of math worksheets....
*slams forehead onto the wall*


What's Next?!?!?!
*fold arms*
*Big FAT Pout*

Butter Cookies

After receiving a tin of Butter Cookies from Bee Leng,
I went head over heels about it!
I swear this is the BEST I've ever tasted!

The distinctive fragrant butter smell
and the way it crumbles...

It's really way way Out Of This World!

I went on a quest to find the BEST Butter Cookie Recipe....

Somehow, I think I am getting really really close
to replicating THAT yummy cookie...

No expense is spared,
I only use the best butter;
I love how the house is filled with the aroma of butter!

This recipe however produced a cookie that is
The cookie broke into a million pieces after a light touch...
But the taste was heavenly!

I am going to tweak the recipe till I get it right!
But, till then,
I am going to treasure
my lil tin of Original Butter Cookies
and savour it bit by bit!