Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Singapore Men Slaves.....

I cannot figure out what is wrong with our society nowadays....
So please help me!

In my personal opinion,
parenthood should be shared by both husband and wife.

The train doors open.
A man enters....
Pushing a Pram,
No baby on the pram,
instead the wife's LV bag was in it's place.....
Man seen carrying baby snugly with the baby carrier.
Wife seen walking like SUPERMODEL next to husband.
*exit mode*
Husband seen rushing out of the train doors
with wife's LV bag STILL on pram,
baby STILL snugly attached to husband,
and wife strolling slowly behind....

And I swear that bag is not even BIG to begin with!

So exactly where is the root of the problem?

And I don't even want to go onto the topic of men
carrying their girlfriend's/ fiancee's/ wife's dainty little handbags!

For GOD sake,
stop humiliating the man of your lives!

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