Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hiroshi World of Reality

Week 10 Homework
Great news for Easter Holidays
Kind teachers stick to ONLY 2 pages of homework!!!

Hence, stress level is greatly reduced!

I've also notice that Hiroshi has taken a keen interest in Chinese.
Each time he brings home his chinese little reader story books,
he is able to read it from START to END!!!

I'll like to thank 陈老师 for her patience & guidance.
Hiroshi started school at 17 months,
he could not even understand his own chinese name
when it was being called upon....
But today, he is recognizing chinese characters
and reading story books!!!!
Isn't that a vast improvement that calls for a celebration?!?!?!?

I am still waiting for the day
when we can have a proper conversation in mandarin!
But, till then....
I am proud of his current achievements!

Good job Son!

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