Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We're almost ready for Halloween.....

Me: darling, you'll be SUPERMAN for Halloween....
(expects him to be dead excited)
Hiroshi: I don't want! I want to be good knight!
Me: huh?!?!???! How come? Superman very powerful one leh!
Hiroshi: But, Superman don't have SWORD!
Me: >_<"'

*sprinkle fairy dust by fairy godmother*

There you go,
wish granted!

Hiroshi the Good Knight

with his kick ass looking shield....

And, most importantly,
the SWORD that made him ditch the idea
of being a SUPER HERO!

Think we're 99.9% ready for Halloween!
Oh yeah,
Bring it on!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Truly Upset with ICA STUPID System!

I've never been REALLY REALLY upset
with Singapore Government System until today!

This is simply doesn't make any good sense to me!
This is how you treat your citizens!
No wonder your citizens are migrating out of Singapore
at every given opportunity,
and all the so call foreign talents
whom couldn't even understand a word of english
are flocking into Singapore!

Sophia's passport was made on 14Jan'08
and it's ONLY expiring on 14Jan'13

Since we are planning to travel,
I've decided to take the kids a day off school
to get their passports all sorted out....
Which also means updating Sophia's baby-ish photo...

I've done this before for Hiroshi's passport,
so therefore,
I knew that this can be done
at the "amendments/modifications" page....

Unfortunately, upon arrival at the ICA at Lavender,
I was told that photo updates are no longer done.
And if I should need a photo update,
I'll have to fork out S$70 bucks to get a brand new passport!

I highlighted that the passport will not be expiring until 2013,
that's 3 good years from now!
And I was wondering if there was like some kind of rebate!
(eg. S$70 for a new passport that will last 5 years,
so S$70 / 5 = S$14 per year
Let's say if I have 3 more years to date of expiry,
then I should be paying S$14 * 3 = S$42)

I was flatly rejected
and told that I would have to make a brand new one at S$70 bucks!

Oh common!
I understand that because of safety and security issues
you do not allow photo updates on the existing passport....
But at least give us a GOD DAMN rebate!

I feel so bloody CHEATED!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2010

Sparkle-ling Good Time:

White balance and settings all messed up...
But stunning bokehs thou!!!

Sophia's having so much fun with sparklers!!!

Dare devil Hiroshi lighting up his sparkler from Sophia's...

My Awesome Kids!

Cowboy Barney made her day!

Boys will be Boys
Walking back home with Barney hung on his back!
*slap forehead*

Wishing everyone Happy Autumn Festival!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

He's my lil charmer.....

Hiroshi has been nicknamed
after the korean heart throb singer "Rain"
ever since he was a little boy.....
The ladies that worked at the neighbourhood chinese medical shop
gave him that nickname coz they thought he fitted the bill.
I doubt they ever knew his real name.

I told Hiroshi to pose for my camera,
and he did THIS.....

oh boy!
He's such a au naturel when it comes to posing!!!
*slaps forehead*

I thought he looked more like Jay Chou than Rain....

*roll on floor laughing*
Whatever he is,
He'll always be my lil charmer!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We're almost ready for Halloween.....

I couldn't quite decide if Sophia should be
Sweet Angelina Ballerina
Punk Rock Chic Chick...

Sophia totally loving her handmade tutu!

Vote for your favourite halloween look.....

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jerlin & Jerold's Wedding

This is seriously like a fairy tale come true!

We've always thought that Jerlin and Jerold
would make the finest couple
during our training days in SIA.....

And when they dated,
we looked forward to receiving their wedding invitation card
year after year!

And finally.....
After 7 years of dating,
they are bravely taking the walk down the aisle
to be pronounced husband and wife....

Jerlin; the gorgeous looking bride & myself!

It was also the opportunity to catch up with batch mates...
Time really flies!
They are going to be getting their 2nd gratuity soon!
That's almost 10 years of flying!!!
L to R: My flying BUDDY; Joyce, myself,
the happily married couple; Jerlin & Jerold and Yanti

My beautiful kids...

That's what comes next after walking down the aisle...

Congratulation to Jerlin & Jerold!
Wishing the couple
百年好合, 早生貴子!!!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Stay Vacation: Swissotel Stamford Singapore

All thanks to Winnie,
we had the privilege of staying in a prestigious hotel in singapore;
The Swissotel Stamford Singapore!
High flooring somemore leh!!!

1st destination,
airport to collect hotel room keys from Winnie.....

Hiroshi had a ball of good time
monkeying around at the airport playround....

Hearty Mcdonalds breakfast
before we head out to the hotel.....

Our room for the day!

Checking out the hotel's facilities,
The pool with an AWESOME view!!!

Oh Gawd! He's so sociable!
He talks to anyone & everyone!!!
Another new friend made....

I swear he's gotten his athletic genes from daddy!
Anyone remembers Kitson's glorious water polo days?!?!!?

View from the top

Southeast Asia's Tallest Hotel

The kids LOVE the bathtub!!
Sophia was overjoyed!

Since we did not had to rush home or catch the last train,
we took the opportunity to visit some places of interest....

Our starting point:
The Helix Bridge & Marina Bay Sands

I honestly admit the my personal inbuilt GPS system is terrible!
I didn't know that The Helix Bridge
is so freaking far off from the Merlion!

And since I promise Sophia that I'll bring her to the Merlion,
She made sure I didn't backed out on my promise....
Although my poor feel was blistering from the bloody long walk!

I haven't been more delighted to see the Merlion in my life!
But, Sophia was already sleeping soundly in her pram!
My best efforts of
trying to wake her up from deep slumber didn't help,
she only uttered "I want to sleep!"
*slap forehead*

The national flower of Singapore; Orchids
I love the pink ones!!!!

Once again,
Thank you Winnie!!!
We had a great time!!!

Monday, September 06, 2010

With passport, Will travel....

We've finally renewed Hiroshi's passport!
Looking forward to our family vacation!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day!!!!

The day where we pay tribute
to all the outstanding teachers out there!

How Pretty!!
Make a wild guess what this is.....

It's a Foldable Eco Friendly Bag!
Brilliant isn't that?!?!?

To compliment the Eco Bag,
We got the Silicone Eco Bag Grip as well.....
How thoughtful right?!?!?!

It is such a joy to gift wrap.
The kids got mad excited making cards!

All packed and ready to go!

Happy Teacher's Day!!