Thursday, September 23, 2010

Truly Upset with ICA STUPID System!

I've never been REALLY REALLY upset
with Singapore Government System until today!

This is simply doesn't make any good sense to me!
This is how you treat your citizens!
No wonder your citizens are migrating out of Singapore
at every given opportunity,
and all the so call foreign talents
whom couldn't even understand a word of english
are flocking into Singapore!

Sophia's passport was made on 14Jan'08
and it's ONLY expiring on 14Jan'13

Since we are planning to travel,
I've decided to take the kids a day off school
to get their passports all sorted out....
Which also means updating Sophia's baby-ish photo...

I've done this before for Hiroshi's passport,
so therefore,
I knew that this can be done
at the "amendments/modifications" page....

Unfortunately, upon arrival at the ICA at Lavender,
I was told that photo updates are no longer done.
And if I should need a photo update,
I'll have to fork out S$70 bucks to get a brand new passport!

I highlighted that the passport will not be expiring until 2013,
that's 3 good years from now!
And I was wondering if there was like some kind of rebate!
(eg. S$70 for a new passport that will last 5 years,
so S$70 / 5 = S$14 per year
Let's say if I have 3 more years to date of expiry,
then I should be paying S$14 * 3 = S$42)

I was flatly rejected
and told that I would have to make a brand new one at S$70 bucks!

Oh common!
I understand that because of safety and security issues
you do not allow photo updates on the existing passport....
But at least give us a GOD DAMN rebate!

I feel so bloody CHEATED!

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