Monday, June 06, 2011

Independence; Never Underestimate your Child.....

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
~Benjamin Franklin

It has come to both our consensus that we shouldn't spoon feed our kids.
we truly believe in allowing the child to explore and experience in safe boundaries.

We sent the kids to buy water in a nearby supermarket on their own.
(with daddy spying closely right behind their butts)
Did they managed to complete the task?!?!?
Watch On.....
*I apologize for the shaky video*

Never Underestimate your Child!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

An Unique Birthday Experience; Build-a-Bear Workshop

With all honesty,
in my personal experience,
not many businesses in Singapore
has made the cut
of providing exceptional customer service experience.

However, I am pleasantly surprised during my recent visit
to Build-a-Bear Workshop at Vivo City.

Sophia helped stuff Pup

Sophia & Hiroshi "hearts" for Pup

Warming Pup's heart.....

Making a sincere wish....

Kissing Pup's heart....

Giving "life" to Pup

Wash & Rinse
before you follow me home.....

Let's play dress up.....

Finally, a satisfied Pup owner.....

I pledge to take good care of Pup.

You might look through these series of pictures and think
what on earth is so exceptional about the customer service?

Well, the magic lies in connecting with the child.
I swear kids are the toughest customers on earth.
Delicate Patience is Needed.

And through many small talks,
they realized that it was Sophia's birthday
and sang her a very special birthday song.

Thank you Build-a-Bear Workshop,
You have made Sophia's birthday a really Special one!!!

And because Hiroshi has always been the loving brother,
he get to choose a toy for himself too!
Storm Pegasus; Let It Rip!

Disney Junior; The best story teller of all time......

Many thanks to Georgina from The T\Junction
for Invitation to Special Presentation of Disney Junior.

Well, other than Ronald Dhal,
Disney has got to be the best story teller of all time.

Some parents take a no tv stance to their parenting approach.
I personally feel that tv is not the biggest evil.
I proudly declare that my kids watch selected tv programs.
And Disney is definitely one of those programs my kids have watched since young.

Playhouse Disney will be re-brand into Disney Junior this coming July!

Disney Junior premiums 11 July 2011

After listening to Nancy Kanter,
SVP. Original Programming And GM Disney Junior Worldwide
I am convinced that Disney will continue 
to come out with more educational and entertaining programs.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates is of the latest line up from Disney Junior
Aye Aye, Gear up and go on a treasure hunt with a crew of pirate kids....

Sing along with interactive catchy music
performed by The Never Land Pirates Band,
Loren Hoskins and Kelvin Hendrickson,
whose animated alter ego is Sharky and Bones.
They pop up to sing pirate ditties throughout every episode.
You're gonna luv this!

I am looking forward to catching Disney Junior this July!
If you are still not on the Disney Junior bandwagon,
jump on it right now.....
Get yourselves subscribed at Starhub Cable Tv Channel 311.

And also Special thanks to Hatched for hosting us.
Marvelous service!!!
Love it, Love it, Love it~!!

26 Evans Road. Evans Lodge
Singapore 259367

I love the menu!

Mini Omelette with Mushroom Ragout

Yes! Go ahead DROOL!

Cordon Bleu Chicken served with Garlic Roasted Mash

Waffles served with Mixed Fruits Compote & Vanilla Ice Cream

Awesome Lunch!!!!
I totally enjoyed myself!