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Candice Yang - A personal journal on my life as a missus, a mom to two, and the every other little things that matter to our family. Celine Quek - A working mum to 3 lovelies that add sugar and spices to my days. An outlet for me to capture different moments in my life that can't be contain in the teeny weeny brain of mine. instagram: @celineqhl Cen-Lin Ting - Used to be a career woman but very recently converted to be a fresh from oven SAHM to accompany the bubbly & mischievous cute boy of mine. :) Here i share about our family, my SAHM days, my pregnancies, and most importantly, the bits and pieces of my children's growing up years. Facebook Page: Twitter: Instagram: Cherie Lim - I started blogging to document a travelling trip and never stopped since.. My blog has seen me through various relationships, different life stages and experiences. When motherhood descended on me, i fervently details down the moments on my son's growing up days and his achievements, my daily struggles (and happinesses) as a mother, a wife , a daughter and a worker bee. Chrystal Lee - A work-at-home mom of 3 kids, sharing what's it like to have twins, trying to lose weight and hoping to inspire more work-at-home parents. Cindy Chia - My notebook of thoughts, observations, recipes and my life in general. Claudia Lim - A work-at-home mum of a 1 yo girl. Try to share our journey as much as I can on the blog. More active on FB and Instagram though. An entrepreneur, a scrapper, I crochet and a social media junkie. Colleen Chow Lai Mung - Mother of a 21 months wonderfully naughty & naughty wonderfully son, penning down his learning journey as well as mine, leaving trace to somewhat may be forgotten memories when I grow old. Haha! Connie Huang Low - A FTWM of two kids. Sociable and outspoken person who loves to make friends. Blog is all about my family. twitter and instagram: sherbetgal Corsage - My life as a Woman, a Wife and a Mother. Debra Li - Proud mother of 2 sweet boys aged 3 years and 8 months. I write mostly about my parenting journey, challenges of a working mum, my kids' growing up moments and fun family experiences. Dee Loh - A Singaporean mom's jotbook on parenting, family, travel, play, nature and life. It's no easy task being parents - the responsibilities that come with it are even more daunting in our fast-paced society and fluid culture. Pruning the character and nurturing my child to be God's best are our goals. Facebook: Delphine Tan - Working mum of two blogging about the things we do as a family. Lots of pictures, especially of food. Deng Lixia - Proud momma of 1 (so far!). Loves to blog not just about my kid; but also random things I enjoy, not to mention, random rantings. The name, "52 weeks" came about because my role as a daugter, wife and mom is unchanging. Dominique Goh - Personal blog of an elementary school teacher, freelance writer and mom of three who blogs about education, parenting, reviews and recommendations. Edlyn Giammy / MummyEd - My thoughts on life as a WAHM of 2 boys and a girl, kids' activities and parenting in general. Elisa Ng - I write about the many ways in which we love our children, and help our children reach their destinies. My three boys were born in 2000, 2001, 2006. Elizabeth Wu - I'm a FTWM with three kids (three, two and four months) and I started this blog because I wanted to journal my musings and the times I spend with them. My children teach me, shape me and change me more than I have ever imagined. Emily New - This is a lifestyle blog of a working mother in Singapore. It covers topics on family, parenting, education, food, online shopping, skincare, reviews and everything beautiful in life! ♥ Estella Goh - Lifestyle blog of a Mummy to 1. Our family lives out of a tiny room but we have HUGE fun. Evelyn Neo - This blog was born out of the little life in me. Evelyn hopes to share about her love for life, God, family, motherhood, friends, (and food) through eve's-piration - what inspires her in life! It also has a segment which shares about PPROM (pre-term premature rupture of membranes) - a condition about early rupture of water bag during pregnancy. Hope mummies can be encouraged by my story and a few other similar fated mummies'. Evelyn Ng - I am a mother of one boy and has a Shih Tzu. I love bento-making and my blog is all about the lunchbox I prepare for my son, his everyday activities and mine. Evelyn Tan-Rogers - Life after parenthood can be fun! This is my 2012 challenge: I'm blogging every day, with a different theme every month. I'm also inviting others to share their stories on my space, so do pop in! Florinda Tay - I blog about family, parenting, my children, life as a mumtrepreneur, lifestyle.. whatever that inspire me that day or week. I loveto be able to read back on my blog when my memories fail me :) Geraldine Gigi Guo - Mother to X'mas eve baby Little Chuck, I love to take photos and document my family's adventures. My blog is a wondrous collection of pictures, musings and a rekindled curiosity for the world through my baby's eyes! Hai Fang See aka Rachel See - A mother of 2. MalMal Our Inspiration is a place where I share my thoughts and inspirations. It is about finding joy in the little things in life where memories are made of. Huiling Deng - Capturing my musings as a working mom as I juggle work, family, and kiddos. But will not blog these 2 months as i get caught up with moving house, and delivering in 7 weeks :) Irene Soh- Mother of 2 and perhaps counting.... A spot where we kept re-visitng to remind the kids the wonderful childhood they had so far..... Jac XoJon - A brief introduction about myself, I am a mother of two - a 16 years old boy and currently pregnant with my second girl. I used to be a pre-school teacher for more than 10 years. I am an active blogger on topics such as motherhood advices and experiences. Jacqeline Ho - A FTWM of 2! I started this blog years back, so it use to be mainly about me. Now its flooded with posts about my 2 kids! Jamie Ng - Thrills and spills of a part-time working mother of 2 cheeky girls. Jasmin Ho - I am a FTWM who has neglected the blog for a long time ever since my boy was born. Jasmine Koh - I love the people in my life (especially my two sons) and love finding new and creative ways to celebrate them. Check out my blog for meaningful gift ideas and diy inspiration. Jayne Chua - Jayne | PhotoBlog - A Mother's Photo Diary Jean Angus - A full-time working mum chronicles her family's Wee Stories. Jean Chua - I am a homsechooling mum of 2 who also love handmade and update our bits and pieces via facebook. Used to document ours on mommyjean but was set to private many years back. Jenn Lee - A WAHM blogging about bringing up of my only son so that he knows 妈妈的用心良苦. I have been blogging since 2007, documenting the journey of AJ's growth. I also run an online bookstore for pre-schoolers at Jer Blinn Lim - I am a fulll-time working mum of 2 wonderful boys. I blog about everything I love - my boys, food, fashion etc... I hope to share information to other parents as well as to keep wonderful memories for my boys when they grow up. :) Jennifer Lim - Started the blog to talk about my monster, then it veer off a teeny weeny bit to includes our family's life. For me to post my thoughts (without husband asking me what happened lol) Jiahui Lu - I have three kids and all these years, I thought having 3 kids would be a breeze!It seemed bringing them up would be just repeating one experience again and again... Here is proof I thought wrong! Jocelyn Wee - Capturing the memories of my journey as a SAHM of 2 kids. Reflections on parenting and other random musings. Jolin Justin Jayden - An arena that is full of joy and laughter, the precious time that we spend together as a family and memories of my boy’s growth and development. June Yong - I write about everything, but my focus is generally on family life, children's learning & development, as well as drawing inspiration and lessons from the everyday. Jus - This blog documents our journey as parents to two little boys, as well as shares about the little learning and crafty stuff that we do! Klessis Lee - The blog is about my two daughters and the things we do as a family. From time to time, I also share my thoughts as a full-time working mum. Karen Chen - I started blogging the first day I delivered my elder girl in 2009. Got even more inspired to blog as my boy came along in 2011. I blog simply about the kids, anything and everything under the sun. L Lee - A place to release those many thoughts colliding together in my mind. Chronicling moments so as not to forget. Scrapbooking, good literature, motherhood. Leonny - I'm a Mom of three young kiddos, and I love capturing life's everyday things in pictures, and blogging about life with children, parenting tips, activities for children, places to visit, and everything else which I find inspirational in a hope to inspire others too! Ling - To record down the growing up about my 2 children Ling Siew Ng - Random musings of a WAHM. I have 2 boys aged 3 and 1. Recently quit my full time job so that I have more time for my boys. Not content with being just a stay home mum, I am in the process of starting a small business that I operate out of home. Liza Poh - I try to write about anything that I'm in the mood for. No specific theme/topic. I speak Ingrish and I embrace my inner Lian quite openly. Lk Fft: I'm a SAHM with one kid. I share mainly on recipes for toddlers which are simple, healthy and practical. Some of them are great for adults too! I also include tips and ideas on how to encourage your kids to have healthy eating habits. Madeline Heng - I'm a research psychologist & mum of a little girl. My passions include children, breastfeeding, arts and travelling! =) Facebook: Madeline Soh- My journey with my baby boy, Oliver. The musings, the undertakings and the simple joys in between. Facebook: Maryann Koh - I am a mummy to two rascals (boys) :) i own and run The Studio Loft, shooting babies, kids, families and the very pregnant! This blog is a diary of my kids growing up, my photography and personal ramblings :) Mary Heng - (OK) This is my digital diary where I blog mainly about my experiences as a mommy, a teacher and child of God. Mei Ring Lim - Writing about fun, unique children related products. Militza Maury - I'm an eco-blogger and designer of eco-friendly products for kids and home. I blog about natural and green living. Ming Yuan - I'm now a FTWM, blogging about our family and my motherhood journey. I also talk about all the things I do with my 3 years old daughter so friends can have ideas on what to do and where to go with a young one. :) Miriam - SAHM of 2 girls. Personal journal of anything and everything in my life. Nadia Cheong - A pen (in this case the keyboard) and the camera are two things that define me. I snap and I write. This is where you'll find short snippets of me, the world I live in, and my family of four. ...errr five if you count the cat. :) Natasha Bounaparte - A personal lifestyle blog where I capture snippets of my life unadulterated. Currently a first time mama, I'm looking forward to documenting first-time adventures and experiences on parenthood and beyond. Pamela Tan - I'm a mother of 3 lovely kidzes (2 of which are a pair of twins!). I mainly blog about the kids and chronicle our activities as a family. I also run an online retail/distribution biz at so I sometimes blog about my kids playing boardgames and I intend to also blog on my feelings and thoughts on starting a biz and being a mumpreneur. Pauline - I blog about anything and everything about my thoughts on motherhood, my kids and home cooked food :) PC - I blog and scrapbook digitally: my children and our daily moments. I also write on family travel experience, which usually takes place once a year. Rachel Lim - On top of my life as a mother of 2 boys, I'm super addictive to paper crafts and a lover for handmades. ^^ Rachel Teo - Blogging gives me a breather from the whirlwind of life, as helps me reflect about my role as a mom, wife and an individual. I write mostly about parenting, education and art/decor/fashion/handmades. Also blogging at Regina Soejanto-Moo - An inventory of shared experiences, musings and challenges in bringing up baby. A collection of memories, joy and love - lest I forget! Ruth Wong - I blog about all things close to my heart: motherhood, parenting, lifestyle, home organisation, mumpreneurship, fashion and reviews. Sarah Lee-Wong - At my blog, we celebrate the joys of creative and good old fashioned playing with our children in every aspect of life. A resource commune for parents/educators to exchange and get inspiration on how we can raise creative, joyful children! Sandra Tan - My blog chronicles how I juggle a full-time job and two cheeky little boys in my life... while still (attempting to) maintain my sanity! Selena Quah - Started blogging as a way to keep in touch with friends and family when my husband and I were in London. Now its about whatever leisure and activity I get up to on my own or with the family. Serene Seah - Aim to document the milestones of my boy so that he can look back to when he grows up. My homeschooling journey and places we brought him along to. The blog too includes my culinary journey as well. Paper craft coming soon ! Sharon Lavender - / Oak Tree Baby is borne out of a realization that we can all parent with a purpose. All kids are GIFTED and we can help them grow to be as STRONG as oak of righteousness (courage, resilience, justice, integrity, equity, compassion, kindness, patience etc,). I have 2 children and still counting. My hubby & I conduct parenting classes for toddlers based on Babywise curriculum. Shereen Ng- and The diaperbag blog records the adventures of my twins and my youngest as well as my insights into being a working mom, struggling with issues of creativity vs our education system and creating adventure and memories for the children. We also have a Facebook page where their funny observations on the world are recorded. Sher-li Torrey - (OK) A collection of stories and also advice that supports my main business - Mums@Work (Singapore). Also features interviews with Mumpreneurs, Career Advice etc. Shermeen Ching - (OK) A relatively new mum that blogs about everything that matters, and more recently on our journey overcoming infertility and how our little boy never fail to amaze us. Steph Tan - This mommarazzi blogs at "Roo and Red" which chronicles her everyday adventures with her two little spices and her photography business. It's a happy space, and she hope to pass on their wanderlust, rose-tinted lenses, and “look-to-the-bright-side-of-life” vibe through loads of candid images and simple anecdotes. Suhanya - I am a mom of one.. Love writing in any form.. My blog is basically an archive of everything that I am expereincing in this parenting journey.. I do write about other interests like cooking, travelling etc.. I hope my blog makes a good read to all and my hindsight goal is to author a book one day:) Ps: Off late i have not blogged a lot.. but the last week was revival after starting to use the Wordpress mobile app.. so I am back to blogging - on the go and the invite through a friend who is alos my first blog follower to Singapore Mom Bloggers's was a great gift.. I am more inspired to blog now!! Summer Goh - and This is a blog about babies, DIY crafts, travelling and all things happy. It is a place where I share my joy of being a mum and of life. The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of things, they just make the best out of everything that comes their way. Susan Koh - and My blog chronicles my journey as a A Juggling Mom. One who is a FTWM who hopes to share resources on how moms can juggle the many roles as mom, wife and career woman on a daily basis. Blogs about activities for kids, new places to go, parenting, marriage, crafts, baking and food! Tzer Jing Seng - Our blog is to document the daily life of our family, especially to note down the growing up of the little ones, to share our parenting experience and useful tips, and as a platform for the long-winded mum to "talk". We are a pair of "un-kiasu" parents, we do nothing academic with the kids, except whatever they learn at the childcare. No enrichment classes, no structured learning at home. They just play all the time. We want them to remember their childhood as fun, fun and fun! V Poh - My blog is about the small things, as well as the big moments, that I treasure. Now a mum to 2 young tots, I blog mostly about my kids' milestones, activities, and my thoughts on parenting from a Christian perspective. Virginia - This blog is shared by me and my hubby about our parenting journey. I am from the education sector and my hubby is from the medical sector together we wrote a lot of articles about education, medical and parenting area and are keen to share with all parents. Wendy Goh - All about my loves & our journey together! My multifaceted roles: a daughter, a worker, a lover, a wife, now a mommy & it goes on... Wendy Kwek - I'm a SAHM with 2years old son.. my son attending 2hours playgroup at Talent plus.. I love to blog & keep all the memories That spend together as a family.. Newly Done Photography blog .. I love taking Picture.... Winnie Lee - This blog is about the trials and tribulations of my journey as a FTWM, from my personal ramblings/reflections to fun times learning the ABCs and doing crafts with my kids. I am mummy dearest to an adoring girl and boy. Yvonne Chung - I started the blog in 2004 out of curiousity and it has seen me through pre-marriage life, marriage, pregnancy and now parenting journey of 2 (a boy 4+yo and a girl, 16 mths old). Or what I call, This blessed life of mine. I am doing a temporary-stay-home stint as we relocated to the West Coast, USA, for 18 months. The blog also serves to capture memories of our West Life. Yvonne Yeo - I'm a proud mama of one. The blog is a space where I pen down my thoughts and share those memorable moments of my life. It was started off as a project to keep my SAHM's brain working when I realised all I could was coo and ga-ga to my baby. After a series of ups and downs, I have decided to STILL keep my blog that way. Do hop on over & say Hi! Looking forward to make more likeminded friends. ^^

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