Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love from 35,000ft

It has never occurred to me that I've never written about our love story,
until June from SMB suggested doing a love story linky.....

It was on 26th August 2002....
After coming back from a refreshing 1 week annual leave,
I was put on a 10 days flight;

It was a team flight
and as usual the inflight supervisor, Gerard
gave choices of work position
from the most senior and to the most junior.
(They called this SHIP; Senior Has It's Priorities....)
And being the most junior in the team.
I am often left with no choices for work position!
I often joked about knowing where I would be working
even before reporting!
Well, I ended up with the most undesirable work position.
B2, galley stewardess for economy class forward galley.
Yup, the one that handles your food
and the one that you shouldn't be messing around with.....
*big fat grin*
But, I wasn't too bothered about it
since I do that position all the time
I was pretty accustomed to all the grease work that needed to be done.

Upon reaching the aircraft,
for the junior crews you sort of have to report your status.

So I casually reported to my leading steward,
"Hi Kitson,
This is my first few times as galley stewardess.
Please guide me along."
I was astonished with his reply,
"Oh, your first few times then you do everything by yourself."
I wasn't expecting this reply....
I was still waiting for the standard sweet talk reply,
"oh darling, don't worry about it.... I'll help you!"
But, that didn't come through at all.
He proceeded to continue on with his work leaving me to independently do mine!
My thoughts, hmm, he must be GAY or a No Nonsense sort of Guy!

And since my Inflight Supervior is a boring talker,
(no kidding, he talks in monotone!)
Kitson asked, "Is this your team flight?"
I responded, "YES!!"
He replied, "It is going to be a boring 10 days!"
I stood stunt at his reply yet again!

And throughout the flight,
Kitson came through as a very strict and stern supervisor
that will tolerate no nonsense!
Everyone in the galley was kept on our toes....
even the most senior stewardess was pretty stressed out too....

Upon reaching our destination in Zurich,
Kitson asked me out....
Nothing of the romantic sort....
He asked me out for grocery shopping!
For the first time, someone actually cited conditions before taking me on a "date"....
He asked, "Can you be ready in 15 mins?"
I sheepishly answered, "yes!"
(This is the shortest time I had 
to get ready to head out after check in.
The norm is usually an hour later after check in....)
Little did I know,
he was actually ticking off 
the potential girlfriend-to-be 
on his subconscious checklist.

After grocery shopping I was invited to Kitson's room for a meal.
I gladly obliged, since I was hungry.
I marveled when he took out a portable cook pot,
whipping out the best tasting pasta ever!
That has got to be the "warmest" meal I had
after all these months of flying I thought!

He opened his cargo bag,
and I swear it looked like a little mini mart in there....
He asked, "Longan tea or Eight Treasure Tea?"
Regardless of my choice of drinks,
I was already not thinking straight.....

To top it all off,
dessert was even served!
Chilled can Longans.

I remembered thinking to myself if I married this guy
I would never have to go hungry waiting for the pizza delivery guy!!!

And I did!

10 years and 3 kids later....
I am glad I married this gay guy!

Monday, September 24, 2012

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

James Full Month Baby Shower

In the Asian culture,
a baby shower is done after a month from the birth of a child.

Newborns are traditionally not given names
or formally accepted into the family until this time
because, as in other countries,
infant mortality rates in China is considered quite high.
A baby who reached one month of age was likely to survive,
and so the event was celebrated....

 We started off the morning
 by giving thanks to God.
Then proceed on with traditional ritual of head shaving.
Auspicious words were uttered throughout this process.
Some people believed that this is done 
to mark the point of independent existence 
while others do it believing that the baby
will grow lustrous thick hair.
whatever the reason is,
we just want the best for James.

*Reserve a bunch of hair and fingernails,
release them in a down stream river*

Next up, 
taking a bath with 7 colored flower 
is believed to remove "impurities".
If the baby has older siblings,
red eggs are put into the bath water 
and then later fed to the older siblings.
By doing so, 
the older folks believe that 
all siblings enjoy will good relationship between one another. 

Dress James up in new clothes 
and he is all ready to rock and roll!

 Traditional Must have Food for Baby Shower
Red Eggs with Pickled Ginger
Eggs are significant because they symbolize fertility and the renewal of life. 
Also, their shape is traditionally associated with harmony and unity

It took us 3 kids to realize the correct techniques of dying red eggs.
And it's pretty easy peasy actually!!

150ml vinegar
1 tbsp Cochineal Red (red food coloring)
1/2 tsp sugar
Combine all and set aside for color bath.

Put in 30 eggs into a pot of water. 
Making sure that water lever is 2 inches away from eggs. 
Add salt into water.
when water get into a slow boil,
turn to low heat and continue boiling for 10 minutes.
Drain out eggs.
Put hot eggs in color bath.

Another Traditional Must have Food for Baby Shower
Ang Ku Kueh
  Steamed glutinous rice flour cake
stuffed with either peanut or mung bean fillings.
Symbolizes of longevity and good fortune

The BEST Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore!
Ji Xiang Confectionery
Block 1 Everton Park,
#01-33 (near Cantonment Road)
Singapore 081001
Tel: +65 6223-1631

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays: 8 am to 5 pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

Let the Party Begins

 For the first time in our lives,
we ordered catering.
Thank god it didn't disappoint.
Many guest were seen giving 2 thumbs up and going back for more refills
Food By:
Chilli Padi Peranakan Restaurant and Catering 
We ordered the
Baby Full Month Nonya Delicacy Package.
Highly Recommended!

Our heartfelt thanks to those that has graced James Baby Shower.
And a huge thank you for all the wonderful gifts.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just Needed a Space to Rant: "Helpful" Strangers

It's just amazing how busybody the general public is....

With 2 events happening the same day. 
It is really to much for me to stomach.

Event #1
Baby Bear was screaming
obviously still upset with the pediatrician for cleaning up his umbilical cord.
I went into MacDonald.
In hopes of buying breakfast and finding a cozy spot to feed the hungry bear.
The manager saw me and approached me.
Found me a spot and offered to buy breakfast for me...
(super appreciative *thumbs up* for the proactive act!!)

comment #1 from some random aunty in mandarin.
"she wants to feed baby ask her sit inside inside."
Eventhough I heard her coment loud and clear, I choose to IGNORE her!
I can sit wherever I want to nurse my child.
It is a natural act of mother nourishing a child.
And NOT pornography.

Proceed to feed baby bear.
The drama king was inconsolable.... Still screaming his lungs out...
Comment # 2, same random aunty to her friend in hokkien
"she don't have enough milk for baby. Poor thing."
Then told me in mandarin...
Feed other side (of breast)
Again I choose to IGNORE her.
Hello aunty, so much milk until can make milk shake can?

Then she buay tahan.....
Ask me if I am not Singaporean and if I understood Mandarin.

My classic reply, "YES, Singaporean and understands Chinese and Dialect PERFECTLY!!!"

Event # 2
*Baby Bear in sling fast asleep*
(Inside elevator)
PRC auntie:
"Is there a baby in there?"
Me: *nodded*
PRC auntie: *Proceed to lift my resting arm away from the sling*
"don't put your arm there"
Me: I ignored her, pushing my arm down resisting her from pulling my arms away
PRC auntie:
*pull open the sling*
"How many weeks?"
Me: *irritated* *glare* *made irritated noises*

Luckily she kept her distance, 
if not I would have gladly displayed my profound Chinese vulgarities!

Am I just plain unlucky?
Or has anyone else also experienced the same problem 
with "helpful" stranger's random comments?!?!?