Saturday, May 29, 2010

We're warming up the house for Adeline!

It's pretty complicating talking about how we met
and became fast friends.....
I've known this bubbly girl for a year and still counting!

We've been invited to for a house warming party
which I am more than delighted to attend...

Adeline is a great preschool teacher.
She's got tons of interesting book laid neatly on the bookshelves
waiting for the kids to explore!
Toys and activities galore...
I knew my kids will never die of boredom in her place!

Sophia & the Sweet Host Adeline

Isaac with Wein's *very expansive* Optimus Prime
Oh well.... Boys will be Boys!

Sophia totally loving the host's speciality, jelly hearts!

Thanks for the invitation!
We totally enjoyed it!

Next Singapore Idol found at Tiong Bahru Market!!!

You ought to hear this!

I chatted with him and found out
that he busk at Tiong Bahru Market
every fortnight during the weekends....

He told me that he does not want to be station in one place
because he is worried people might get tired of his music....
Honestly speaking,
I could listen to this music 24/7 and never grow tired of it!

When he realized that I brought my young kids along....
he even sang some kiddy songs for them!

Uncle Daniel,
You are infectious!
Look at sophia...


Just one look....
is all it takes...
Can you spot me in FreshKon's advertorial?!?!?

Some pictures of me off FreshKon's facebook page.....

Picking up some tips from the Sephora make-up artist

super duper love this picture of myself
So demure looking right!?!?!

Totally NOT MY IDEA to pose like that!
I look terrible in POSED shots!
Btw, I'm featuring FreshKon Urban Grey Cosmetic Lens....
Kawaii neh!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Grace!

Grace 3th birthday was celebrated
in true blue fast food style at Kallang Macdonalds.
Needless to say,
the kids had a fantastic time eating junk food
and catching up with "old" friends.....

Hiroshi would rather play than eat....

Sophia had countless helpings of cake!

The yummy pine garden hello kitty cake
thou the birthday girl has specifically asked for a wordworld cake.....
*Laughing Out Loud*

Margie, Grace & Myself

Christine, Grace, Margie, Myself & Patricia

Happy Birthday Grace!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Majolica Majorca: Blooming Dreamer

I had the pleasure of being invited to
Majolica Majorca's Chapter 27 workshop
by Pearlin....

And since we are all allowed to invite a friend,
I invited Gin.

And to those who are ignorant about Majolica Majorca,
they are actually sister company of Shiseido....

This pretty much explains the fancy visuals
for all of their product launch!

Look at the pretty visuals!
dun cha just love it!

2 eye shadow palettes,
2 eyeliners
& a mascara
was introduced for chapter 27

The inspiration of this collection
was by shakespeare's Midsummer's night dream.

Now let us all dream a dream.....

Mid-day Dreamer
-this look is achieved by using the pink palette...
Personally speaking, I think this palette is very well suited
for people with fair complexion....
Maybe people with puffy lids should steer far from this one!

Midnight Dreamer
-this look is achieved using the purple palette...
I thought this palette is good for people with darker complexion.
I love this one!

I totally forgot to colour swatch both palette.
But, I vouch that the colour pigmentation is fabulous!
My only complain would be with the eye gloss....
I thought it was far too messy.....
Would really prefer the glitters in a tube & tiny applicator brush.....
(like the silky girl ones)

Automatic Liquid Eye Liner
in Mysterious & Alluring (black base with violet pearl)
and Pure & Captivating (white base with violet pearl)

Limited Edition
purple Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On
This mascara has the same applicator
as in Chapter 26 Lash Enamel Volume On.....
Initially, I thought this purple mascara was so bright
that it could stop traffic....
(that is what i think about ALL colour mascaras!!!)
BUT, I have been proven wrong....
The purple was actually pretty discrete!
Oh well.... at least there was no ah beng
trying to pick me up for the night!

That's Gin & Myself after the workshop.

on midnight dreamer.....

Time to hit bed and start dreaming.

Thank you Majolica Majorca & Pearlin for this great workshop!

Monday, May 24, 2010

"A beautiful me" Workshop

Back Posting: 15 May 2010

A workshops jointly organized by
shiseido professional, majolica Majorca and Panasonic,at Wisma Atrium

Workshop started with a Shiseido Professional
demonstrating proper techniques of hairstyling
using Panasonic 6in1 multi-styling straighter...

I super *heart* this straighter!!!
6 different way of styling in 1 little gadget!
Check out the Japanese version of this product!
Super Kawaii neh!!

We topped off our freshly styled hair using Shisedo Professional Design Tex
There are 6 different intensity of wax,
easily recognisable by numbers from 01 to 06....



01 - Very light and soft hold, airy finish
02 - Light and manageable hold. A textured, clean finish.
03 - Light hold. Iridescent finish
04 - Medium hold. Natural movements.
05 - Rather strong hold. Sculptured finish.
06 - Very strong hold. Contrasting finish.

Finally, we were introduced to Majolica Majorca chapter 26.
"she was a doll"

Skin Lingerie Pore Cover
This product is basically a make up base...
Make up base is something I swear by!
Somehow, I felt that make up done with make up base last longer
and the skin does look more "vibrant"....

Skin Remaker Pore cover
A 2 way cake that is available in 4 shades.
I love 2 way cakes!
Perfect solution for a busy mum!

Top: Lash Bone Black Fiber In
I would strongly recommend anyone with stubborn eye lashes
to use a mascara base before putting on their mascara...
They do help lashes stayed curled for eternity.
And for people who have sparse eye lash like me,
putting on a mascara base will help,
lengthen & thicken your lashes...
Bottom: Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On
Super duper volumising mascara....
The mascara brush comes with wide tooth on one side
and fine tooth on the other
If you prefer a drama mama dolly look, go for the wide tooth....
Fine tooth would produce you normal wearable office look.....

Absolutely sweet pastel colours.
Top: A doll's blink
Bottom: A doll's slumber

I was too shy to whip out my camera to shoot myself during the event....
But I took some pictures while having dinner with my family
at Manhatten Fish Market at Plaza Singapura.

Seeing doubles; Sophia & Myself

Seeing doubles; Kitson & Hiroshi

Our happy family!

The best part of the workshop

Battery operated heated eye lash curlers by Panasonic

Batteries by Panasonic to run the eye lash curler!

Shampoo & Hair Mas by Shiseido Professional

Looking forward to attend more workshop!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

International Museum Day 2010: Paranakan Museum

Rich & Colourful culture waiting to be explored.....

1st stop,
the craft room.....
Sophia made an exquisite jewelry box....

While hiroshi made an interesting peranakan furniture.....

2nd Stop,
let's play dress up!

Little Nyonya Sophia in Sarong Kebaya

Charming Baba Hiroshi in Batik!

3th stop,
crazy long Q at the balloon sculptor!

Sophia going gaga with her flower bracelet!

(oh boy! I think my son is deprived of toys!)

Face/Body Painting.....

Before Sophia drifted to lala land,
she specifically asked for flower to be painted on her arms.....

Hiroshi's stylo milo macho horse tattoo

I thought this was very nicely painted!
(with pressure from a gazillion noisy kids waiting for their turns...)

Extremely happy princess!

Interested to learn more about this unique culture?!?!?
Pop by the museum for a mind blowing educational tour.....

39 Armenian Street
10-minute walk from City Hall and Bras Basah MRT Stations
Admission Charges: Adult $6 Child $3
Monday: 1pm to 7pm
Tuesday to Sunday: 9.30am – 7pm (to 9 pm on Fridays)