Monday, May 24, 2010

"A beautiful me" Workshop

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A workshops jointly organized by
shiseido professional, majolica Majorca and Panasonic,at Wisma Atrium

Workshop started with a Shiseido Professional
demonstrating proper techniques of hairstyling
using Panasonic 6in1 multi-styling straighter...

I super *heart* this straighter!!!
6 different way of styling in 1 little gadget!
Check out the Japanese version of this product!
Super Kawaii neh!!

We topped off our freshly styled hair using Shisedo Professional Design Tex
There are 6 different intensity of wax,
easily recognisable by numbers from 01 to 06....



01 - Very light and soft hold, airy finish
02 - Light and manageable hold. A textured, clean finish.
03 - Light hold. Iridescent finish
04 - Medium hold. Natural movements.
05 - Rather strong hold. Sculptured finish.
06 - Very strong hold. Contrasting finish.

Finally, we were introduced to Majolica Majorca chapter 26.
"she was a doll"

Skin Lingerie Pore Cover
This product is basically a make up base...
Make up base is something I swear by!
Somehow, I felt that make up done with make up base last longer
and the skin does look more "vibrant"....

Skin Remaker Pore cover
A 2 way cake that is available in 4 shades.
I love 2 way cakes!
Perfect solution for a busy mum!

Top: Lash Bone Black Fiber In
I would strongly recommend anyone with stubborn eye lashes
to use a mascara base before putting on their mascara...
They do help lashes stayed curled for eternity.
And for people who have sparse eye lash like me,
putting on a mascara base will help,
lengthen & thicken your lashes...
Bottom: Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On
Super duper volumising mascara....
The mascara brush comes with wide tooth on one side
and fine tooth on the other
If you prefer a drama mama dolly look, go for the wide tooth....
Fine tooth would produce you normal wearable office look.....

Absolutely sweet pastel colours.
Top: A doll's blink
Bottom: A doll's slumber

I was too shy to whip out my camera to shoot myself during the event....
But I took some pictures while having dinner with my family
at Manhatten Fish Market at Plaza Singapura.

Seeing doubles; Sophia & Myself

Seeing doubles; Kitson & Hiroshi

Our happy family!

The best part of the workshop

Battery operated heated eye lash curlers by Panasonic

Batteries by Panasonic to run the eye lash curler!

Shampoo & Hair Mas by Shiseido Professional

Looking forward to attend more workshop!

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