Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pasar Malam

I usually get excited when I see people setting up pasar malam tents.
the night bazaars in Singapore are pretty predictable!
So I'm sure any decent adults would not even get excited over it!

I never could understand that tinge of excitement right until recently.

I realized that I was excited over memories
rather than what I could get at the night markets.

My father used too bring me & my sister
to night markets when we were very young.
The BEST part of all that night bazaar is picking 3 toys for 10 bucks!
I would always picked out girly toys
while my sister Ivy would be deeply obsessed
with machine guns, swords and military costumes
I would always have
bird nest drink sold from aluminum drink carts,
(no idea what those floating moss like thingy were,
but I could confirm they were not bird nest!)
sweet corn cob laced generously with butter & salt wrap in aluminum foil,
Shark Fin Soup,
(with no shark fin and lots of starch!!!)
Taiwan Sausages,
Muah Chee,
Tutu Kuihs
and whatever I fancy....

Daddy, I miss you dearly!

Sometimes in life, we tend to take many things for granted.
We only start appreciating when we've lost something....

Everyone has their shortcomings.
And life is too short to harp on anyone's shortcoming!
Afterall, who are we to judge?!?!?
We are not GOD....
We are merely humans!

I wonder what kind of memories would I leave for my kids.....

Hiroshi & Sophia sharing a drink from Pasat Malam!

Sophia loves her new princess umbrella

Hiroshi loves his new spiderman umbrella too!

Now, we're just waiting for a rainy day!

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