Saturday, May 29, 2010

We're warming up the house for Adeline!

It's pretty complicating talking about how we met
and became fast friends.....
I've known this bubbly girl for a year and still counting!

We've been invited to for a house warming party
which I am more than delighted to attend...

Adeline is a great preschool teacher.
She's got tons of interesting book laid neatly on the bookshelves
waiting for the kids to explore!
Toys and activities galore...
I knew my kids will never die of boredom in her place!

Sophia & the Sweet Host Adeline

Isaac with Wein's *very expansive* Optimus Prime
Oh well.... Boys will be Boys!

Sophia totally loving the host's speciality, jelly hearts!

Thanks for the invitation!
We totally enjoyed it!

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