Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Macau No More

I swear my family thrives on impromptu decisions.
The gush of adrenaline rush somehow makes us feel real good.

We were all battling between
大嶼山(Lantau Island)

The kids made the final decisions
when daddy asked if they would like to take a cable car or ferry.
The vote was unanimous!
Both kids chanted "FERRY"

I can't tell you how excited I am!
I've always thought highly of Macau as the Oriental Las Vegas.

Our ride was Pretty Cool!

Family Photo on the Turbojet Tricat

Upon arriving Macau,
our 1st disappointment came when we realized that there wasn't any show
happening on that particular day!!!

Without much of a choice,
we've decided to tour the city
own time own target.

We took the FREE transportation to Wynn Hotel
(As you can clearly see,
the kids are just HAPPY to be on land!
Since the ferry ride was 1hr long!!!)

We went searching for Macau's BEST Portugal Egg Tarts.
Margaret's Cafe
As you can clearly tell by this picture,
we were not in luck!
They are closed on Wednesdays!!!

We ended up indulging ourselves silly with desserts at a local dessert joint
Loja De Doces Hang Heong Un

Since we cannot get the BEST,
We have to just settle for SECOND BEST!
Portugal Egg Tarts by Koi Kei Bakery

I swear this was the only thing that saved the extremely boring trip!
Fluffy Crust coupled with Warm Egg Custard.
Nothing beats the real thing now!

I shall end this posting in this good note.
The rest that happened in Macau is just not worth talking about.

Verdict: will NEVER visit again!
(But to those visiting.....
Can you please get me some egg tarts form Margaret's cafe?
Dead curious to find out how they taste like....
Since they are suppose to be the BEST!!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

尖沙咀, 許留山, Stanley Market & Dinner with Sam & 二姑媽

Satisfying our cravings for 叉燒, 烧肉饭 & 烧鵝饭
at a local cafe
@ tsim sha tusi (尖沙咀)

Father & Son

Mother & Daughter

Hiroshi totally pleased about ordering a dessert of his choice @ 許留山!

I honestly could have these for
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Supper!!!

Happy Siblings after Dessert!

Left daddy to goof around with the kids
while I shopped till my hearts content at Stanley Market!

Finally dinner at Federal Palace with Sam & 二姑媽

It's been a long day.
Looking forward to what tomorrow may bring!

Monday, October 24, 2011

(Hong Kong Disneyland) Where the Magic Begins.......

I remembered writing a slightly longer than the usual posting 
to redress the injustice
regarding HongKong Disneyland's reputation about a year ago.

As of today,
I totally regretted penning down such an excellent review for the park.
It is only now that I truly encountered the real colors of it.
And, it is definitely not a pretty one!

Hong Kong Disneyland still has its' magical charm as a theme park.
But, the heavy bulk of mainland Chinese park patrons
made it awfully hard to enjoy the park!
(I now understand why Chinese
(or in the matter of fact, yellow skins)
are shun all over the world!)
I do not understand how can these chinese kids be so bloody ill mannered?!?!?
Pushing and Shoving
and not being able to stand patiently in Qs.
Is the Chinese "one kid only" policy causing parents to over pampering their kids 
and giving in to all their horrible nonsense behaviors?

We are not ashamed to declare that we are super duper strict parents.
 Proper behaviors and good manners are the only thing we demand of a child.

What a Sight!
(who the hell sleeps in a Disneyland Theme Park,
with a whole view of your arse facing everyone?!?!?!?)
Total Disbelief!

Enough said!
If China wants to be a Super Power of the World,
They definitely have a long long way to go!

*At the Main Entrance*
You can see those seasonal pumpkins since we are nearing Halloween

One of Sophia's favorite Disney Icon; Tinkerbell

Hiroshi & Sophia was part of the Street Parade
*Mad excited*

One of Hiroshi's favourite Disey Icon: Buzz Lightyear

Couz Angelina, you were so right!
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters was ranked 
the most "happening" with the kids.
We were forced to take multiple rides with them!!

My 2 rope climbing experts at Tarzan's Treehouse!!!

Somethin' Rumbling in my Tummy

Minnie Mouse is such a Sweetheart!!!

A trip to Disneyland is never complete 
without a picture with Mickey Mouse himself!

Hong Kong Disneyland!
Enough is Enough.
I am not going to take a holiday where I have to "battle" with the rest of the world!
(even thou it was off peak season!)

the GOOD news is,
(perhaps they are STILL not cute enough.....)
offered to sell me theirs.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

EcoKidd Graduation & Musical Concert 2011

You can't deny how time flies when you have kids!
(I could literately feel wrinkles and grey hair creeping out while I type!)
Hiroshi was 18mths old when we enrolled him into playschool.

But today, 
he is finally graduating into primary school!
Another Huge Milestone!
I still stand in disbelieve that my baby is already 6 this year!!!

I know this is going to sound really silly,
but, Kitson & Myself were very much close to tears
when we saw him collecting his graduation certificate.

 Hiroshi looked PERFECT in his Graduation Gown and Hat!
We couldn't help, but, agree that 
"YES! Our baby has grown up
and he's embarking on the next chapter of his life....."
Compulsory Formal Education

This is the 1st year Kitson & myself had the opportunity of 
fully enjoying the concert since both kids are performing at the same time.....

Sophia & her friends

Sophia danced to the tune of "lilipop",
since their theme was Hansel and Gretel.
(You could hardly spot her, since she is in the middle of nowhere!)

Hiroshi & his friends

Hiroshi was the shoemaker in Elves and the Shoemaker.
(I bet you can't recognize him under those disguise!)

Since our kids surprised us by putting on an excellent dance performance at the
EcoKidd Graduation & Musical Concert 2011.
We ended up surprising them
with a trip to Hong Kong immediately after the concert!
The kids were Thrilled!!!

We were greeted with strange stares at the airport!
(Since the kids were still in their concert costumes and heavy make up....)
But, honestly, 
who the hell cares!!!
Looking at the kids' surprise faces and happy smiles made our day!

We were goofing around in the galley!

I think both my kids are top notch safety officers.

Hiroshi reads through the safety information card.
And could clearly verbalize what to do in case of an emergency 
and which exits to take!!!

Sophia on the other hand,
makes sure her seat belts are securely fasten at all times 
when the seat belt sign comes on.....

Too much excitement for a day.
Hiroshi crashed out upon landing!
 Sleep well Sweetheart,
We are going to have a lot more FUN in the next few days!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Importance of Service Recovery..... (Pariss Buffet and Banquet Restaurant)

Age is just a digital numeration that increases year after year.
There is nothing you can do about it, 
but embrace it positively.

I have just turned 
30 + 1

I am just amazed how much life has changed for me in the past 8 years.
I believe everything has it's time and place.

A quick thought of making a bucket list came by my mind,
but as quickly as it came,
it went off instantaneously.

Being 30 + 1 shouldn't be taken as being almost at the end,
but instead,
beginning for better things to come!

I am looking forward to fulfill everything planted on my vision board.
I've been craving for oysters,
but never found a good enough occasion to indulge in them.

Since it was my birthday,
it was a good enough excuse to load up on the cholesterol!

We hung out at Pariss Buffet and Banquet Restaurant at Marina Square.
At $37.80nett per person,
it was nothing but sheer disappointment!

Gone were the days where oysters were free flowing.
Now with the ridiculous policy of
1 piece of oyster per customer per order
is driving me NUTs!
And I swear,
the oysters takes forever to arrive!
Who on earth orders ONE oyster at a time?
Don't we usually do either 1/2 a dozen or 1 dozen in one seating?!?!?!?!?

Their excuse stated on the menu says
"In order to ensure that our oyster are consumed at its' freshest,
orders are limited to ONE at a time,"

Honestly, Give me 1/2 a dozen,
it will be consumed immediately
and I assure you it will still be at it's freshest!

We decided to give our feedback to the restaurant manager,
She didn't seems to be interested in our feedback at all.
All she did was defended the company by saying some tables would over order
and the kitchen will not be able to open the oysters as quickly
to satisfy the demand.
I understand that,
but surely,
one per customer is ridiculous!
Perhaps 1/2 a dozen per order per table sounds more like a reasonable limitation!

To our surprise,
our feedback was indeed taken into consideration.
The operation manager Mr Wong came by and talked to us
and even offered us more oysters.
It was a nice gesture,
but I guess we both had our fill of the other buffet items
other than oysters
so we polietly declined the offer.

We were given feedback forms to fill out,
We've written our piece of mind....
Let's just hope that the company would revise its' silly policy.

Even though the service is acceptable,
and the service recovery done by Mr Wong was meticulous....
I will NOT be a returning customer unless they change that policy!

Happy 30 + 1 Birthday!!!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Happy Children's Day | Family day at Sentosa

I think my kids are in-born beach bums!
Given any day, 
rain or shine, 
they'll tell you they want to hang out at the beach!

Perfect family outing 
to celebrate Children's Day 
at Sentosa Beach.


Thursday, October 06, 2011

Happy Children's Day Celebration @ EcoKidd Chilcare

I have absolutely no idea who is the "smart" arse
who changed celebration of Children's Day to first friday of October!
Honestly, what is wrong with 1st October?!?!?!?!?
I still like it to be on the 1st of October, 
way, way, easier to remember!

enough of bitching over things I cannot change....

I had fun dressing the kids up for celebration in school!!
Hiroshi is the brave knight who obviously cannot stand still.
While Sophia is the graceful ballerina.

Daddy's socks was harmed in the making of Sophia's ballerina outfit.
Look how pretty the sock bun is!
The sacrifice is well worth it!!!




Happy Children's Day
I pray for happy & healthy kids all around the world!