Monday, October 24, 2011

(Hong Kong Disneyland) Where the Magic Begins.......

I remembered writing a slightly longer than the usual posting 
to redress the injustice
regarding HongKong Disneyland's reputation about a year ago.

As of today,
I totally regretted penning down such an excellent review for the park.
It is only now that I truly encountered the real colors of it.
And, it is definitely not a pretty one!

Hong Kong Disneyland still has its' magical charm as a theme park.
But, the heavy bulk of mainland Chinese park patrons
made it awfully hard to enjoy the park!
(I now understand why Chinese
(or in the matter of fact, yellow skins)
are shun all over the world!)
I do not understand how can these chinese kids be so bloody ill mannered?!?!?
Pushing and Shoving
and not being able to stand patiently in Qs.
Is the Chinese "one kid only" policy causing parents to over pampering their kids 
and giving in to all their horrible nonsense behaviors?

We are not ashamed to declare that we are super duper strict parents.
 Proper behaviors and good manners are the only thing we demand of a child.

What a Sight!
(who the hell sleeps in a Disneyland Theme Park,
with a whole view of your arse facing everyone?!?!?!?)
Total Disbelief!

Enough said!
If China wants to be a Super Power of the World,
They definitely have a long long way to go!

*At the Main Entrance*
You can see those seasonal pumpkins since we are nearing Halloween

One of Sophia's favorite Disney Icon; Tinkerbell

Hiroshi & Sophia was part of the Street Parade
*Mad excited*

One of Hiroshi's favourite Disey Icon: Buzz Lightyear

Couz Angelina, you were so right!
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters was ranked 
the most "happening" with the kids.
We were forced to take multiple rides with them!!

My 2 rope climbing experts at Tarzan's Treehouse!!!

Somethin' Rumbling in my Tummy

Minnie Mouse is such a Sweetheart!!!

A trip to Disneyland is never complete 
without a picture with Mickey Mouse himself!

Hong Kong Disneyland!
Enough is Enough.
I am not going to take a holiday where I have to "battle" with the rest of the world!
(even thou it was off peak season!)

the GOOD news is,
(perhaps they are STILL not cute enough.....)
offered to sell me theirs.


Ronda said...

OH, I'm so sorry you didn't have a great time at Disney! We just returned from Disney Orlando in Florida and the kids had fantastic time but it was TOO HOT, and of course as always, crowded. I think next time we will try the one in California as it is a lot smaller and manageable with small children.

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Ronda: I'll definitely go to Disneyland at California the next time round. Looking forward to planning a trip that far.... *grin*

bb2005 said...

I went to HK Disneyland in 2007 and my experience was equally bad with the chinese. They do not have basic courtesy and they do not respect others (please pardon me for my language). I'll be going to Orland Disney World soon, hopefully it will be a nice trip.

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

BB2005: I am sure Orlando Disneyland would be much better since the client demographic is definitely better!!! Have a safe and fun trip!!