Thursday, November 04, 2010

HongKong Disneyland

We totally ENJOYED Hongkong Disneyland.
In fact, we love it so much that
I am writing a slightly longer post to redress an injustice
regarding the reputation of HongKong Disneyland.....

Myth No. 1
Child kidnapping/ Mainland Chinese trying to sell you their kid...
*I can put my head on the line for this one!
No one tried to kidnap my kids (maybe they ain't cute enoff),
nor did anyone try to sell me their kids!*
It was a safe environment for your kids to fun free!

Myth No. 2
The park is too small!
We had 2 fast pass(for Golden Mickey & Lion King),
ran from one ride to the other,
used our time damn efficiently
and yet, we could not even complete on all the rides in the park!

Myth No. 3
Park is crowded with Mainland Chinese lying & sitting around 
with their infamous spitting habits!
I have to agree that there were many Mainland Chinese,
but they were just visiting the park like any other tourist, like you and me...
I haven't seen any trying to spit on the floor.
Thou, one has SNEEZE OPENLY without covering this nose and mouth!

My compilation of die die must go attraction....

-"Festival of Lion King"

-Mickey's PhilharMagic
-"The Golden Mickey"
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

-Stitch Encounter
-Buzz Lightyear Blasters

Please do not be dampen by negative reviews about this park...
Go experience and enjoy the park like we did!


Adeline said...

omg! the mermaid slideshow is so COOL!

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