Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For the 1st time in my life; I actually WON something!!!!!

We won ourselves 2 tickets to walking with dinosaurs organised by sg marketing.

I am extremely excited.
And, I'm sure the kids would be too!

Ever since watching the makings of walking with dinosaurs on okto,
the kids and myself has been dying to catch this dinosaurs thingy LIVE!

I have to honestly admit that I am a dimwit
when it comes to naming all these dinosaurs.
But, I'm sure after watching this show, 
I'll have a wreath of knowledge on these majestic creatures 
whom have roam the surface of earth many million years ago....

*keeping my fingers and toes crossed*
after winning these tickets....
My chance of winning anything & everything will greatly improve...

Toto & 4D

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