Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Importance of Service Recovery..... (Pariss Buffet and Banquet Restaurant)

Age is just a digital numeration that increases year after year.
There is nothing you can do about it, 
but embrace it positively.

I have just turned 
30 + 1

I am just amazed how much life has changed for me in the past 8 years.
I believe everything has it's time and place.

A quick thought of making a bucket list came by my mind,
but as quickly as it came,
it went off instantaneously.

Being 30 + 1 shouldn't be taken as being almost at the end,
but instead,
beginning for better things to come!

I am looking forward to fulfill everything planted on my vision board.
I've been craving for oysters,
but never found a good enough occasion to indulge in them.

Since it was my birthday,
it was a good enough excuse to load up on the cholesterol!

We hung out at Pariss Buffet and Banquet Restaurant at Marina Square.
At $37.80nett per person,
it was nothing but sheer disappointment!

Gone were the days where oysters were free flowing.
Now with the ridiculous policy of
1 piece of oyster per customer per order
is driving me NUTs!
And I swear,
the oysters takes forever to arrive!
Who on earth orders ONE oyster at a time?
Don't we usually do either 1/2 a dozen or 1 dozen in one seating?!?!?!?!?

Their excuse stated on the menu says
"In order to ensure that our oyster are consumed at its' freshest,
orders are limited to ONE at a time,"

Honestly, Give me 1/2 a dozen,
it will be consumed immediately
and I assure you it will still be at it's freshest!

We decided to give our feedback to the restaurant manager,
She didn't seems to be interested in our feedback at all.
All she did was defended the company by saying some tables would over order
and the kitchen will not be able to open the oysters as quickly
to satisfy the demand.
I understand that,
but surely,
one per customer is ridiculous!
Perhaps 1/2 a dozen per order per table sounds more like a reasonable limitation!

To our surprise,
our feedback was indeed taken into consideration.
The operation manager Mr Wong came by and talked to us
and even offered us more oysters.
It was a nice gesture,
but I guess we both had our fill of the other buffet items
other than oysters
so we polietly declined the offer.

We were given feedback forms to fill out,
We've written our piece of mind....
Let's just hope that the company would revise its' silly policy.

Even though the service is acceptable,
and the service recovery done by Mr Wong was meticulous....
I will NOT be a returning customer unless they change that policy!

Happy 30 + 1 Birthday!!!

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