Tuesday, October 25, 2011

尖沙咀, 許留山, Stanley Market & Dinner with Sam & 二姑媽

Satisfying our cravings for 叉燒, 烧肉饭 & 烧鵝饭
at a local cafe
@ tsim sha tusi (尖沙咀)

Father & Son

Mother & Daughter

Hiroshi totally pleased about ordering a dessert of his choice @ 許留山!

I honestly could have these for
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Supper!!!

Happy Siblings after Dessert!

Left daddy to goof around with the kids
while I shopped till my hearts content at Stanley Market!

Finally dinner at Federal Palace with Sam & 二姑媽

It's been a long day.
Looking forward to what tomorrow may bring!

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daphne said...

Wah! nice trip! I like.. Looks like HK is a popular choice of destination always. Good to see Uncle Sam and 2ndgrandaunt too!!