Sunday, October 23, 2011

EcoKidd Graduation & Musical Concert 2011

You can't deny how time flies when you have kids!
(I could literately feel wrinkles and grey hair creeping out while I type!)
Hiroshi was 18mths old when we enrolled him into playschool.

But today, 
he is finally graduating into primary school!
Another Huge Milestone!
I still stand in disbelieve that my baby is already 6 this year!!!

I know this is going to sound really silly,
but, Kitson & Myself were very much close to tears
when we saw him collecting his graduation certificate.

 Hiroshi looked PERFECT in his Graduation Gown and Hat!
We couldn't help, but, agree that 
"YES! Our baby has grown up
and he's embarking on the next chapter of his life....."
Compulsory Formal Education

This is the 1st year Kitson & myself had the opportunity of 
fully enjoying the concert since both kids are performing at the same time.....

Sophia & her friends

Sophia danced to the tune of "lilipop",
since their theme was Hansel and Gretel.
(You could hardly spot her, since she is in the middle of nowhere!)

Hiroshi & his friends

Hiroshi was the shoemaker in Elves and the Shoemaker.
(I bet you can't recognize him under those disguise!)

Since our kids surprised us by putting on an excellent dance performance at the
EcoKidd Graduation & Musical Concert 2011.
We ended up surprising them
with a trip to Hong Kong immediately after the concert!
The kids were Thrilled!!!

We were greeted with strange stares at the airport!
(Since the kids were still in their concert costumes and heavy make up....)
But, honestly, 
who the hell cares!!!
Looking at the kids' surprise faces and happy smiles made our day!

We were goofing around in the galley!

I think both my kids are top notch safety officers.

Hiroshi reads through the safety information card.
And could clearly verbalize what to do in case of an emergency 
and which exits to take!!!

Sophia on the other hand,
makes sure her seat belts are securely fasten at all times 
when the seat belt sign comes on.....

Too much excitement for a day.
Hiroshi crashed out upon landing!
 Sleep well Sweetheart,
We are going to have a lot more FUN in the next few days!!!

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