Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Macau No More

I swear my family thrives on impromptu decisions.
The gush of adrenaline rush somehow makes us feel real good.

We were all battling between
大嶼山(Lantau Island)

The kids made the final decisions
when daddy asked if they would like to take a cable car or ferry.
The vote was unanimous!
Both kids chanted "FERRY"

I can't tell you how excited I am!
I've always thought highly of Macau as the Oriental Las Vegas.

Our ride was Pretty Cool!

Family Photo on the Turbojet Tricat

Upon arriving Macau,
our 1st disappointment came when we realized that there wasn't any show
happening on that particular day!!!

Without much of a choice,
we've decided to tour the city
own time own target.

We took the FREE transportation to Wynn Hotel
(As you can clearly see,
the kids are just HAPPY to be on land!
Since the ferry ride was 1hr long!!!)

We went searching for Macau's BEST Portugal Egg Tarts.
Margaret's Cafe
As you can clearly tell by this picture,
we were not in luck!
They are closed on Wednesdays!!!

We ended up indulging ourselves silly with desserts at a local dessert joint
Loja De Doces Hang Heong Un

Since we cannot get the BEST,
We have to just settle for SECOND BEST!
Portugal Egg Tarts by Koi Kei Bakery

I swear this was the only thing that saved the extremely boring trip!
Fluffy Crust coupled with Warm Egg Custard.
Nothing beats the real thing now!

I shall end this posting in this good note.
The rest that happened in Macau is just not worth talking about.

Verdict: will NEVER visit again!
(But to those visiting.....
Can you please get me some egg tarts form Margaret's cafe?
Dead curious to find out how they taste like....
Since they are suppose to be the BEST!!)


Ronda said...

I lost track of your blog for far too long because by the looks of things, your kids are all grown up! WOW. I've never herad of an egg tart but now I must have one! They look fantastic.
Now, time to catch up on your past posts.

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Ronda: They are absolutely delicious! You got to have one! Perhaps then better restaurant in chinatown that sells dim sum might have them.... But those are not Portugal egg tarts, just normal ones....