Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just Needed a Space to Rant: "Helpful" Strangers

It's just amazing how busybody the general public is....

With 2 events happening the same day. 
It is really to much for me to stomach.

Event #1
Baby Bear was screaming
obviously still upset with the pediatrician for cleaning up his umbilical cord.
I went into MacDonald.
In hopes of buying breakfast and finding a cozy spot to feed the hungry bear.
The manager saw me and approached me.
Found me a spot and offered to buy breakfast for me...
(super appreciative *thumbs up* for the proactive act!!)

comment #1 from some random aunty in mandarin.
"she wants to feed baby ask her sit inside inside."
Eventhough I heard her coment loud and clear, I choose to IGNORE her!
I can sit wherever I want to nurse my child.
It is a natural act of mother nourishing a child.
And NOT pornography.

Proceed to feed baby bear.
The drama king was inconsolable.... Still screaming his lungs out...
Comment # 2, same random aunty to her friend in hokkien
"she don't have enough milk for baby. Poor thing."
Then told me in mandarin...
Feed other side (of breast)
Again I choose to IGNORE her.
Hello aunty, so much milk until can make milk shake can?

Then she buay tahan.....
Ask me if I am not Singaporean and if I understood Mandarin.

My classic reply, "YES, Singaporean and understands Chinese and Dialect PERFECTLY!!!"

Event # 2
*Baby Bear in sling fast asleep*
(Inside elevator)
PRC auntie:
"Is there a baby in there?"
Me: *nodded*
PRC auntie: *Proceed to lift my resting arm away from the sling*
"don't put your arm there"
Me: I ignored her, pushing my arm down resisting her from pulling my arms away
PRC auntie:
*pull open the sling*
"How many weeks?"
Me: *irritated* *glare* *made irritated noises*

Luckily she kept her distance, 
if not I would have gladly displayed my profound Chinese vulgarities!

Am I just plain unlucky?
Or has anyone else also experienced the same problem 
with "helpful" stranger's random comments?!?!?


Geraldine said...

Yes! Experienced the same problem when I tried to calm the bb down in the train in his babybjorn and an auntie beside me said "Maybe he doesn't like the carrier".

*rolls eyes*

Totally understand your situation :) *pats*

Klessis said...

Understand how you feel.. :) At the end of the day, the mum always has the baby's best interest in mind, so just do what you deem fit, and ignore the others!

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Geraldine: Duhz! I get that pretty often too! Arrgh!!!

Klessis: I would normally put "helpful" strangers on ignore mode.... but with 2 events happening in a day.... it's just too much for me to handle....

Madeline Heng said...

Aunties are the most kaypoh!! Even my mum in law also can't stand them!! But seriously, this is beyond busybody. It's plain RUDE. -_-

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Madeline: AGREED totally with 2 hands up. double "kee chiu"

Susan said...

I used to get that a lot when I had my girl in a sling too. It's so odd that they used to be generation that used the sling and now they think that baby can suffocate in the sling. Most times, I'll just smile back and tell them it's okay. If they keep irritating me with their incessant comments, I'll just walk away. I don't need them to tell me what to do, especially when it's unhelpful advice.

Wendy Kwek said...

I can totally feel u!! When my boy is throwing temper in shopping mall.. I get super lots of nasty comment by STRANGER too... Really roll eyes

Adora said...

whoa if someone were to lift my sling to peep, i would slap her hand away and say OI!

you didn't say to the auntie, "got more milk than YOU! nie nie ne boo boo!" haha

i also kena "your baby cannot breathe in there (the sling)!". usually i ignore but that particular auntie, i said (loud enough for the whole bus to hear): "it's my baby so if i think she can't breathe in there, do you think i would put her in there?!" puh-lease, right?

i did a whole post on this!!!

Anonymous said...

I had my fair share of comments from well-meaning strangers but none as rude as those you describe though. So I generally smile and proceed to ignore because its my baby and I know what's best.