Friday, March 05, 2010

Butter Cookies

After receiving a tin of Butter Cookies from Bee Leng,
I went head over heels about it!
I swear this is the BEST I've ever tasted!

The distinctive fragrant butter smell
and the way it crumbles...

It's really way way Out Of This World!

I went on a quest to find the BEST Butter Cookie Recipe....

Somehow, I think I am getting really really close
to replicating THAT yummy cookie...

No expense is spared,
I only use the best butter;
I love how the house is filled with the aroma of butter!

This recipe however produced a cookie that is
The cookie broke into a million pieces after a light touch...
But the taste was heavenly!

I am going to tweak the recipe till I get it right!
But, till then,
I am going to treasure
my lil tin of Original Butter Cookies
and savour it bit by bit!


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